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    Scott @SierraB1959 Sep 4
    I have to admit growing up things like this were always my fear. I remember at different ages learning about similar things, Manson Family as an example. And it being another step out of childhood into the real world. Kind of sucked at the time. But you adapt.



    t1gRé_blanc_333 @T1gre9 Sep 4
    They want people to fear them. Because they're outnumbered, and they're painfully aware of that fact. Understanding removes that fear, so we can all move forward into a better reality that WE create. Together.



    Scott @SierraB1959 Sep 5
    There you go. Same with the military. Training overides freeze or flee. The more you know the less fear you have.



    Christopher Cronsell @cronsell Sep 5
    Yes. There are units already aware of this threat and that are preparing for encounters. This isn't typical interdiction, as they will employ very unsettling psychological defenses throughout their properties/buildings. But humans will prevail; "don't die" is no match for "live".



    Christopher Cronsell @cronsell 24h24 hours ago
    Though if the interdiction is done late enough in the game, after much throttling of supply, many of these cannibals won't be able to walk. Extreme CSF deficiencies result in paraplegic states. I see this being the way for the lower status members. #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia



    t1gRé_blanc_333 @T1gre9 24h24 hours ago
    I've already witnessed this. They're cutting the minions off. Expendable crew members.



    Christopher Cronsell @cronsell 24h24 hours ago
    Older patriarchs of small time cannibal families in failing health for example. They're low on the totem pole as the women rule.



    1gRé_blanc_333 @T1gre9
    Yes, as well as formerly pampered drones that have suddenly outlived their usefulness as the supply becomes scarce. I witnessed this happening to one of them. He deteriorated rapidly, too.The younger ones die faster.
    12:41 PM - 5 Sep 2018



    Grace @noclue72 24h24 hours ago
    Replying to @T1gre9 @cronsell and 2 others

    Are they all wealthy people?



    t1gRé_blanc_333 @T1gre9 23h23 hours ago
    The ones at the top are typically wealthy. But their minions in local nests who aren't bloodline are usually the opposite. Poverty and hopelessness makes for good, obedient drones. Although some of us who are bloodline are kept poor as a subversion tactic.



    Grace @noclue72 23h23 hours ago
    Oh wow. So literally people I know could die. I’m not sure why I thought this wouldn’t affect my life directly. I guess I assumed you would have to have money to get what’s needed to survive.



    t1gRé_blanc_333 @T1gre9 23h23 hours ago
    Yes, unfortunately it could turn out to be people you actually know. The minion I personally know who is currently starving to death was basically a pampered pet of a higher level handler.Only those who can afford the supply are still physically ok at this juncture.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Sep 4
    These are CANNIBALS who are willing and able to go to any lengths in order to ensure their survival and dominance. This is a sickness that must be immediately eradicated. #CannibalsAreAnimals #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #ItEndsNow #theGreatAwakening #QAnon @POTUS #WeThePeople



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Sep 4
    There is no saving these cannibals. They cannot be rehabilitated or redeemed for their offenses against God, nature and life itself. They must go. NOW. There is no peace so long as they remain here. We must unite and destroy them right now or WE will pay the price. #QAnon @POTUS



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Sep 4
    After 9/11 the #Hivites passed legislation that would have allowed them to hold sheeple like us indefinitely without trial and try us by military tribulal instead of by a jury of our peers. They were preparing to exterminate us and harvest stockpiles of our blood and CSF. #QAnon



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Sep 4
    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    Let me say it clearly so you understand. My father, a Hivite Luciferian High Priest, EXPLICITLY TOLD ME that the "Family" is ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN TERRORISM & AIMS TO DESTROY THE UNITED STATES.

    #Hivites are loyal to a DIFFERENT entity. They are NOT citizens but MINIONS. #Qanon




    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Jun 18
    REALLY understand what that means for each one of them, no matter who they are, whether in government, the media, or at home. The #EO1220 covers ALL of them. They are absolutely, 100%, without a doubt the ENEMY of the United States of America. They are 100% the ENEMY of HUMANITY.The cannibal coalition. You are their food.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Sep 4
    The cannibal coalition. You are their food.They stoke your terror and adrenaline because they want to take it from you. Without it they die. So without it you die too. Get it? Are you woke yet? Are you food? Or are you SOVEREIGN?! #theGreatAwakening is the final battle. #QAnon



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Sep 4
    Christopher Cronsell @cronsell
    #SayBraveThings ?❤️?
    They will all burn for what they have done. From the inside out. https://twitter.com/jihadwatchRS/status/1036637497965666305 



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft added,

    Christopher Cronsell @cronsell
    @Jack how's the health buddy? Getting warm? Time to pay the piper. Keep losing weight? It's difficult to eat when you can't digest it. At all. Because you're a cannibal. #Truth #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft added,

    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    These people break human beings. They deliberately break children. They rape adults, children & animals. They kill people, a LOT, especially babies. They sell people.They EAT people.They are beyond saving, helping, or rehabilitating. They are GUILTY & need to be dealt with. NOW



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft 20h20 hours ago
    I must be psychic or something....

    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft added,

    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    Looks like the top floor of the FBI is infested with #Hivites The term #ENEMYCOMBATANTS is about to be very important. #PhoeniciaisFalling #Hivites & their occult pedo rapist human sacrificing mind control methods will be extinct very soon. #ItEndsNow #pizzagate =more than pizza …



     ?Sheri ?  ?? @TrailShade
    Mark Parker CEO of Nike has been a Director of the Board of Directors for Disney since 2016. Since Disney is know for their animation I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of art Mark Parker was interested in. Listing in this thread some of his favorite artists
    9:05 AM - 4 Sep 2018



     ?Sheri ?  ?? @TrailShade Sep 4
    Parker is an avid arts supporter with an extensive ongoing collection of modern, low brow and underground contemporary art, along with many other one-of-a-kind collectibles. Notable artists from Parker's collection include down the thread: Artist Michael Leavitt









     ?Sheri ?  ?? @TrailShade Sep 4
    Artist Sabastin Kruger
















     ?Sheri ?  ?? @TrailShade Sep 4
    References: Wikipedia and O'Shea, Jamie (September 2004). "Inside Mark Parker's Alternate Universe". Juxtapoz Magazine. p. 44



     ?Sheri ?  ?? @TrailShade Sep 4
    The corner of his office. What is that a man doll with something black on the head? #Creepytoys






     ?Sheri ?  ?? @TrailShade 22h22 hours ago
    Disclaimer: I did not state that Mark Parker owned the paintings I listed. What I stated was the artists I listed are some of his favorites (ref. on Wikipedia). The photos of his office show some of the artists works that he owns. I'm sure he has more art in his home. continued



     ?Sheri ?  ?? @TrailShade 22h22 hours ago
    Continued from above: I did not state he is a pedophile or into cannibalism. I do believe the artists above paint a lot of dark, creepy, sick and vile art. It makes me ill to look at a lot of it. Everyone can figure out for themselves what to think about Mark Parker.



     ?Sheri ?  ?? @TrailShade 16h16 hours ago
    M. Peters office Notice painting behind him lower right painting with girl in box. Box says, Meat Show.





  4. On 8/20/2018 at 12:28 PM, drbubb said:


    There must be some way to expose the cannibals...

    and then "deal with them"


    Well Bubb or Baal or whoever u r, all people need do is block u cannibals' access to adrenochrome and the problem takes care of itself


    Christopher Cronsell @cronsell Sep 4
    And the cannibals keep on coming. Disturbing? Yes. Surprising? Not at all. The pallor is a giveaway as well. #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #SayBraveThings #CannibalsAreDumb #TruthisEvolution

    Christopher Cronsell added,

     ?Sheri ?  ?? @TrailShade
    Mark Parker CEO of Nike has been a Director of the Board of Directors for Disney since 2016. Since Disney is know for their animation I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of art Mark Parker was. Listing in this thread some of his favorite artists



     ⚡️Redpilled ?Mystic ⚡️ @Mystic_redpill Sep 4
    I noticed that too, he looks ashen, clammy, sunken eyes...



    t1gRé_blanc_333 @T1gre9 Sep 4
    Rapid weight loss, yellowing of the skin as the liver begins to fail, physical weakness, shortness of breath, etc...cancer is a common cover story because the symptoms mimic one another.



    Christopher Cronsell @cronsell Sep 4
    It's organ failure. The lack of motility w/out rest/digest information to the body (because they're not able to communicate such info to their body anymore from their brain) makes them very malnourished. There may also be a heating component. They take a ton of sedatives.



    t1gRé_blanc_333 @T1gre9 Sep 4
    Yes. Thyroid function is unnaturally high, so heat is a huge factor. Racing metabolic rate causes intense overheating.Extreme fight/ flight adrenal response only makes it worse. They have to stay cool and calm, literally.



    Christopher Cronsell @cronsell Sep 4
    I suspect spontaneous combustion is a plausibility here. Not common, but then again these are uncommon times. There is a certain logic to the phenomenon in this context. And it gives me great satisfaction to consider as well. Just being honest...



    Scott @SierraB1959 Sep 4
    Doesnt happen. Those cases were shown to be a slow burn of the human body similar to a candle.



    Scott @SierraB1959 Sep 4
    I think the may have tested this on Myth Busters. But I read about it years ago. Like I said earlier, in effect the body burned more like a candle. Or maybe charcoal.



    t1gRé_blanc_333 @T1gre9 Sep 4
    Consider that they would be happy to give an alternate explanation for something they would rather keep hidden from humanity. Forensic obfuscation is one of their favorite ways to hide the truth.



    Scott @SierraB1959 Sep 4
    Maybe. Seems more plausible than someone just bursting into flames. Doesnt really matter. End result is the same.



    t1gRé_blanc_333 @T1gre9 Sep 4
    Medically speaking,if the body generated enough heat from within, dehydration on a massive scale would make a person quite the flammable husk. But you're right...either way, they're done for.



    Scott @SierraB1959 Sep 4
    104 begins to be life threatening.105.7 medical emergency. 109.4 will cause death. People have survived temps as high as 115.7.



    t1gRé_blanc_333 @T1gre9 Sep 4
    I would imagine in hypothetical cases of spontaneous hivite combustion, by the time their bodies burned, they would have already exceeded the threshold for physical death.



    Sgt3 @sgtrolls3 19h19 hours ago
    ... this entire show is them telling you who they are, what they want, how they feed, the places where they do it at, when and how they've done it (forever,) and why they do it. The blood drinkers combust in the sun. Sun=heat. Vampires + sun = combust. Just a thought. 2/2



    t1gRé_blanc_333 @T1gre9 19h19 hours ago
    Yep, exactly what I was alluding to last night. They tell us the truth all the time. Vampires, werewolves, etc... making it seem as though it's fiction, when in actuality we're viewing documentaries.



    Sgt3 @sgtrolls3 19h19 hours ago
    They have to tell us what (((they're))) doing... through research I've found out that in some sick, twisted way, they believe by telling us (whether from behind the veil or indirectly,) that any and all blood is off (((their)) hands. That we destroy ourselves, not them.



    Christopher Cronsell @cronsell
    They recognize their impotency and acknowledge that only through deceiving a creative mind can they harness any potential whatsoever.
    12:31 PM - 5 Sep 2018



    EXACTLY. Their basic fear is that they are nothing.



    See fly boy, they know u and yr devotees r nothing.  All u r is an asshole with a massive low self esteem issue.  Meet me in combat and let's see how powerful u truly r.  I have the power and authority to have u uncreated in a heartbeat so let's see how u fare against my swords and my flame of justice


  5. Lots of details on CSF in this article but I guess some of us here are fully conversant with this already, such as what it tastes like.  aaargh.....



    The Delectable Delights Of Cerebrospinal Fluid


    In this week’s episode of Fringe, we have a woman, Valerie Boone, who suffers from a disease that makes her into a vicious cerebrospinal-fluid-drinking sort of vampire. It’s ugly stuff: she dances languidly at a night club, gets picked up by cocky young men, goes home with them, and then snaps their necks so she can drink their CSF. Nummy!


  6. This is what Q meant when he said they will not be able to walk down the street.  The cannibals hiding in our midst can be identified by their single drooping eyelid.  Once this info becomes general public knowledge, these critters won't dare to show their face in public or they'll be hung or crucified or stoned or whatever by the baying mobs.  Maybe the females can go full Muslim with a burka but the males may be too big to pass as women.  I won't be surprised if Karl Lagerfield is hiding something with his 24 / 7 / 365 sunglasses



    Returning after getting kicked off of twitter for these posts














    james.rankine.phone@gmail.com @PhoneRankine Jul 30
    Liz Crokin was mentioning that she felt those with the droopy eye were still under mind control. It's an interesting theory.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Jul 30
    I agree they are actively participating in rituals. This stopped happening to me when I left. It is 100% an indication of current active participation in cult activities. No doubt in my mind.



    Brian Husted @bhusted124 Aug 1
    Where do they conduct these rituals how can we infiltrate into them



    james.rankine.phone@gmail.com @PhoneRankine Aug 1
    You use an occult calender as a starting point. They normally perform these rituals on farms in the country with planned disposal.
    Find out when those you suspect are going away for a weekend and see if they match the occult calender.



    james.rankine.phone@gmail.com @PhoneRankine Aug 1
    Sacrifice time I believe is 3:33am



    OMG!  September 7th is the next ritual date.  Please don't do it DrB.  It's not cool to rape and dismember a baby girl.  Think of the karma.  it's never too late to turn away from evil.

    Sep 7 Marriage to the Beast sexual     sacrifice, dismemberment     infant - 21 (female)



    Okay, this is freaking me out, first time coming across this droopy eye thing, in the last year or so I've noticed in photos one of my eyes always looks less open than the other, and it wasn't always like that. I don't notice it in the mirror, but notice it in recent photos ?



    Boycott the Ritual Child Abuse/Mind Control System @StarveBabylon Aug 17
    Wait! Just thought of something! Spinal cord damage...when I was giving birth I had to have an epidural, could that do it? And is that indicative a lot of damage to the spinal cord?



    james.rankine.phone@gmail.com @PhoneRankine Aug 17
    ➡️ Horner's Syndrome following epidural
    Horner's syndrome is a disorder of the SYMPATHETIC NERVE supplying the eye.
    "Two hours after starting the infusion, the patient's right eye presented a contracted pupil, a drooping eyelid."



    Boycott the Ritual Child Abuse/Mind Control System @StarveBabylon Aug 17
    Hmm... interesting. This was two years ago, is it possible that it could have a permanent effect? Mine is definitely not as pronounced as the photos above, it's very subtle but I have def noticed one eye looking slightly smaller than the other in recent photos.



    james.rankine.phone@gmail.com @PhoneRankine Aug 17
    In eye to you mean pupil or that your eye is obstructed by a closing eye lid? You might want to have it looked at. Droopy eye lids can be caused by other neurological factors. A neurologist would be the best bet. Or start with an optomologist to see their open first.



    Boycott the Ritual Child Abuse/Mind Control System @StarveBabylon Aug 17
    Closing eyelid! But just ever so slightly! So the eye looks slightly smaller than the other. I only notice it in recent photos though. Nuerological stuff is pretty serious though isn't it? There would be over symtoms? I don't suffer from any major health issues.



    james.rankine.phone@gmail.com @PhoneRankine Aug 17
    If it isn't bothersome, most likely they won't do anything. If their is nerve damage, that can take YEARS to heal. As many as two to five years depending on the damage. I would only see a physician if it gets worse or is painful. You could tell your GP.





    This is so weird because I read an article just yesterday for the first time mentioning this eye droop thing... they thought it was a side effect of electric shock therapy http://http://whale.to/c/droopy_eyelid.html



    james.rankine.phone@gmail.com @PhoneRankine Jul 8
    I read the same theory over a year ago. Don't know for certain why. Sara & Chris have postulated theories that maybe correct CSF or maybe both theories hold to be true. Look at Jeff Besos. Obviously something happened.



     ☀️ S Warren @SharmilaW Jul 23
    Yes. Frontal lobe brain damage is often caused by trauma based mind control, which result in the eye and neural muscles to not work properly. Most likely shock therapy plus more.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Jun 4
    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft added,
    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    Yep, the droopy eyelid is "a thing" with #Hivites and may be an identifying facial maker. #TheGreatAwakening #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Jun 4
    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft added,
    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    The droopy eye/facial asymmetry. It's a sign of ritual sodomy/ritual abuse. Many bad actors and unaware victims display this feature, including myself.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Jun 4
    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    Notice the facial asymmetry - the "droopy eye" - indicative of cult family (genetic) association as well as ritual sodomy.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Jun 4
    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft added,
    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    I'm not sure what caused mine because I don't have all my memories back yet, but "facial asymmetry" is a feature of connective tissue disorders (like EDS) which I think may be a Hivite genetic trait. My friend used to…



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Jun 4
    Interesting, eh? I find this particular piece of the puzzle to be very curious, and I hope to one day find out exactly what causes this "droopy eye"/facial asymmetry. May be due to spinal cord damage at the base of the pine from ritual sodomy, or CNS dysfunction from abuse.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Jun 4
    During #MindControl torture programming, they often split the left & right sides of body/brain & program them separately, so perhaps there is an alter with a lazy eye, or it shows one "side" is "activated" or the other is "asleep"/paralyzed. Again, I'm not sure but very curious.



    Alecia (Band&Stand) @aleciavaught75 Jun 4
    That makes a lot of sense. Can you get in touch with any medical professionals who have had experience with MKUltra?



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Jun 4
    The only "professionals" like that are bad guys right now, sadly. They may still have the answers, but I'm not about to go talking to any of them.



    Can anyone be mind controlled at any age or must it be done earlier in life?



    My eyes are like that and I'm not a satanic vampire ?



    james.rankine.phone@gmail.com @PhoneRankine Jul 6
    That's exactly what a satanic vampire would say...?





    james.rankine.phone@gmail.com @PhoneRankine Aug 17
    The best answer is some sort of mind control or medical procedure that affects the sympathetic nerve supplying the eye like Horner's Syndrome. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/15586541/ NOTE: I remember SARA indicating her droopy eye went away after she left her generation Illuminati family.





    i have noticed this and also , not as common and more subtle, a crooked smile. It as as if the body itself is not symetric. Outward apearance shows the internal imbalance.





    TEKEL  @ewilliams30102 Jul 9
    Lazy eye and crooked smile. This woman is vile.



    TEKEL  @ewilliams30102 Jul 14
    the two faces are always present, crooked mouth



    Tony Blair has this 'gimlet eye' thing going on too...



    It’s probably the weight of the sins weighing down their eyes until their eyes are completely closed to the facts.



    What is the difference between this droop, and the common condition know as "lazy eye"?



    khirøn the d’ank @ChivalryAnon Jul 9
    Electro shock is just a form of a shock to brain, early vaccinations may have similar effects, I personally think they are different breed , not sapiens with different genetic evolutions



    khirøn the d’ank @ChivalryAnon Jul 9
    Also possible having the master eye on the focus when reading , or following screens you cause a separation, but in the end it relates to neanderthal DNA somehow



    That happens to everyone, well a lot. Most everyone has a dominant eye.



    AKtually, if you look around in everyday life, MOST people have a prominent eye. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who has two symmetric eyes. One of mine does this a little. Pretty much everyone I look at now I can see it with. So, next theory...





    This is what I call a bipolar face- can be up to & including actual possession. One eye/ hemisphere is "slaved" to the other dominant side...



    Its almost as if the droopy eyed side has "given up" to the other, posessed side


  8. Bubb - sounds like a derivative of Beezlebub aka Baal aka Lord of the Flies.  Jesus H Christ!  I had these weirdo flies visiting me a few times in 2016.  i thought they were sent by Enki but now I think it was from your god.  Well, OK.  If that sucker shows up uninvited, I guess I'll have to give him a talking to like all the others.  No doubt your black mage buddy also worships Baal. It's really not on to go round worshipping any old demon that shows up, like those primitive cargo culters who worship Prince Philip.  It's ever so sad...... (as in pathetic)


    Baal, Baal, u r such a bad boy.  The boss is gonna give u one helluva spanking if u don't turn over a new leaf and clean up yr crap.



    Beelzebub or Beelzebul(/bˈɛlzɪbʌb/ bee-EL-zi-bub or/ˈblzɪbʌb/ BEEL-zi-bub; Hebrew: בַּעַל זְבוּב Baʿal Zəvûv) is a name derived from a Philistine god, formerly worshipped in Ekron, and later adopted by some Abrahamic religionsas a major demon. The name Beelzebub is associated with the Canaanite god Baal.

    .... Beelzebub is sometimes another name for the Devil, similar to Satan. He is known in demonology as one of the seven princes of Hell. The Dictionnaire Infernal describes Beelzebub as a being capable of flying, known as the "Lord of the Flyers", or the "Lord of the Flies".

  9. oh jesus h christ!  Dr B, pls reassure me u r not one of them.  We've met and I remember u have a droopy eyelid.  oh pls pls pls, not et tu?  

    well, if u r one of them, what can i say?  I'd say what i say to all these guys: we're in a period of grace where God will forgive everyone who asks for this.  God will also grant clemency on your soul and heal you of your sickness.  However, u will be expected to clean up the mess u made to the very best of your ability.  But once u have been healed, you'll find that u really, really want to do this of your own accord.

    I am not angry with you.  I'm not upset with you.  But if you are also an adrenochrome addict, then I am very, very disappointed with you.  It doesn't really bother me that much.  The neighbourhood witch walked past me today and said something kinda friendly as she passed by.  I noticed her red suede shoes but declined to make a sassy comment about them.  I did however wave my amulet at her to ward off the evil spirits


    james.rankine.phone@gmail.com Retweeted james.rankine.phone@gmail.com

    ➡️ EYE LID DROOP is one postulated clue to members of a generational family. https://twitter.com/PhoneRankine/status/1003499607081529344?s=19  #luciferiansAreDumb #HivitesGetLit

    james.rankine.phone@gmail.com added,

    james.rankine.phone@gmail.com @PhoneRankine
    I always find interesting some in power positions or in the entertainment industry have ONE EYE that droops a little more or which is more closed than the other.



    April  ? @Apri1nParis Jul 6
    I have this and have as long as I can remember. It's a bit disconcerting given this frame. Terribly self conscious of it and always covering with my hair, likely the reason I would rather be behind my camera. My family is evil, I do not speak to them.



    April  ? @Apri1nParis Jul 6
    My grandfather was a 32 deg mason and my grandmother and mother were part of the eastern star. My mother is also Rh neg. is that possibly also why I have this droopy eye? ?



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft Jul 6
    It's important to note that this "droopy eye" hasn't happened to me since I fled and isolated myself from my abusers. That's why I think it's related to the rituals themselves and something that they do during them. Whatever it was, it's not happening to me now. Thank GOD!




    LOL!  OMG!  Dr B!!!!.  How could you?  I suppose it's a family thingy and u were born into it.  Sigh.......  Them critters r everywhere once u know what 2 look 4 :(  It kinda explains how u came to be working for david rockefeller and yr friendship with that 33rd degree freemason black mage.  in 2016, that mage was making a certain guy blind, giving him heart attacks, shutting down his lympathic system and causing him brain tumours - real men-who-stare-at-goats stuff.  one is known by the company one keeps.  this must be another consequence of those recent eclipses - they bring secrets out of hiding.


    never mind.  i still think kindly of michael aquino despite knowing how evil he is and u can't be worse than him......  i'm really a very easy going and non judgmental type.  but this doesn't mean that u have my permission to enter my space.  so let's be very clear on this.  I do not give you (nor anyone acting through you) permission to enter my space nor to send me anything.  And I do not want anything from you so I do not permit u to send me anything, not now, not in the future, not in the past, not at any time whatsoever.  Phew!  u guys r so goddamn tricksey


    PS That offer of forgiveness, clemency and healing is still good for now but it won't be on the table forever.  I urge u to take it up while the going is good for I've been told that it will be yanked soon (whatever soon means).  it was good enuff for lucifer, it ought to be good enuff 4 u.  But it doesn't do anything 4 u in 3D, OK?  If the mobs r coming to hang u from the nearest lamp post, that doesn't concern us as we r only concerned with your soul and not your body.  It's what i say to all the human cabal guys who approach me.  

  10. LOL!  Personally trained by Michael Aquino. I think she means tortured, raped and cattle-prodded into submission



    Marianne Barnard @Marianne_M_B
    FollowFollow @Marianne_M_B

    Lt Col. Micheal Aquino, military intelligence officer specialising in psychological warfare is perp who trained @FionaBa47662575 @SaRaAshcraft, myself and other high level C(I)A #mindcontrol victims.

    We see through all psyops.

    Get it. https://


    8:50 PM - 2 Sep 2018

  11. Neonrevolt has a good article on those white rabbits



    Open Season for White Rabbits…

    .... we can not ignore the pedophilic undertones in Alice in Wonderland, which are clearly relevant to “the white rabbit.” The White Rabbit was a sort of “guide” for young Alice in the story; someone she followed around, into and through Wonderland.

    Along those lines, I had a Legionary reach out to me this past week to discuss this topic, and he had some interesting things to say:

    I started reading Our Life Beyond MKULTRA https://www.amazon.com/dp/1490439684 and found reference to the author’s experience to being systematically abused for control purposes. One of the personalities is referred to as “rabbit” and is associated with sexual acts performed at command.

    The connect to Q’s White Rabbit posts seems obvious to me, and that the elite have psychological abuse down to a science. So they can manipulate children into ritual sex acts. The abusers blackmail each other into secrecy, and the memory is locked behind a trauma wall for the child.


    Here are a few pages from that book, written by one “Elisa E,” who claims to be an MKUltra survivor working on reintegrating herself – a process which takes years, and which may never be complete.

    Note, she often refers to herself with “plural” pronouns – to account for all the fractured alters she has inside her head. She will often describe the alters as talking to themselves, or having one alter reveal memories to the other alters – as she attempts to reintegrate.....

    She goes on in the chapter to give the names of a few alters:

    And Rabbit.

    I will point out here that “rabbit” is not exclusively subjected to sexual abuse. This alter is also subjected to horrors – watching the other man get tortured and die.

    While many alters are sexually abused, it seems to me that “rabbit” is designed to be passive and timid, above all. It’s a supreme victim alter; not just a sexual alter (as opposed to “kitten,” which we’ll see in a bit)



    White Rabbits are the “guides,” the programmers who create rabbit alters in victims.




    More at link - I can't embed the images here



    Housatonic™ ??Retweeted Housatonic™ ??

    I agree You need to help spread the alarming S.O.S. that the sister of #RodRosenstein (US Deputy Attorney General / DOJ) is the director of immunization at the CDC - And she is married to the chief economist at the CDC

    Housatonic™ ??added,

    Housatonic™  ?? @HousatonicITS
    [16] #RodRosenstein - Happens all the time. People in DC are very opportunistic about changing their names when getting married. Rosenstein's sister did - to Messonnier . Rosenstein's wife - did not. https://www.cdc.gov/about/leadership/leaders/ncird.html 



    How about the UKs BBC report the truth about EDF dumping 320,000 tonnes of crap from their nuclear power plant in our Welsh waters a mile and half away from our capital city Cardiff and they say no-one is getting paid for it ????? SAVE WALES


    The French energy firm EDF has announced that it is to start dumping 320,000 tonnes of allegedly radioactive mud from the Hinkley Point nuclear complex just a mile off Penarth next Thursday – (September 6th 2018) .




    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft 25m25 minutes ago
    Why don't they just use a supplement or get it from animals? Think economics, efficiency, cost of production. These people do not feel they only scheme.

    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft added,

    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    Replying to @Stevity1 @Love4Parrots and 3 others
    Without imagination and consciousness the animal can only produce e in response to pain. But terror in a human child is much more complex and potent and contains more of what they need.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft 20m20 minutes ago
    The question : So, in essence, they're vampires.

    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft added,

    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    Replying to @CensoredSammi @POTUS
    Yes. And werewolves and zombies and every predator ever portrayed in fiction are just cannibals. Witches are just cannibals. That's what this is all about. All of it. This is the single piece that makes the whole puzzle fit.



    Mad Dog ?? @Mad1776Dog 22m22 minutes ago
    Like vampires do they need to feed, like they’re addicts, to all of it? To the ritual, to the chemical rush before and during?




    The ritual makes the victim produce the chemicals they need. And yes, they are addicts, but not like opiates, like insulin.



    Slash_and_Trash ? @MichaelHunt237 2h2 hours ago
    Now the question is (in case anyone hasn’t asked), is what “are” they if they can’t function like us? Does the practice itself begin to shut down functions or are they born different?



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft 15m15 minutes ago
    The question: They can't be human. What are they?

    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft added,

    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    Replying to @judetommy @MichaelHunt237 @POTUS
    A sub species that predates on us and must be eliminated and eradicated completely. Now. That's what



    So they are genetically different then us then? A sub species?



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft 6m6 minutes ago
    I say sub because they turn themselves from humans into subhuman when they become cannibals.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft 6m6 minutes ago

    #CannibalsAreAnimals #WeThePeople would do well to stop humanizing them since they obviously do not humanize themselves. #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #QAnon @POTUS #theGreatAwakening



    DeplorableDenise  ? ✈️ ?..... ? ⌨️ ? ? ☎️ ??‍♀️ ‏ @datucker28 4m4 minutes ago

    Replying to @SaRaAshcraft

    Adrenochrone. Once you know....

    It goes back for thousands of years.

    Ancient Egypt.

    -God provides his people to drink blood (Leviticus]

    Ancient Babylon

    Ancient Maya.

    Legends of Vampires.




    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft added,

    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    Replying to @SaRaAshcraft @DavidDMiller5 and 4 others
    God hid the cannibal's punishment within the cannibal's body. It will self destruct if it does not continue to feed on humans


  15. Sarah is talking about the Q guys at the start of the thread


    Jack Rogers @jack1492 13h13 hours ago
    Too bad we can't know more about their mission, where they are, who they are up against and what they may be going through. I am already proud of them.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    Consider it this way. The operators know exactly what these people do. They are going after cannibals who fear nothing & are ready & waiting for them. This is the most important battle of all time. The good guys are well trained & ready for this, but we all must continually pray
    10:10 AM - 3 Sep 2018



    Sarah, why are these eletist into cannibalism what do they gain from it,?



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft 3h3 hours ago
    Survival. They will die without doing it because their bodies don't produce the necessary building blocks of life for them to function properly.They cannot turn off fight flight or turn on rest digest without stealing from others. They will starve to death and self destruct now.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft
    I say this now to my family because it occurs to me that there is a very real possibility that stopping the behaviors will result in their death. Please pray that each one finds the strength to lose his life bit save his soul. https://twitter.com/SaRaAshcraft/status/1014200224959647745 



    BlueBirdRedBeak @Love4Parrots 3h3 hours ago
    Sarah, Are they born this way or they become this way?



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft 3h3 hours ago
    Become. We are all born human. They have babies to feed themselves. They sap the first born until they choose to join around 13.then they teach that newly turned cannibal to sap their siblings/others. Adults who join "turn" by ingesting human body fluids/parts. No return from it.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft 3h3 hours ago
    The things they do to their bodies blasts all their production centers. By the time they ingest CSF it kills whatever function remained. From then on, if they don't steal it from others, they die. No return. No escape. No take backs. Eternal damnation & living in hell on earth.



    Jenifer Dillard @jandydill 3h3 hours ago
    I wonder if HRC and gang will meet their demise this way. It’s rumored that she has Kuru Disease. No cure.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft 40m40 minutes ago
    Not kuru.  Adrenal failure.  And yes, it will kill her. Soon.



    God hid the cannibal's punishment within the cannibal's body. It will self destruct if it does not continue to feed on humans



    Stevity @Stevity1 3h3 hours ago
    Why don’t they get it from animals? Or do they?



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft 18m18 minutes ago
    Without imagination and consciousness the animal can only produce e in response to pain. But terror in a human child is much more complex and potent and contains more of what they need.



    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft @SaRaAshcraft 18m18 minutes ago
    In terms of neuro chemicals and hormones related to the fear of the experience itself