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  1. sylvester


    It seems the secret may be out. Where is Germany's gold?
  2. http://au.businessinsider.com/senate-banking-on-wall-st-commodities-2013-7 "Back in 2003 the Federal Reserve decided to temporarily allow banks to purchase commodities directly. That means oil, power, copper, aluminium etc. This September, that temporary regulatory relaxation is set to expire, and if it does, a big chunk of Wall Street’s business will expire with it. And now that the ruling is up for discussion, Congress gets to weigh in. Wall Street be warned, if this hearing was any indication, the Senate is coming down on the side of culling the commodities business."
  3. sylvester

    Linear or Log?

    What's halfway between 1 and 9? 3 it seems... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ben-thomas/whats-halfway-between-1-and-9-kids-and-scientists-say-3_b_1982920.html
  4. sylvester

    Global warming stopped 16 years ago

    This is one time I am hoping for deflation.
  5. sylvester

    World's 'scariest' drug

    Takes away free will and is great for motion sickness. The drug just keeps on giving!
  6. sylvester

    Thanks to Dr. Bubb

    Cheers from me too
  7. sylvester


    Very interesting, thanks
  8. sylvester


    Well someone had to
  9. sylvester

    Greece to leave Euro... Eventually

    Hahhaaaaa! Excellent!
  10. sylvester

    Greece to leave Euro... Eventually

    For prosperity (you heard it here first )
  11. sylvester

    Greece to leave Euro... Eventually

    The end is nigh. Bank runs have started (or if they haven't, reporting them will make them happen): LA Times
  12. sylvester

    Making wheelchairs obsolete

    Joking aside, that is pretty awesome
  13. sylvester

    Making wheelchairs obsolete

    Costs an arm and a leg.
  14. sylvester


    No CGT in NZ :-) And I believe that bullion over 99% purity is tax free too.
  15. sylvester