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  1. jerpy

    COLLEGE : Is Uni worthwhile ?

    Hey Dr B here in the U.K I think some colleges are going to see a serious funding drop in the next few years unless they do more stuff online. My son tells me his Uni was quite high on “foreign students” say 15%, most have gone home now. Post C.V take out the prospect of less jobs I can see if drops, unless some students use it as a stall on being employed.
  2. Roxg possibly lagging other gold stocks rise? Current 75c from a year low of 57c. No position as yet but interested again.
  3. Smart move but I’m not being greedy, most of my WM.t trades have been successful and If I’d done the same with Gran Colombia, the ride their would be far less galling.
  4. LOL Dr B, made me smile but that seems about the most succinct answer you can give right now.
  5. Out at in between 50 and 51, near 20% gain was good enough pickings for me.
  6. Thought it was coming, hearing too many noises about people not taking it seriously and forces getting briefings. Had an air of inevitability, a shock was needed.
  7. I’ve friends in the forces and mate with kids in the military, a few have had quite scary briefings of late, they are advising people need to take this more seriously, one said to his father “we get the serious shit ahead of the public” I think they have been told of lockdown scenarios to curb movement. Something coming down the line soon.
  8. After watching Boris today, I think we are not far off lockdown in the U.K, certainly within London anyway.
  9. The small local shops are relatively well stocked. Even the big supermarkets have plenty of veg, it’s things like sanitizers, bread, even self raising flour that is short. Farm shops have potatoes and veg too still, look for those. Tinned stuff still exists in rural shops.
  10. Because politicians are self serving idiots. As for the wider public, many are bored of the doom and gloom media and get sick (bad pun) of msn news telling us how to group think. You remember how the Brexit vote was supposed to go and yet went the other way fortunately. People don’t like being told what to do here Dr B. Now fear, well some are made of stern stuff, some plain stupid sheep, others think well I’m fit, able and life goes on. What you’re picking up is London or main city soundbites. My local city and rural towns were busy all weekend. Did you see almost record crowds at the Cheltenham festival? Frequented by country folk, many who have gone through swine flu and other such types so understand virus spreading; albeit cattle. Yet there was little panic until Boris ratcheted it up on Monday. Aside from hand gels, then loo rolls and followed by pasta dish ingredients, I really didn’t see shortages. Kid you not, it’s still busy out there, outside London, only now is lockdown starting to happen and last 2 days more home working, yet rural pubs are still busy, other business is still happening for now. Life is going on, albeit the black cloud is growing. Maybe it’s a British stubbornness?
  11. Steve Keen 13 mins in, maybe time for his debt jubilee theory?
  12. Me too, smidgeon higher at 42 and 43.
  13. Sold and not a bad return for a small punt, happy with the beer money.
  14. Well I took some more profit during the last session in and around $7. Too fast an ascent not to bank some, so half my holding now gone at a tidy profit.
  15. Brilliant week so far for GCM, after this rise I couldn’t resist banking gains; sold a third of my holding at prices around $6.70. Patience paid off and now pleased with myself, after much frustration.