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  1. This is going to create a much bigger market for Lithium.
  2. sigmadelta

    Heroes and Villains

    Brian Wilson was a cat who was where it was at, once. Heroes and Villains video
  3. Surely gaps are only relevant when you assume the people buying an selling are still around to fill the gap - most of the ones trading in 1928 will doubtless not be in the market any more!
  4. sigmadelta


    As for AIM vs Canadian markets, I would choose Canada. Despite all the shorting, the Canadian market has no 'market maker tax' and therefore operates much more efficiently.
  5. sigmadelta

    Today I became a multi millionaire

    Manure! Has he not been keeping track of the cost of fertiliser recently?
  6. sigmadelta

    Today I became a multi millionaire

    If the bank's printing presses run out of paper, they will get whatever source there is, even if it means cannibalising the government controlled press. The country must be close to mob anarchy now.
  7. sigmadelta

    UK Property: How Low Can It Go

    Great stuff Dominic. Dr B - I am interestied in the valuation model based on yield minus long term deposit rates, but I have no data at all to work from. A chart of that against time would be fun to plot! It seems to be a set of well guarded (and valuable) stats.
  8. They have been already sold down - only the stronger holders are left.
  9. Hear hear. A government cannot dictate the 'world of truth' that can be supplied by the sum of all financial activity.
  10. sigmadelta

    Finding The Next Bubble, parabolic mover

    Yes, a lot of people who know e.g. Kloppers of BHP are calling for a long commodities cycle, so you might be waiting a long time. The central banks are generating a limitless amount of cash, and there is a finite amount of resources. Common sense would say that the prices should therefore increase for the things people need to live on. Add to this mix, that the only tool central banks have against the resulting inflation is the interest rates, and you can refine the set of things that inflate to those that are mostly paid in the absence of credit, so you can subtract housing!
  11. sigmadelta

    Finding The Next Bubble, parabolic mover

    Phosphate - it has already done very well, but there will be a squeeze until at least 2010, when new production comes online in Saudi Arabia and Peru. I like the idea of the less known industrial metals doing well, e.g. Tungsten, Titanium, Niobium, Zircon, Tantalum.
  12. sigmadelta


    Thanks Dr, listening now.
  13. sigmadelta


    I think the rally has legs, as fertilisers are the common requirement for food and biofuels. Whichever way the producers hedge, fertilisers will benefit. Mosaic's CEO points to a step change in prices, after years of underinvestment. I have had a good ride on a near term phosphate producer, Minemakers in Australia (ASX:MAK). Another related company, Bonaparte (ASX:BON) has a large undersea deposit in Namibia, hoping to dredge it, cap A$10m. So there are still bargains to be had if you can stand the risk. Don Coxe thinks this is "an undercapitalised sector, and a sector that we need the most" http://events.startcast.com/events/199/B00.../eventframe.asp
  14. Haven't been there since I was a nipper in the 70's, but it was beautiful. I remember Pulau Penang was very busy. Great zoo!
  15. Fantastic, Dr B - you are in for a treat. I love KL. Because: - cheap computer equipment in Bukit Bintang (but no 'cheap' software any more ) - great food. Try the Jalan Alor market just alongside Jalan Bukit Bintang. Amazing selection, all quality. - Jalan Sultan in Chinatown, more great food if you like dai pai dong style (applies to the above) - Petronas towers for cheap clothes, books etc. I reckon it should a bit cheaper than Honkers. Have fun!