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  1. That seems to be the saving grace from the messy charade being played out.
  2. Some good calls here. Soon be 2021 pick time...Covid pharma stocks seem too obvious.
  3. Hi Dr B, Not looked at Goro much lately how do you see this playing out, or rather what strategy is best around the spin off?
  4. Yeah I did the same some time back too, just wondered if you thought it had topped and hence removed. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Was Victoria simply over valued DrB?
  6. It’s incredible, I mean 4 or 5 police officers for 1 guy.........who had supposedly just butchered half a dozen people, leaving 3 dead. Maybe he expected some fat old bobby on a bike to turn up and say, now there’s a good lad, put down that nasty knife covered in blood and then we can go down the station and have a chat. What the heck does he expect, when there’s a mass murderer on the loose, that it’s being reported he was rugby tackled by an unarmed officer, shows quite a difference in policing between the U.K and the U.S. Some serious passion to protect and serve here.
  7. Nomad royalty (tsx:NSR) a new one to keep tabs on, https://nomadroyalty.com/ Currently $ 1.25cn
  8. jerpy


    I’ve been looking around the education market and found this as a guide. A toddler WEY at the bottom of the u.k list interests me for now, their recent half term report shows small but growing profitability. No crazy valuation or talking up, just going about it’s business as you would expect, in the modern Covid world.
  9. Bought ELY when they dipped early March, around a 65c average after several bites, have to say I’ve been stunned by the performance, So sold a quarter middle of last week at 1.40c having seen them above double, yet I’m beginning to think that was even a mistake. Currently trading at 1.61 within days of me lightning up!
  10. Hmm, I was so undecided, fair play Dr B you called it.
  11. jerpy


    I’d seen this with Chamath a few weeks ago, he’s an interesting character and I like that he looks to do positive things in life, as well as with his investments. You should check out some of his other interviews with the likes of CNBC, there are moments when he talks so much sense on bitcoin etc, you can see the panel of “interrogators” left dumbfounded what to say, whilst they try to process a response.
  12. These type of surprises keep happening at GCM, I’ve took my profits and completely cashed out. Not saying I can’t get them becoming an enlarged entity, there may be good fits and attractive properties but GCM management keep throwing out unexpected curve balls. I’m now putting these on a watch mode to maybe revisit in time and not knee jerk back in if they rise again. If they sail away so be it, the board just don’t inspire me they care about ordinary share holders.
  13. How do you view the Balmoral takeover Dr Bubb? Great prospects but will it stall WM.t for now?
  14. Bookmarked to see how this plays out.....Interesting view.
  15. Interesting viewpoints.