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    The ascent of money.

    Merryn looked pregnant and said property only ever goes up. Nope, she said 'save save save'! And they had a 'property expert' on predicting a 50% fall in prices, but they are spinning this into it will only happen in some areas.
  2. DFJ

    The ascent of money.

    Location x 3 is teeth-grindingly despicable, but there was one saving grace in when old Phil was making an offer on behalf on one set of buyers he really screwed the price down. Seller said no, then decided to let it!
  3. DFJ

    The ascent of money.

    I read this guy's book on World War I and II - class. Just watching the programme now - I thought he was a kind of corduroy-jacketed pipe-smoking duffer but his presenting style is pretty manic! Looks good - covering Inca gold at the moment.
  4. DFJ


    Hi I am looking into buying OILB too and am wondering if anyone has been able to do this through TD Waterhouse? When I try it they don't recognise the stock symbol. Sorry to go off topic. GD
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    I've not checked in since Friday (yep I know, I missed out on the fun) but don't think anyone picked up on this little something: Stanley Fink looks forward to trading without footprints after joining ISAM By Richard Blackden Last Updated: 6:54pm BST 14/09/2008 Stanley Fink, one of the leading figures in the hedge fund world, said he is looking forward to being able to trading without 'leaving footprints in the snow', after making a dramatic return to the industry. The Sunday Telegraph revealed yesterday that Mr Fink - known as the godfather of the UK hedge fund industry - has joined London-based fund International Standard Asset Management (ISAM) as chief executive officer less than three months after leaving the board of Man Group. Mr Fink turned Man into the world's biggest publicly-traded hedge fund with more than $80bn of assets during his two decades at the group. "When I look back at my 21 years at Man, the bit I got the buzz out of was turning a small business into a medium-sized business," said Mr Fink. Smaller hedge funds of ISAM size typically find it easier to get in and out of trades, according to Mr Fink. ISAM was founded five years ago by Roy Sher, a former gold trader at Merrill Lynch. Alan Amler, a South African-born futures trader, joined him last year. ISAM's Gold fund has returned an average of 17pc over the past four years, while the Macro fund notched returns of 16pc in its first year. For more see http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm.../bcnfink115.xml
  6. Some news on Jinshan - change of management with chief exec and chief operating officer stepping aside for Chinese to take over. Also, a $19.1m loan, which includes a linked deal on warrants that I haven't got my head round yet, can anyone else explain? Share price down to CAN $0.95. August was record month for production with 6,415 ounces up from 4,810 in June. http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/jins...D&dist=hppr http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/ji...on,535275.shtml
  7. DFJ

    Oversold or what?

    I'm also shuffling around the energy sector. I don't think anyone has mentioned it but there is an oil services companies ETF called Oil Hldrs (OIH), does anyone have money in it? Another thing I'm looking at is a natural gas ETF (NGSP).
  8. Well, I finally bit yesterday at 2.02. Right now it's at 1.79. It's getting beasted by somone out there!
  9. No worries. Anyway I missed it too because I got too greedy and set a limit order too low. Serves me right. I got some GDX at a good price last week though. In the end I got cold feet on Jinshan because I don't have time to do the research to get together a good portfolio of individual miners. I'd appreciate you letting us know whether there was anything material in that move!
  10. Think your entry point is here Justin, it went below $2 today. I'm going in.
  11. Hi Just to cover practicalities this ETF is only listed in the US. If you're UK-based you can buy it through TD Waterhouse and the best way to track its price is here - http://finance.google.com/finance?q=gdx Can't give any more pointers than that as I've only just bought into it. I bought in at $47 in Jan and today it's $53 - good climb, but because it was my first trade I only spent £200 so not much of an absolute gain! GD
  12. DFJ

    Lurkers Hello thread

    Hi I got here about a month ago by falling through some sort of magic trapdoor from HousePriceCrash.co.uk, to which I’m still addicted and is a great education on property and bubbles. However, the initial complacency of thinking I could just sit on top of my GBP savings and range of global funds until two or three years into the UK crash (when it happens) has been replaced by worries about inflation and sterling and the realisation I need to move some money into gold and commodities at least as insurance. I picked up on the commodities vibe a year or so ago and asked my financial advisor whether he thought I should be into them but he said it was too high risk. Shouldn’t have listened to him! Anyway, this is a great site - I don’t understand it fully yet but I’m glad I found it. I’m currently researching like mad what’s the best way to buy into the GDX gold miners ETF and the AIGA ETF from the UK. I’ve never had a trading account before but I’m looking at T D Waterhouse and E*Trade. I don’t want to trade lots, just stick the money in and leave it for a few years. Grateful for any advice, also on any low risk way to hold cash in a different currency to sterling. Cheers, Gold Dabbler