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  1. Really! Sounds like a 16 year old or wind up attention seeker, not convinced either way. Young enough to learn and build again, dumb enough to make the same mistakes. Margin trading at that age....hmm, much to learn.
  2. Lol Dr B. I’ve been visiting here long enough to remember when there was quite a discussion on here before, it gave the game away easily enough. Nigel seems a smart trader and yes I get the swing trade ideas, but I’m only ever moderately successful in that respect. Favourite chapter? Hmm, well several. Taylor fits my style if not personality and circumstance but I also saw something in Luke too. The rest were an interesting read but I could only find any style fit with Vernon but I think I’ve moved away from glitch trading. Whilst I’ve read quite a lot of comment about and from John Lee, finding him interesting from an investing viewpoint; his methods though would never appeal racy enough to me. Which is an odd comment but I think true in the sense I like more high octane, excitement stocks than he rarely, if ever would.
  3. This is a welcome idea Dr B, I’ve got Guy Thomas’s Free Cqpital and guess what, I skipped the options comments. I’ve done real well on stocks, I can’t decide whether i just see it as a lack time barrier to throw myself at learning, as I don’t think I’m that much of dim wit or I’m simply being lazy (third possibility both).
  4. One for the watchlist until the Gold price looks sustainably higher.
  5. Horrid year, that really bought home the lack of water causes issues. Never before in the U.K have I struggled with such a poor “harvest”; everything I grew was smaller and yielded less, all down to the lack of rainfall. Even the strawberries struggled
  6. Bit like the good ol BBC pushing female football (soccer to you Dr B ) over here in the U.K. Seen the attendances? Poor for a reason, unless your a friend or family, few people care. It’s a male sport, tradition etc. Women need to deal with it, along with the good ol Beeb. Will never be popular in my life time.
  7. A City without Cars = Paradise

    Looks beautiful, maybe worth a visit, must check the geography.
  8. Wow, I mean WOW!!!! Maiden (half year) dividend today of 3 cents announced along with the previous news flow book marked Sunday and so much more. Want to see 2 Cheshire cats?
  9. Just thought I'd bump my favourite gold oldie. Still staggered this has not re-rated but suspect the time is nigh! Why? Multitude of reasons such as last weeks anouncement Geotech going to undertake an airborne survey of the entire Gedabek territory with a view to proving up more detailed JORC, (possibly the mine life has held it back being objective); bear in mind a 3 year exploration program isalready underway to do just that and initial results due this quarter. Otherwise and importantly, a dividend was signalled and due to be announced i suspect this week (19th), along with interim results - we already know they have gone cash positive this quarter. This company is throwing off cash with A.I.S.C's at around $600, how cheap is that? Prinicipal directors have first mover in country advantage, excellent ties and large personal stakes in the game. Finally they are ramping up the P.R game, suspect somewhere down the line they might look to get instituional support, seem to be pressing more flesh to get the S.P up. Midas has just tipped it some a likely P.I bounce will come, along with no doubt some retrace. However, such a small free float, anyone wanting in has to buy on the open market currently, all these factors are going to lead to buying pressure. My reward has been good for perseverance but there is so much more to come - this week could re-ignite interest with shares stuck in the mid 40's range really since I last posted.. http://www.angloasianmining.com/home/
  10. Ride your winners (even if you sell half, top slice etc) and cut your losers would be my advice to anyone new at trading or investing.
  11. Really good call Dr B. Was sat dithering early May, considered for a long time, still tempted but I wonder if that breakaway gap could be back tested?
  12. First assault on 50p today, rear view results due around end of week, next Op’s update will be far more telling.
  13. All resonates with me. If he covers Female Gender pay gap and White bashing?, I’d say he’s right up there with those that have had enough of being made to feel guilty for their sex and race.
  14. Glad you persevere Dr B. Rarely post on any bulletin board these day, though I probably at least weekly view this section, occasionally selective threads in the General section. Just a case of life & family priorities, so I’m largely a lurker now but thought I’d say I still look in.
  15. Changing picture of AAZ, they are about to migrate from fledgling company to mid tier this year. Guidance for 2018 drilling program and on-going op’s later this month going to reveal a lot more. Market slowly waking up. Long left the 5p lows of 2016 but at current low 40’s a market cap c£50 odd is plain cheap. Debt could be gone this year if they choose, profits storming in and true potential nowhere near reflected in price. Cant wait.