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  1. Point well made Dr B. Maybe the dreamers are really cheerleaders for Sprott buying, I think that, as much as anything is what has propelled this share lately.
  2. No idea in truth, other than I don’t believe the central banks will want crypto’s to flourish, as they represent an alternative vehicle to the fiat currencies they currently love. For the reason alone, in my humble opinion, I don’t think there will ever be a free market. At some point I fear, they will be curtailed by ruling classes and the puppet government’s. Seem to recall China has already made noises. It’s not something I follow, if you do, good luck, as I said not for me.
  3. MUX.... who kicked the dog? Didn’t see that coming.
  4. No. Decided a long time ago I’d not envy anyone who made it with Crypto’s but I don’t trust them because I don’t trust the “system” not to find a way to bring them down.
  5. Feel more comfortable now with both these latest moves, particularly GCM but ROX is looking a bit better, just when I was starting to doubt.
  6. Hmm, slightly wrong footed me. I’ll live it for now, as if it follows such as your channels it would be no big deal to me. I’ve done very well so far, might have to wait out this move, short term has not often been my forte.
  7. Found a little volume reversal today low of 83c back to 87c at the close. Was getting a bit underwater but I’ve doubled up, though still a relatively small stake for me. I’m not sure about this one though, could another bad Mux type play for me.
  8. Hope there is a spike within those channels, I’m back to around half my highest position now, the lows of last 3 sessions tempted me to add back more.
  9. Hmm, not so smart! Should have, would have, could have ...........a lot more left in for upside. Was a struggle adding to my smaller holding at anything around 43c. Big news today, good spike on good news.
  10. AAZ overdue an update. Shares have largely been treading water this year, why I'm unsure but maybe it's a bit of impatience from "want it now" traders or possibility that the long overdue Geotech helicopter survey has not yet been delivered. However, for the latter the market was informed the sheer scale of data has caused the delay, which personally I take as encouraging. Bill Morgan though by his consrvative standards, is sounding excited (see below). Recently Gadir Jorc was updated, Ordubad initial exploration potential starting to be mapped out and Q1 came in far better than previous years with the benefit of the Flotation plant and SART processing this winter; even a temporary delay with the off taker holding back copper sales(now resolved) couldn't put that much of a dampener on ever growing excellent financial health. So it's all lining up this month. More exploration commentary due for Gedabek, results and dividend news (which sounds like a small uside surprise coming) and the Heli news all looking set to light the fuse again. Shares currently 81.5p.....doubt for long!
  11. For someone who managed it purely on instinct(call it luck if you wish), it’s definitely amazing, as it’s not a strategy, more just happened. Very revealing Dr B.
  12. Me too. Still got a stake in case of any explosive upside but loaded some more profit to GCM, AAZ and had some ROXG.
  13. Nice presentation and I suppose I’ve reflected on yours and others comments this week, so been adding more back with WM.t profits. Seem to have a nice flip flop between the pair in weighting’s, more luck than anything but they seemed to have risen and fallen conveniently for me to do so.
  14. Bought a little stake start of week in Roxg, will make my mind up about more later on. Toe in water for me.
  15. Wow nice spike up to 39.5c I’ve let go quite a lot last 2 sessions only have 1/3 of my core holding now. Flipped a fair few into GCM previous 2 sessions.