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    Yea i'd go with that. I have buy orders in at 845. This could take a run up to 927-933 (23.6) of the same move after that but also the 61.8 of the most recent move down from 965. i have sells in at 914 (50%) This might correspond to a pullback in the indices too, but they are closed for 3 days over the next week so i'm not expecting much fireworks though
  2. gwizzie

    COMEX Daily Delivery Notice

    good question Gold Futures Rules 113.12 Delivery of GoldGold may be delivered in fulfillment of an Exchange contract for gold only from a Licensed Depository. A Warrant issued by and signed on behalf of a Licensed Depository and referencing a Weight Certificate and, if required, an Assay Certificate and invoice shall be good delivery in fulfillment of an Exchange contract for gold and shall be deemed a liquidation of the contract in respect of which such delivery is made. A Clearing Member to whom delivery is made in fulfillment of an Exchange contract for gold shall not be required to accept the same if the gold delivered weighs more than 5% above or below l00 troy ounces or is otherwise not in accordance with these Rules. The Clearing Member to whom delivery is made shall at once make payment to the member making delivery by the electronic transfer of federal funds ("payment"). Payment shall be made upon the basis of the weight as certified in the weight certificate for the lot and the fineness of such gold up to 9999 fine as stamped on the bars................................................................................. ....... Delivery The term has distinct meaning when used in connection with futures contracts. Delivery generally refers to the changing of ownership or control of a commodity under specific terms and procedures established by the exchange upon which the contract is traded. Typically, except for energy, the commodity must be placed in an approved warehouse, precious metals depository, or other storage facility, and be inspected by approved personnel, after which the facility issues a warehouse receipt, shipping certificate, demand certificate, or due bill, which becomes a transferable delivery instrument. Delivery of the instrument usually is preceded by a notice of intention to deliver. After receipt of the delivery instrument, the new owner typically can take possession of the physical commodity, can deliver the delivery instrument into the futures market in satisfaction of a short position, or can sell the delivery instrument to another market participant who can use it for delivery into the futures market in satisfaction of his short position or for cash, or can take delivery of the physical himself. The procedure differs for energy contracts. Bona fide buyers or sellers of the underlying energy commodity can stand for delivery. If a buyer or seller stands for delivery, the contract is held through the termination of trading. The buyer and seller each file a notice of intent to make or take delivery with their respective clearing members who file them with the Exchange. Buyers and sellers are randomly matched by the Exchange. The delivery payment is based on the contract's final settlement price
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    Amateur currency trading

    spreadbetting. open a demo account first somewhere and try it or you'll get humped Any links for this
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    Houston, this is Major Tom, i see you have decided to humiliate yourself in public again....
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    UK consumer prices unexpectedly rise in February my emphasis
  6. gwizzie


    I dont think Bernanke had a choice in the QE. Perhaps thats the quantity of bonds which China wants to get rid of at the mo. China are raising cash, they seem willing to sell when gold gets towards 1000
  7. gwizzie


    What makes you think this PX. I dont agree with you but i am interested in your thinking behind it.
  8. b&h = Buy & hope .The last 18 months have illustrated this in any stockmarket. I trade only gold, and keep it very tight. any profits i make i put into my BV account (which i occasionally trade too) my objective is to increase the quantity of gold i own, rather than increase the amount of money it is worth. I dont see why trading and b&h have to be polarized
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    I dont understand what you are trying to say here, you need both buyers and sellers to make a market. Wiped out?
  10. Bingo. No6 and i bounced a few ideas around on this
  11. The only effective "trial" is to let the markets deal with companies. 1- Markets are relentless and unforgiving 2- they are much more effective of sniffing out naughtiness than beaurocrats Let administrators deal with the fallout rather than taxpayers Governments need to get the fook out of the way and stop interfering
  12. gwizzie


    Friedman explained the problem with the euro before its inception. Wheres Pluto and his candles?
  13. I voted move on. Its history additional points A) Being an idiot is not a crime, is punishing someone who didnt know what they were doing justifiable? kudos to anyone who was clever enough to know what they were doing and got away with it