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  1. Watch video QUOTE Rogers says his best investing decision was teaching his girls Chinese. "In their lifetimes, Mandarin is going to be the most important language," he comments. "And I'm teaching them about Asia." What's the best advice Rogers has ever received? "Figure out what's really happening by figuring out the money, and then you can probably succeed yourself. Don't beleive most of the stuff you read on the newspapers or on TV. They're just rattling off the party line. If you can figure out where the money is really coming from and where the money is really going, then you'll probably be very successful in your life."
  2. I feel sure you don't really mean that. My post #450 from 25th August 2010: It really does n't matter if the dollar goes up, down, sideways or does pirouettes better than Rudolf Nuryev - I prefer the three first options though - I will swing trade it either way, long or short if I see a set up, although I much prefer to be with the trend. Whether my interpretation of the trend is correct is another matter :-). I do hold dollars for the longer term but these are hedged by my physical gold.
  3. DrBubb, can you tell me why there are three aterixes at the beginning of my post number 491? My original post consisted of one sentance only i.e. "I look forward to your comments on any remedial action you intend to take on the reports I have sent to you about Catflap's behaviour i.e. potentially slanderous dialogue and rudeness." Thanks
  4. *** I look forward to your comments on any remedial action you intend to take on the reports I have sent to you about Catflap's behaviour i.e. potentially slanderous dialogue and rudeness.
  5. GTG

    PM/Miners Diversification for a SIPP

    You may like to consider the diversification offered by the ETFs NYSE:GDX for the big gold miners and NYSE:GDXJ for the juniors, GDXJ also includes silver miners I believe. If you're restricted to the LSE then the equivalent of GDX is AUCO provided by ETF securities. Check out ETF securities, they also provide physically backed PM ETFs. I'm not aware of a a junior miners equivalent quoted on the LSE.
  6. Words of wisdom ????? Gartley buy pattern on UUP lets see how far this one goes, possible third wave or could be still part of a "c" wave correction. Invalidation at 23.28 or about 80 on the Dx.
  7. There are some elements of living here (Helensburgh, Scotland) that can't be defined using currency. One of my all time favourite films Local Hero springs to mind. From: You appear to have found your sangri la, good luck.
  8. GTG

    Forex for dummies

    Citibank have a good selection of currency current and savings accounts. A debit card can be linked to any of the current accounts and changed at will. Useful if you travel abroad a lot.
  9. Time to Grab "A Fistful of Dollars"? P.S. DrBubb is an affiliate if anyone's thinking of giving it a go.
  10. I lost count of the hanging men you counted on the last dollar rally up and it still went up, not to mention the time when you said the dollar had not received a bid when it had clearly moved up in the day concerned. I of course posted a chart to prove it for "posterity". Oh and BTW is n't it strange how your hanging men turn into hammers when they appear in similar positions in the S&P500 but I'll not mention your misquote of stockcharts definition unless you really want me too. EDIT: Oh forgot to mention.... went long the dollar today. Bit short of time at the moment for posting charts but one to follow with a lovely bull flag
  11. Spot on, if he wrote it in haste he had an opportunity to correct himself when I said I thought he should reconsider what he said. You will see his reply above "why is that". It'll be interesting to see what he comes back with this time!
  12. Too true, see you took profits on SUK2 today, well done. It stopped at support of the neckline of a shampoo pattern.
  13. I think you need to reconsider what you said in your last paragraph, especially the bold type.
  14. Well you could be right, as DrBubb consideratly keeps reminding us "anything can happen". If your predictions turn out to be right I'll be amongst the first to acknowledge the fact. You're right to stick to your own system/theories or whatever you describe your method. At least that way you can take personal responsibility for them. Well either way for me, a third wave down would be an even better opportunity - they slide faster than they glide - but at least in the short to medium term my interpretation of the waves says that the dollar is going up.
  15. EPML If you can't find answers there try these: http://www.pensionsadvisoryservice.org.uk/ http://www.moneymadeclear.org.uk/products/...nt_options.html or just ring HL they'll put you straight.
  16. I think the end of the month is pushing it a bit Ker. Well, my first price projection was out by five points and within my price zone so I'm happy with that. I changed the count slightly which does not effect my open positions but would have had a sub optimal effect later if left the same. If the correction is over at the 23.6% level then I will see it as confirmation that we going into a third of a third at which stage the upward movement should accelerate. Invalidation point is still 80.18 for the time being. Resistance coincides with the 100 and 162% fib extension of wave (1):
  17. A shallow retracement to the 23.6% or perhaps a push to the 38.2% level would be confirmation that the decline is about to accelerate IMO. This is an ocassion where I would not put too much weight on the gap being filled. FTSE Futures continous contract:
  18. Zik, you need to get a SIPP administrator like mine. They lobbed my PR money in with the non PR money and I can trade all manner of things including currencies and derivatives. It's treat the same as the other monies and if it's not they are going to have a real job in trying to figure out what's what I may be wrong but I don't think there is any restrictions or ring fencing of PR monies now and I think you can pass on your pension pot in your will with out purchasing an annuity.
  19. The printing press is on the blink.
  20. I like this count better meaning we may be in a fifth and final minor wave to complete this impulsive move. Price projected to reverse at 83.71 or 83.48.