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  1. http://www.home.co.uk/guides/asking_prices_report.htm?location=cambridge&all=1


    Looks like the party is over.

    Prices sliding and and inventory on the up. Also yields are low on rentals....


    (in Edit - Chart to Sept.2016 added):






    Average Asking Prices

    By Type in Cambridge (£000's)


    ======== Sep. 2006 : Oct. 2016 : Change

    Detached: £376,885: £946,931 : +151%

    Semi----- : £274,410 : £534,341 : + 95%

    Terraced- : £288,107 : £623,029 : +116%

    Flat------- : £223,210: £354,589 : + 59%

    All ===== : £297,685: £561,144 : + 89%

  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/09/12/why-is-the-uks-money-supply-surging/


    This could one of the warning signs...


    The big change, however, has come from M4ex, the Bank’s favourite measure of broad money. The latest figures reveal that it surged by a staggering 14.7pc in the three months to the end of July – a period that included more than a month of post-referendum data. The reason for the prior sluggishness was that insurers, fund managers and other City firms were reducing their holdings of cash. But they suddenly engaged in a reverse ferret, increasing their holdings of cash by an annualised 70pc over the past three months and thus sending the overall measure shooting higher, Ward says.



    Hanging in there. Going through a lengthy court battle currently for proper access to my son after leaving my cheating partner.


    But work and finance is all good. Have branched out into doing websites as well to fill the gaps.

    Nice to hear from you Pix. Hope you get proper access...


    Are you looking for freelance web work?

  4. No, what I am saying is that he truly believes what he read in that Jewish book ie the FIRST AND FOREMOST important issues for women were 1. IMAGE and 2. MONEY. Children actually are not nearly as important. If you can provide women with a way to have money and a good image, you can use that to control them and get them to commit the most heinous evil.


    And what the controllers are doing is to appeal to this innate desire which they have identified.


    Would you not agree that this is a negative view of women?

    Why pick on women when status (that's really what image is) and money are concerns of many people, regardless of gender?

    For example, status and money are paramount with the Chinese, especially one's standing in the community

    And I'd venture to suggest that the men are much more sensitive to loss of face than women but maybe Dr B will weigh in on this


    One can then argue that although this is a trait found in many people, the controllers have decided to concentrate on a subset of the population (women) because they are more easily manipulated and through controlling women, they get the multiplier effect on the rest of the population ie men and presumably the next generation.


    It is not a 'negative view' to state weaknesses that might be exploited. All of life on earth has weaknesses in one form or another.


    As to the latter. The 'controllers' use all available tools. Certainly not just focused on women.


    We are no longer the victims once we understand this.