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  1. Good luck to you, I think a lot of these silver plays fundamentally need a solid or ascending silver price to shine.
  2. If I’m getting the right companies that’s some group. Largo and Argonaut have had fairly big drops, although Argonaut is slightly more stable at present. Going to watch those 2 more now.
  3. Good timing for us both big drop today back down to 61c (above 15% drop) from previous day close of of 72c!
  4. Yeah some turnaround. Decent volume too.
  5. Bit of a one trick pony at present maybe the reason. Thought low 90’s would be near the bottom. Hey ho. Hector. The security is not really the issue to me. It’s like saying trouble in London will be mirrored in Newcastle in the U.K, check the respective operating locations. Pretty sure one East, one West from memory.
  6. Some move, the last spike went nicely into the 70’s, jumped on late I suppose but rode an 18c gain before cashing out earlier this week. Watching with interest where WM settles, it might be a cashout too soon I regret, didn’t want to make same “error” as with GCM of not banking a good move up.
  7. Pretty much got what I wanted now, whilst s.p meandering around. Will sit tight now.
  8. I’ve wasted an opportunity to cash in profits higher, but happier to sit out time knowing Sprott has 11%, so long as no more cheap giveaways.
  9. So a few people got a sniff of Lonmin news! Anyhow, it’s bouncing back again after profit taking.
  10. Maybe but just remember they are working on so many prospects from the Aztec mapping survey, there could be a serious resource upgrade. That would smash the range. Then there is Ordubad.
  11. Thanks Dr B, sideways until more resource is proven up suits me fine. Doubt that will be long, I remember John or Reza saying to Stephen Westhead at the AGM “take your time but we’re in a hurry “. An updated jorc is highly likely before Christmas and could land anytime now really.
  12. Maybe I’m too attached but that’s what gave me confidence to add. Strong bounce back today already paying off. I’d normally agree with you Dr B but a bit a fear and manipulation seems to have run this down, it doesn’t take much to reverse; just my opinion.
  13. Won’t lie, this has been painful on little volume generally. Fortunately I’ve been adding of late as I see it well overdone on boredom and lack of resource upgrades. Everything else suggests doing what’s on the label including the nice divi I’m about to receive.
  14. Sadly missed the update spike which closed at 43.5c today, sat on sidelines being too greedy on my entry points. Hindsight huh.