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  1. Dumped all 4 now, Concho being the last. 2 marginally up, 2 marginally down; did I give oil enough t8me? Don’t know, but just didn’t take the chance.
  2. Starting to wear thin on a lot of people is the Meg coverage, kind of who cares? Really, who does, few grannies and women outraged, maybe his mates but most people, big yawn! It’s more important to the press who think we are interested I reckon.. Something does tell me though, the U.K is better off without her, than with her; just a gut feel. She’s no Kate, who seems to be blending into the family, “role” and whole royal “thing”.
  3. Understandable, I kind of got lucky and only spotted it because somebody I conversed with a fair amount, had been flagging its virtues but noted it was noted it was being hammered due to a forced seller (Bashirov); effectively I’d bookmarked it as a turnaround situation waiting to happen. Finally convinced he was out, I actually piled in a the rock bottom and held and held and held because I believed AAZ was strongly undervalued and had immense potential, with director actions rarely aligned to other shareholders and lots of skin in the game. So that my all time No1. No.2 favourite on reflection has to be Goro. As frizzers got me hooked around the time I signed up to GEI and it was a rare goldie that delivered and paid dividends; the first gold producer that kind of made me think about miners rather than the metal itself, stopped me being a p.m physical bug, changed my p.m trading mindset. No.3 is relatively new but has to be GCM currently, because I’ve largely enjoyed the journey and flipping weighting’s most of last year between that and Wallbridge(close 3rd but still 4th - probably because I now don’t hold) those 2 were great rides and I think Roxg in time will be, but right now Gran Colombia has churned most profit trading and holding. So it gets my 3rd favourite pick.
  4. Nice new presentation out. Still keep dithering whether to stick or twist; think I have that $6 ingrained in my thoughts ha LINK : http://s21.q4cdn.com/834539576/files/Presentation-January-2020.pdf
  5. I’ve always enjoyed reading your trading thoughts, (occasionally I read other sections but I’m generally indifferent to politicians and such debates, life’s too short to pick arguments), your boards have been a constant source for me to do my own research. Even older threads that don’t really take off are a source of inspiration. Over the new year, I was looking for Aussie picks and used an old thread as a filter. You’ve had people pick fights over time, me personally, I think that you nail your colours, shows good character and they generally stand up extremely well against plenty of paid charlatan’s I’m sure. Long may you continue, it’s a generous website you offer.
  6. Missed this thread and so missed DNG 😕, I think you know my favourite by now......AAZ of course! I’ll go away and contemplate an answer on the others, as do I pick the ones that made me the most profit or the ones I just enjoyed holding, good management, relatively risk free picks etc 🤔 hmm; I’ll be back.
  7. Sure. You have been in great form Dr B and I always say anyone who claims to have 100% winners is a liar, nobody is that good or perfect. BUT there have some consistent winning picks or themes to explore, research or look for similar flagged up. ===== (following was added by DrBubb) ===== ... : Chan-GE : MP : PP : Charts2 : Acore : Fringe : : : : 3d : ag : au : 10d-Gvs.UK : >News : DrRp : AJo : Fox : WRH : Arc : RenA : Rvd : FxN :  BTC all data: 8yr: 4yr: 3yr: 12mo: 6mo 1mo 10d: 10d 5d / SLV-lv =====
  8. Quite. Just need a crystal ball or pin to pick out the true winners in the junior sector ha. Does make sense though.
  9. Yeah, I didn’t waiver, honest lol Resource upgrade end of the month to look forward to, that should do the trick now.
  10. I’m still a bit baffled why Sprott was needed so cheaply, but I suppose it’s easier to ask with strong gold in hindsight?
  11. They look mighty fine numbers today, surprised only a modest reaction so far.
  12. Bit of an ouch! I’m only guessing, but seems it’s being sold off on people’s interpretations of lower production numbers for the next 3 years? Yet the mine life is being maintained and it’s over looking the Seguela project i.m.o
  13. Ugaz interesting but I don’t understand what would be the driver for reversing the relationship with Natgas, other than its at an extreme in relationships?
  14. Stunning performance on SLV calls sir, I doff my cap to you.