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  1. wren

    Merryn Somerset Webb

    Many will err. (Freudian slip.) Some people just want a stable place to live in. Apparently she is still a housing bear? Good luck to her I say. I haven't read the article but it seems that at least she is honest about it.
  2. The idea that the opposition parties only get to look at the books after they are elected is quite false. The Civil Service give them access and discuss possible changes of policy well before the election, so they are reasonably ready. It's a nice con during an election though to pretend that they do not have access.
  3. wren


    It's interesting to note that the demand reasons for gold and silver were historically similar, i.e. as money and a store of value (often in the form of jewellery, ornaments etc.). It is therefore no surprise that their relative values were inversely proportional to their relative supplies. In this modern era silver has become an important industrial metal far more than gold. I therefore expect that the ongoing demand for silver is relatively higher, so the ratio might eventually go lower than the old historical equilibrium (less than 1/16).
  4. wren


    Some reckon that options expiry day (around the 26th) is a good time of the month to buy as gold often dips for that. This is useful if you are a monthly buyer. Of course, in any given month who knows?
  5. wren


    Good to see that GF is back posting. I have been posting your UK house prices in gold chart at HPC fairly often, hoping that some can see that the crash is well on in gold terms and will most likely continue. Looking at the PIxel8r lines chart, do people think this upleg is over or only half-way through? Pixel8r originally targeted 1300-1350, I think, if it played out like the previous years and we would at present still be only half-way through the full move. I'm hoping for a new high by the end of May.
  6. wren

    Where's Goldfinger?

    Occasionally on goldismoney.info. He keeps a thread there about long-term aspects of gold. G0ldfinger, are you out there? Just post to say hello. How's your move going? Edit: ziknik just beat me. .info not .com
  7. Which products and services did well in the last depression?
  8. wren

    The Greeks want their Gold Back !

    Thanks, neel, for providing a Greek perspective. It is sad to see some German papers and some Greek politicians throwing insults or historical accusations. Greece really needs to cut its public expenditure. If necessary I think there could be some sort of bailout (maybe disguised) but I think that serious willingness needs shown by the Greeks. I don't think that people can strike or riot their way out of this problem. Too much striking could damage the Greek economy even more. Do many Greeks accept that cuts in public expenditure are needed? I live in the eurozone in Finland (I'm British though).
  9. wren


    Kitco has tables of London prices back to 1996. You could probably copy and paste into Excel. http://www.kitco.com/gold.londonfix.html
  10. A new thread on Martenson's Crash Course has comments and links about transition towns. http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index....ic=9294&hl=
  11. Yes, how come Norway is in such a bad position? I wonder what they're spending the money on.
  12. wren

    Nice place to live in the UK?

    Googling, I found the Tuxedo Princess. I've got a feeling that it might have been called simply the Princess back in the '80s (so long ago I'm not sure).
  13. CC interviewed him in the second half of last year. HH was more relaxed and pensive than in his TV appearances.
  14. wren


    Many people are still mesmerised by paper money. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Doktor Mesmer says you can trust the dollar. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (The $ symbol comes originally from silver, of course.)
  15. You could try posting at PowerSwitch to find out more or see if there are people who want to meet. I'm pretty sure that you will get a response there.