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    OIL DISASTER: Worse than we are Being Told?

    OIL DISASTER: Worse than we are Being Told? LINK
  2. lowrentyieldmakessense(honest!)

    Mises Shakes the World

    hmm dont think we will start hearing the media talking about abolishing central banks and allowing competing currencies ground up solutions needed link
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    keynes vs hayek rap

    copied from hpc thread From:
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    End the Fed, End the addiction to government spending

    End the Fed ... End the addiction to government spending Blame the right people for the Crisis, says Ron Paul Make Suggestions, develop strategies for Change (below) ====================================== Someone talking sense again link / See : Anti-Fed Inspiration, & the Ron Paul Matrix video SUGGESTIONS - Getting the Word Out / Ideas Developed Here ============= And... DEVELOP IDEAS on GEI for posting and publication elsewhere. We Need to : Spread understanding of how we got into this mess, and speak and write clearly the realities beyond the lies and half-truths in the media. The mainstream is generally ready for this (in fact, it is fading in influence), but the alternative media is growing, as the mainstream fades Keep working together, and we will find some methods that work Good idea - a highlights of The Money Masters. You should put the idea to Bill Still, who posts (in that name) on HPC
  5. Nadeem has made some good calls in the past link
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    I think they are more likely to tax the gains on bullion etc heavily
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    The trigger for a Hyperinflationary shock

    and by people betting on the fall
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    Weimar 1920-21 : "It felt like deflation was underway"

    from Ellen Brown maybe Bill Still is right link
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    UK welfare cuts

    divide and conquer
  10. lowrentyieldmakessense(honest!)

    so who controls the Bank of England

    bit brazen and bust within two years but the rules are changed link
  11. lowrentyieldmakessense(honest!)

    UK welfare cuts

    yep its not those on benefits who are the main problem Government and the banking industry are
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    The Financial Industry Is A 'Gigantic Parasite' We Don't Need Anymore

    sorry http://www.businessinsider.com/andy-xie-th...-anymore-2010-9
  13. somehow I dont think this will be appearing in the MSM I didnt think it was quite as high as 90% though
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    The Muni Bond Crisis is Officially Here

    dont get creamed going into deflation safe havens LINK
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    EU Referendum: Now for the most important vote of all

  16. lowrentyieldmakessense(honest!)

    EU Referendum: Now for the most important vote of all

    of course its only as low as 1% as only pro Euro Super State people are selected as candidates link
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    UK National Debt is about £6.5 Trillion

    great so who pays link
  18. lowrentyieldmakessense(honest!)

    UK welfare cuts

    canary wharf threadneedle street westminster quangos as mentioned above and cut back on blowing people up lets get the biggest parasites first I reckon
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    Socialism as a Reaction to State Corruption

    many good people get caught into this trap as always power corrupts etc... now how we stop the corruption is a tricky one - dont think you can force people to be vigilant link
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    The Financial Industry Is A 'Gigantic Parasite' We Don't Need Anymore

    sounds good another graph - there is one i have seen showing that financial sector profits dipped dramatically in 2008 but have bounced back up - i cant find it at the moment link
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    some interesting graphs

    thought this might be a good idea for a thread here are a few that come to mind
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    An old one help to forecast a top in gold - of course its a moving target and people could always start burning dollars to reduce the currency in circulation link
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    we are always learning - cliche i know most of the mainstream economic commentators including some that should know better still dont get it - no doubt they soon will together with those listening to them this isnt going to be fun - but hopefully the people will listen to the ones who can explain what the real cause of the financial crisis
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    a lot of people think of hyper inflation as being inflation on steriods so they say we wont have inflation as we have excess supply i know you know it isnt G