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    Gold extraction

    Just found this site today! Man...what a releif! I am in need of some honest, direct advice on a mineral report on a mine I have been asked to invest in. This is a vocanic deposit, mostly lava. All the ore is on top of the ground. One mineral report, after drilling twenty, 30-foot deep holes at various parts of the site, came back at 12 ounces per ton. Not believing this, I flew out to the site myself and scooped up two 5-gallon buckets of the ore and had them anaylized at another lab. (500 miles away) This time it came back at 15 ounces per ton. I hear this is extraorinary. I am new to this. The method of extraction is called "Bromide" leaching...a relatively new method that is supposed to be more cost effective. What's the deal here? Is this as easy as it sounds? Do I just buy the machine, find a buyer & then just start shveling ore into the "leaching machine" with my Bobcat? Who buys this gold? (Supposedly it is 98.5% pure "sponge gold when finished). Thanks so much, Frenchman60