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  1. Some gold miners in GDX eg AZK, BNV, GSS were up Friday on very large volume [ABX looks significant too] - think this strengthens your case. I am avoiding GDX in case Silver miners start to tank, but placed a few bids at or below the close for some of those GDX GOLD miners that were weaker on Friday eg NEM.
  2. GDXJ maybe outperforming because of the [relatively] high component of Silver miners. SIL - Silver miners etf - is outperforming also, wheras GLDX - Gold explorers is mirroring GDX
  3. Don't comment very often, but feel need to jump in here. I listen to KWN, TOB, FBB, FS, Howe Street. Bubb can be irriting, cos he sometimes waffles, hestitates, isn't incisive enough - sometimes gives the impression he is hedging his opinions [current interview is best I have heard him do - very good]. TOB speaks b4 he thinks, often gives impression he has changed his stance when he hasn't, Pulp always looking for guests to re-inforce his beliefs [but does not editoralise] - normal human frailities/personalities. However, Eric King, JS - I get warning bells going off in my head when I hear these guys speak - feel attempting to ramp / manipulate listeners. King tends to either editorialise guests views in a summary that reflect his views, or not sumarise if he doesn't like them. Dissapointed guests let him away with this. I skip the 1st min of KWN podcasts to avoid sound of his voice, listen to fewer and fewer of his guests now - just ones who I feel are honest eg concede Gold MAY fall to [say] 1300.
  4. skinny

    Shedload Of New FB&Bs

    Started getting interested in Junoir Gold Miners Anywhere I can see a list of all Frizz's current picks?
  5. I wonder why not Bubb - as he's got his trusty sword out again [providing links to previous GLD/SLV musings] Also commenting on fact ETFS [didn't mention them by name] had to suspend trading on their non-physical ETCs in the Autumn meltdown Why so shy on the products from the same firm, that didn't have a problem - & that people who read his commentary have a more direct interest in? I have no axe to grind - am GM member, mainly in ETFS, looking for opportunity to switch to GM, but paralysed by the £ debacle However I feel it is verging on scaremongering [it's working on me] to apply his [i am sure sound] GLD/SLV logic to all physical etfs, mentioning [indirectly] ETFS's non-physical problems, yet pull back from commenting on PHAU, PHAG, the physical etfs.
  6. Done that online CAP thingy - asked for mortgage provider, amount, years taken over. Asked what credit card did i take out in 2005, credit limit, current balance. Multiple choice questions which helped a lot Think just need to send them a [uncertified] copy of passport now, by post or upload
  7. Thanks for the reply Bubb Aware he may not want to. However he was not shy taking the sword to GLD [twice I believe] & SLV. Nor, in this thread, in pointing out the flaws in Bullion Vault - a more direct competitor to GM than ETFS. And he has stated he is having a big influx of business from the UK. Imagine a large proportion of his UK business is coming from people like me, already in these etfs, who wish to swap an appropiate amount to GM for a variety of topical reasons. I've checked ETFS out myself - I'm not banker, nor as wise as James, but they do look ok to me I'm going to use GM anyway, but even a brief answer [that we could reference against his GLD, SLV essays] would help me [& others] figure out an appropiate allocation. Would appreciate it if u would pass the question on. And will understand if he declines.
  8. Bubb - signed up for GM via GEI's link - here is my question, which I think is relevant for most UK members of GEI / GM. [To paraphrase] James thinks precious metal etfs are a great way of holding pms - if constructed ethically. However I beleive he has expressed grave concerns over GLD & SLV in this regard. My question - http://www.etfsecurities.com/ seem to be the main source of Physical metal etfs on the LSE. Does James hold their products in any higher regard than GLD, SLV, and if so why?
  9. Brilliant - thanks to both of you for that - Cahoot tried to tell me I couldn't do it. So did HBOS. I joined via GEI by the way, so will see if that gets me question for James via Bubb )
  10. Pixel8r - how did u get the free BACS via Cahoot - they want to charge me £25, and say it must be done on the phone Did u just set it up as an ordinary "bill payment", using sort code and account, without IBAN, Swift ??
  11. u MAY be able to trade BHI online with selftrade
  12. Out of interest, I reckon..... Jan 2010 Gas future is 60% above current contract Jan 2010 Crude future is 86% above current contract I don't use futures, but did the comparison out of interest cos of discussion on cost of carry on energy etfs - gas etf would seem to have less Gas tempts me, but this thread has cautioned me [thanks guys]
  13. US Maniplulating prices lower to help Ukraine's negotiations with Russia ? http://www.321gold.com/editorials/kirby/kirby011209.html
  14. Not sure difference in US & UK etfs u mention, but THINK commodity etfs are expensive long term, cos of cost of carry from one contract month to next - possibly 15% pa ?? [like u read this somewhere, but not sure where] Shares have zero running costs, as far as I know
  15. Frizz - logged in simply to say thanks - this is the best interview i have heard yet on CWR You also provided an ambience where u got MUCH more out of him, than CNBC etc Would love to hear him every 6 months if poss Had previoulsy been very impressed with Bob Hoye, but feel he has been retrospectively nudging his previous calls to make them look more prophetic recently [on Howe street] eg he claims to have predicted a new $ bull, when i only rember him calling for an oversold bounce [maybe my memory is failing]