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    You are right of course, but I guess it boils down to whether you believe we're going to see inflation or deflation.
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    Oh I fully intend to leverage the hell out of this purchase - but it's a big farm, and I can only borrow so much!
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    I don't really want to put my life on hold in that way, have things I want to achieve. We've started down a path which leads us to a particular point. It's no set in stone, but it's a path we want to follow. I think I'll sell in stages, maybe starting in a month or so, and see how its looking later in the year.
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    It doesn't have to be, but that's what would work best for us.
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    This is what was at the back of my mind - we will see QE3 this year, which will push up the price quite a bit. How silly will I feel if it's at $2500 in Sep and I've already sold most of it. But I guess my focus should be on achieving my main goal.
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    That sounds like a very sensible plan! Thanks.
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    I have a question. Say you had a pile of gold accumulated over the past 5 years, and you know you need to sell 70% of it by Sep 2012. Not selling isn't an option - need the cash to buy a farm out in the hills (not in the UK I might add). Would you sell now, or wait until summer?
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    UK House prices: News & Views

    All good points. I am not really hoping for an overshoot, as I don't intend to ever buy property in the UK again. I'm just an interested spectator. But my gut feeling says that interest rates will have to rise eventually, which will trigger the last step drop (maybe 20%).
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    UK House prices: News & Views

    But the market always overshoots (that's how you end up with 'very cheap' in 1996).
  10. Being a long time movie fan, the thought occurred to me - how about investing in new films? There seem to be lots of opportunities around. Obviously the risks are high, but so are the potential returns. Does anyone have any experience of this?
  11. I appreciate your honesty I guess that's the kind of thing I was thinking about - more upside than Disney stock, but less risk than totally new talent. Now that is an interesting site, thank you. Sounds intriguing. Can you outline the basic economics of making such a film? How much does it cost, how is it usually financed, how do you go about distributing it, how do you minimise the risk of a total flop, that kind of thing? I'm sure most of us here don't know much about this subject. If you'd rather PM me, that's fine too.
  12. Thanks very much, that looks like a good set of starting points. I'll keep the bb posted on my progress (and on how much money I manage to lose!)
  13. Thanks FP, I'll do some reading about Azure Media.
  14. Thanks drminky, that's quite fascinating. I wasn't really thinking in terms of buying Disney (or similar) stock - that doesn't interest me so much, I'd rather stick to stocks in sectors that I at least know a little about. What attracts me is the possibility of investing in a low budget film with large upside. But I guess as you say, they only come along once in a blue moon. But I don't even know where one might come across people wanting to make such a film - where do they hang out? How do they seek investors?
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    The Fuel Cell thread

    Nice article in this week's New Scientist about Ceres. http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg1932...-hot-cakes.html I like the idea of fuel cells running on a range of hydrocarbons, being used in a wide range of applications. This means you don't need to resort to generating, transporting and handling hydrogen, but you can use methanol, ethanol, nat gas etc. to generate both heat and electricity at the same time.
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    Sure, I'm not ashamed to air my mistakes in public - I freely admit to being a novice, so why not First, let me explain that my strategy has been quite mixed, in that I'm not really sure whether I'm a trader, an investor, or a bit of both. Some stocks I've held for a long time, while others I've sold within a few weeks. I've used Selftrade and BullionVault, nothing else just yet. As far as sectors go, I've concentrated on tech and mining. Why? Tech is what I know, and mining is what I've been learning about (and hey, it's fun to ride the bull!). I've also traded a few others just because I liked the look of them. I've kept to a minimum trade value of £5k, and although I was determined to stick to my stop-losses, I haven't been so good at that. My best gains so far: OXS.L - they'd had a run of bad news, but everything looked promising. Haven't disappointed me yet! XAR.L - Can't remember why I bought them, saw them mentioned somewhere and liked the sound of their products PXC.L - ISP, we buy lots of servers from them, and I think they're a solid company with a good future. KLR.L - civil engineering company, growing at a good pace IBM.L - seems to me with companies like that you can't go wrong if you buy on a dip Gold bullion - buy low, sell high. No thinking involved. My greatest losses: PRTY.L - stupid n00b mistake - when it hit 40, I thought "there's gotta be a big bounce back" - sooo wrong! AVM.L - what went wrong?! DEC.L - I really thought they were turning things around, but it just keeps getting worse Those are the most noteworthy ones, I have a few non-movers not really worth going into. Since late August, I've averaged a 12% return (before tax). Always happy to receive thoughts/comments/tips/advice
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    You are where I was this time last year. We took some time off and went travelling for a while, but when we came back I started my first experiments in investing. So far I'm pleased, I've had mixed results, with some great gains and two shocking losses, but an overall gain that has outperformed the 5% I get on the money in the bank. The main thing I've gained so far is a lot of knowledge, and at least the beginnings of a 'feel' for trading. Reading what the experienced investors on the forum have to say, I know I have a looong way to go. Good luck with it!
  18. Bearing in mind that I'm a novice investor, having only been doing it just under a year... Oil seems like a great buy at the moment, am I missing something? Are there any warning signs that I am failing to see? (Laffer aside) If not, the next question is what vehicle to use. I am tempted by ETFS Brent Oil (OILB), because this gets round any uncertainties surrounding individual oil companies. Again, does this seem reasonable? TIA
  19. Thanks Yogi, much appreciated.
  20. What is the best way of buying these Canadian Energy Trusts? I usually use Selftrade, but they don't seem to allow these to be traded - any ideas?
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    Gold bullion accounts

    I can't comment regarding security, I only know about as much as you do. After going through the process I chose to give BV a go, and I have to say they're as slick as they first appear. Everything works just as expected, and any questions are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  22. Thanks for the explanation BP, it is much appreciated. It takes a while to learn all this stuff I am looking at the Canadian trusts, and also considering buying some oil company stock.
  23. Thanks for the heads-up, I will avoid OILB.
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    Hi all, I'm very new to trading, having only been toe-dipping for a few months, so bear with me One of the stocks I bought a while back, OXS.ISE, has just started climbing fast. I bought it because I thought it looked fundamentally undervalued, and the company seemed to be having a run of bad luck, which Ifigured had to end sometime. However, now that it has made significant gains (50% up), I am finding myself wondering whether to hold or sell. What I'd like is some advice from seasoned traders - how do you make such a decision, both in general and in the case of this particular stock? Many thanks.
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    Gold: the Bull's thread

    I recently bought some Canadian Maple Leaf 1 ounce coins from ATS. The service was very good, and the price was about 6% above spot. I chose maples over krugers because I think they're a lot prettier, and they're also 9999, which is considerably purer than krugers.