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  1. gone west

    Gold Juniors

    Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I posted on this board. I hold a decent position in GDXJ that I have built up pretty much since fund launch. I am using it to catch any junior buyout fever that may happen although I am surprised it has taken so long. Oh happy days to be a holder of pm miners of just about any stripe! PS Happy New Year everyone!
  2. gone west

    GHPC - GlobalHousePriceCrash - A Temporary Home

    This whole last year, a lot of the discussions have been similar. WORLD FINANCIAL CRISIS ... as Bruno would say.
  3. Thanks. I saw that on consa's site, I wonder if there will be much capital gains left for the BTLers by then.
  4. Thats very reassuring. Sold my home in late 2003 and then converted sterling proceeds to gold/oil and Canadian equity over the subsequent 8 months. Looks like I managed to get fairly close to the peak (for once).
  5. gone west

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    I heard that last night, seems that by this morning, the Iranians were saying something different. Good US production figures are hinting at more rate increases. Can the consumer handle it?
  6. gone west

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    Some German paper has reported that Iran has accepted the package of incetives. Oil dropped a dollar on the news. So much for fear premium. Gold is also reacting to the rising US dollar as a haven of "safety" in these troubled times. Good opportunity for Ben to cut rates.
  7. gone west

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    The ask on the NY close was $666.66
  8. gone west

    The Oil and Energy Price Thread

    You're a brave man shorting crude going into hurricane season.
  9. gone west

    The Oil and Energy Price Thread

    ...or more precisely, how can you function in a world with $100+ barrel oil.
  10. gone west

    The Oil and Energy Price Thread

    WTIC closed at $76.70 today. Middle East boiling again.
  11. In North America, ethanol is too politically charged to touch. One day it receives subsidies, next day, who knows. I hate investing (or shorting) anywhere there is too much government interference.
  12. Short term trade could be profitable. Long term, PBW has too many ethanol producers in it. In my book, ethanol is a diversion and a non starter in the renewables field, especially in North America.
  13. gone west

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    My, my, how times have changed. A few years ago the US dollar was the safe haven investment of choice. Gold was a barbarous relic to be shunned at all costs. Cost indeed!
  14. gone west

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    No top yet, $642 and climbing.
  15. gone west

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    FED raised 1/4 point. Indicated further tightening may be necessary, "may" being the operative word. Some had expected 1/2 point. or 1/4 and another in August. August looks less likely now. Gold settles at just below $600 as the dollar sinks.