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  1. Trading in this stock's been halted at the issuer's request "pending information".
  2. Justin Thyme

    Goldmoney.com down?

    I was able to access it earlier today but the last 30 mins, it's been timing out. I've had the problem once before but it sorted itself out.
  3. This stock's near its 52 week low. Do you still hold warrants here, Dr. B ?
  4. Justin Thyme

    China's Christmas present to the west

    It was almost as if the very notion of monetary tightening in China was completely off the table. A lot of people got long after it looked the PBoC had chickened out of raising rates the other day. Could be a sharp drop come the opening this week.
  5. Justin Thyme

    Trading using charts

    Indeed, in the last couple of years there's been a greater tendency for markets to move on data/news that is "unexpected". For example, most - including myself - were expecting the current rally in equities to mark time then reverse seeing as, amongst other things, volume was a little anaemic but then, "unexpectedly", the BoJ cut rates and unveiled its hari-kari QE. Result: 2+% on Dow, S&P etc. The bullish sentiment driving equities at the moment is less likely to be impacted by negative news - even poor non farm payrolls. The market will simply see poor numbers as another justification for Fed QE2. A good numbe on the other hand . . .
  6. Justin Thyme

    Have you Bought the Farm yet? Where?

    With the restrictions on foreigners owning land here (in Thailand), a lot of expats tried to get around it by setting up Thai limited companies and purchasing the land that way but the authorities have cottoned on to that loophole. Now they insist that the majority shareholder of any Thai limited company buying land must be a Thai national. Thais don't like second hand properties. They tend to insist on new. Farangs (foreigners) don't seem to mind but with the fundamental drivers of this year's bloody protests still unresolved, not to mention the significant weakening of dollar, sterling, euro et al, far fewer Westerners are coming to live here. Loads of retired expats have headed back to their homelands as their pensions or foreign income simply doesn't buy what it used to. If a farang wants to buy a house AND the land it sits on, he has to buy it in the name of his Thai wife but Thai women can be somewhat er . . . mercenary in their attitudes. Hundreds of guys get hitched, buy or build a house on land in wife's name, then get served with divorce papers after falling into a honeytrap - usually set up by the wife - and she gets to keep the house and the land. For me, the biggest obstacle to buying property here is the fact that the King of Thailand is in very, very poor health. If he dies, this place may kick off in a way that makes the unrest earlier this year look like a picnic. Still, if that were to happen, I'd jump into the SET big time. Companies like PTT would probably be going for a song.
  7. Justin Thyme

    Jinshan Gold Mines (JIN.v)

    C$2.78 as I type. I want to get back in as the volume to the downside isn't looking too bad but I'm a bit worried about the potential for a rout on the next round of deleveraging.
  8. Justin Thyme

    When to buy B P

    All sorts of ridiculous rumours about the firm filing for bankruptcy flying around. Frankly, weaning the world off crude is going to take a lot longer than the debacle over this oil spill can last and Barack Obama would do well to remember that whilst he's demeaning the office he holds with the kind of expletives even his lunkhead predecessor wouldn't use on camera. I sold off my BP stock a couple of months ago while they were still over 630p but I'm going back in albeit on a cost-averaging basis. The company's oversold and you can be sure that the likes of PetroChina have already started crunching numbers.
  9. Justin Thyme

    Jinshan Gold Mines (JIN.v)

    WTF !! JIN dropped 16% today . . . with volume. Any ideas what happened. I'd love to chisel my way back in after dumping at around C$5 but if there's more downside on the way . . . .
  10. Justin Thyme


    Wonder if the finalization of the Greek bailout will have any detrimental effect on gold ?
  11. If it gets too hot for the UK in the sovereign debt kitchen, I'd bet on the BoE restarting its quantitative easing program sooner rather than later. With that in mind, I'm not sure interest rates rises will be forced on us . . . well, not by the bond markets anyway. Merv will only jack up the rates when inflation starts biting and that'll take some time . . . 2 quarters methinks
  12. Justin Thyme

    Jinshan Gold Mines (JIN.v)

    This one's performed beautifully for me, I'm pleased to report but I'm now thinking of getting out before a nasty correction. Closed at C$4.05 yesterday and intraday high today of C$4.12 ! Anyone still holding ? Pixel, perhaps . . .
  13. All very valid questions, RH. I've maintained that the inverse correlation twixt the dollar and gold is not as close as so many believe. The last $120 of gold price rises simply cannot be explained by the latest few downward dribbles in the DXY. Gold's $50 drop last week was in response to a full point rally in the DXY where once that would've meant a LOT more . . . especially if it was perceived as "toppy". Deleveraging could be a problem but what do investors hold instead; a battered dollar in the throes of having record bond issuance strapped across its shoulders on a weekly basis right about the time the Fed's supposedly bringing its buyback program to an end ??
  14. Justin Thyme


    This should get you guys salivating. Dubai Crisis Gives China Chance to Buy Oil, Gold: Report http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory?id=9205569