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    My 2p: Gold for me is saving in real money. I'm only trying to preserve the real purchasing power of my savings. Any gain over and above the real rate of inflation is a bonus! I do not have the time to read up on or dedicate part of my free time to attempt to trade any of my pot. No doubt if you know what you are doing and have the time then the trading approach Dr Bubb takes can give better 'paper' gains in the short term. But there is as much chance of an amatuer like me losing money. I also agree with those who have pointed out that the trading approach is great until the system breaks then all your gains plus initial investment are gone. The odds of this happening at any time are in my opinion are quite high and I'm not comfortable risking it. I have read enough to convince myself that the long term buy & hold physical is as good a strategy as any for wealth preservation. Just take a look at the 6 month, 1yr, 5yr, 10yr kitco charts. They dont lie.
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    Last time I checked it was us blowing up and attacking other nations. I'm not sure I swallow the whole 'Al-queda' story. We can all make our own minds up about what is going on. As for taking photos of ships/subs outside Faslane - Its not exactly a secret that Faslane is our nuclear subs headquarters is it? Cant get too upset about the whole thing. Anyone wanting to know the comings and goings of ships/subs can just take a wonder over and take a look surely? Sounds like TERRORISM paranoia gone crazy. But hey - if it's the LAW then not worth risking it!
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    Also to add - last time I bailed out of an investment was when i had all worth in icesave. I moved it all out a few weeks before they went belly up. I wonder if the same will happen with GBP?!
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    Came to my senses last week and cashed in my indexed linked savings certs (nearly out of sterling altogether now) Bought some physical this morning and put a bit in to bullionvault. Fully expecting a takedown now! The 1st krug I ever bought was £406. I think today they were £815! thats deflation for ya!
  5. I asked myself similar questions regarding my pot (not a very big one i may add! but still worth looking after). Ive gone from 100% GBP to 25% GBP, 33%GOLD and the remainder in our family farm. I definitely worry more about the 25% in sterling than the rest of it. I am not up for dabbling in shares or other currencies either so for me I am more than happy to diversify out of GBP in to gold and steers as I'm convinced that they will retain purchasing power far better. So far my decision has proven to be correct. I just dont see a happy outcome for our economy and currency.
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    cheers! Bought a britannia for the 1st one with her piggy bank collection whip round. The boy will be lucky to get 1/2 oz!
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    Well seen as this is now the baby thread.... Had my 2nd (boy) yesterday. I'll echo the comment above - with a partner and kids who depend on you it has made me think a lot more about financial decisions and wealth preservation. Got gold?
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    ATM Run

    haha - took a wad of notes out on friday as I had just read CGNAO's urgent thread! paranoid or what?! i think i'll buy some more cows.
  9. Agree with this. I find it depessingly hard to have a discussion with any of my family or peers on politics/housing market/the economy as they can not think outside of the mainstream box. Everyone seems happy to believe the guff put out by the government and the mainstream media as if it was gospel. It was my inquisitive nature that brought me to HPC and now here. The last recession was while I was still at primary school so I can barely remember it. I guess most under 40 will not have had to worry about the state of the economy and those old enough have either forgotten or believe it's different this time. I think this is one of the main reasons why the majority are sleepwalking into this recession/depression/hyperinflationary meltdown*. *delete as applicable
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    My invoice yesterday still quoted 7% VAT. Made it just in time! Hope the the tax man doesnt frequent GEI!
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    I just bough £1k of silver coins yesterday from coininvestdirect. I have been buying gold coins since November - not a massive amount but now got about 25% of my STR fund in physical gold now. What split gold:sliver do you think is sensible?
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    The worrying thing is that Broon gets away with saying this. The majority of the population cant see through him. Also they are all up to their eyes in debt and so the 'low interest rates' waffle he keeps trotting out is what they want to hear. Yeah joined the exodus here a few weeks ago following the infamous HPC gold thread incident! Could not afford to miss the input from quality posters like pluto, Whoops', goldfinger et al. Cant say I have a great deal to offer the site in terms of valuable input. Just here to absorb the info.
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    I find myself getting very wound up anytime this man speaks now. A few weeks ago he was questioned by an interviewer (BBC i think) regarding the recent increases in basic staples, oil prices, you name it - and how the inflation measures were still low. He replied along the lines that it was remarkable how well they had managed to keep inflation under control and interest rates low blah blah blah given all these increases! wtf?? He wasnt challenged any further. I'm getting fed up with this country. It should not be this difficult. I should be able to go to work, save up for my house and not worry that my fund might be inflated away to nothing. Yes I've bought some gold but I'm struggling to convince my partner and myself that going 100% precious metals is a wise move. I see that a few days ago even you were urging some caution on the inflationary outcome everyone here is expecting. Argh!! I need some CGNAO medicine.