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  1. http://www.unz.com/article/aleksandr-solzhenitsyns-relevance-today/ Hello Dr. Bubb. A link of riches to a pet subject above. Britain is in a worse state than the USA. Mind-fucking arrogant asset-stripping zionists are almost in complete control. Apologies for sounding depressed, but we don't have a swamp-drainer. My best wishes
  2. Anyone else smelling a re-rigging rat? Naturally two-limo never-elected Schulz just had to gloat: Martin Schulz ✔@MartinSchulz #vanderbellens victory is a heavy defeat of nationalism and anti-European, backward-looking populism
  3. Doc., that is classic 'young soul' behaviour. Remember this thread? http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=14755&hl=%22messages+from+michael%22 I urge you to buy a copy; read ch.4, then without judging it just leave it in your mind.
  4. http://www.naturalnews.com/055980_precious_snowflakes_universities_natural_selection.html Why precious college snowflakes will eliminate themselves from the human gene pool at the next natural selection event In a society that teaches youth "everyone's a winner," no one learns how to lose. From this, we get a pampered, protected, hyper-triggered population of young, homogenized losers who all mistakenly think they are forever on the winning side of history. So when the power of the American Republic turns against their delusional fantasies and shatters their false beliefs by electing Donald Trump as President, they completely freak out, practically wetting themselves with horror as they desperately seek hugs, emotional trauma counseling, "primal scream" sessions or other expressions of lunacy that most U.S. adults outgrew before the age of ten. If you know any of these precious college snowflakes, please send them a link to this article, because they need to come to their senses sooner rather than later. Crybully snowflakes are an aberration of nature Since they believe in the false narrative of man-made climate change, college snowflake "crybullies" all believe they are close to nature. But they've never actually studied anything in nature, and they don't understand any real phenomena in the natural world, which is why reality is such a horrifying shock to them. ........... In conclusion, today's precious snowflake crybully pussified college youth actually represent the least fit (and most likely to fail) members of a vast human gene pool that will be radically cleaned out at the next natural selection event. They are the very kind of individuals that Mother Nature has weeded out as failures for countless generations of natural selection. This explains why, when the rest of us adults witness these snowflake children blocking traffic and foolishly protesting against fair, democrat elections, they all look like total failures to us. They ARE total failures!
  5. Maitlis is also Jewish. The BBC are completely zionist controlled. Even the comedy sketches have to avoid any anti reference.
  6. The BJBC's 'inquest' on 'Jewsnight' http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2016/11/pride-narcissism-and-overprivilege-at-the-bbc/#more-84024 You might think that after a disaster as humiliating as the election of Donald Trump that our anointed elites would take this opportunity for a bit of humility — that this would be an opportunity for introspection and some soul-searching self-reflection. Well, the good news is that you would be wrong. For this would involve a level of self-awareness far beyond our narcissistic elites. All around they are demonstrating a complete inability to understand the forces behind their humiliation at the hands of a man they dismissed as a joke from day one and whose demise they predicted every inch of the way. This self-deception was wonderfully on display in an immediate post-election edition of the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme Newsnight, broadcast to the nation the day after and including a number of American interviewees. In a specially extended version of the show, programme editor Ian Katzdispatched Emily Maitlis, Mark Urban and David Grossman to find answers on the day after the result. In both London and Washington a stellar line up of the finest brains from the media and the academy were assembled to help them chew it over. Entertainingly, the vanity, narcissism and entitlement of the BBC presenter-ocracy was fully on view, proud and undented. To the accompaniment of the Beatles tune “Fool on the Hill” anchor Emily Maitlis could barely contain her rage and sputtered about how “a game show host and someone who owned a beauty pageant” could become president. Populism, uprising, nationalism versus globalism; as with former President Bush’s puzzlement over “the vision thing,” they seemed to be able to mouth the words but comprehension was lacking. ................................... In the end one could not help noticing one interesting if rather awkward fact about that edition of BBC Newsnight. The editor, two out of three of the main presenters, and all seven of the main interviewees in Washington and London were Jewish. Not bad for a group said to represent less than 0.4% of the British population.
  7. Any 'swamp draining' will unfortunately be very selective: http://redefininggod.com/2016/10/globalist-agenda-watch-2016-update-23-why-the-globalists-will-announce-trump-as-the-winner-of-the-election/ Of these two family mergers with the elite Jews, there is one that is qualitatively superior to the other, and it is that of the Trumps. Chelsea Clinton married a non-orthodox Jew in a non-traditional ceremony which was co-officiated by a Jewish rabbi and a Christian priest, and she has not converted to Judaism. That being the case, some traditionalist Jews have taken exception to the marriage… Ivanka Trump, on the other hand, kissed all the right asses in all the right ways by converting to Judaism before her Orthodox wedding to an Orthodox Jew with intimate ties to the Chabad-Lubavitch cult.
  8. Please don't knock good witchcraft. HRC may well have a strong intellect but she isn't anywhere near intelligent enough to feel the truth. She'd self-destruct in this incarnation if she even touched it.
  9. After demolishing tall buildings with people inside them, do you think the small matter of voter preference is an issue? I would like to be wrong, but stopping now makes no sense.
  10. My apologies for a revision being required but I didn't spot Comey's latest coming as I forget to set the 'morality adjustability' to 'infinite'. Forecast now is: No crimes = No pardons reqd. Election still rigged, but reported as clean. The intelligent peasantry revolt. Curfews imposed. The point of all that upgraded weaponry issued to law enforcement forces in recent times becomes apparent. MSM report how decisive the new potus is being over the 'threat to the Merican way of life'. Under cover of the mass slaughter on the streets, Clinton's 'special forces' quietly take out many of the 'non-believers' in the FBI & elsewhere; (& all the way to Facebook?).
  11. From a zh comment http://imgur.com/a/lFHx3 Gut feeling? Edit: these interchanges were in July!
  12. Or she (Abedin) is plain dumb. Even dumber is a 'secure' system that allowed her to do this.
  13. . Health check: Have I tripped into a parallel universe?
  14. I hear the format is: Obama pardons her. The election is rigged. She pardons Obama
  15. Exactly. He is a jew, and has fooled most by playing the patriot card. Yesterday I noted a few of the tube comments that had him sussed. Checked again now and some have vanished. Considering the task at hand the tribe will have left nothing to chance. The high drama distraction and apparent cleansing isn't going to make the slightest difference. It doesn't even require a reset. What I do like is seeing so many in the usa apparently being aware of the game. 99.999% of Brits don't have a clue.
  16. Safety in numbers. All turning on the rodent at once, far less chance of being 'picked off'? Or, the big puppet pair have become so hot that their controllers decided they had to go?
  17. Allegedly taken at the party after the third debate. https://dollarvigilante.com/blog/2016/10/25/rigged-election-hillary-trump-caught-partying-like-bffs-kissinger-jesuit-gala.html
  18. With the polls being rigged to show the Teflon Rodent servant well ahead, then surely you don't need to ponder the result? You have to hand it to the murderous talmud-loving psychos, they have been at this for centuries and have never been this close to succeeding. The only question I have now is do they play the false-flag nuclear option, (just after they have cleared off to the southern hemisphere); or continue with the slow genocide, (which possibly carries a slight risk of failure if enough of us 'useless eaters' see the light)? I so want to be wrong. Please tell me I am
  19. That one is a must for the 2017 'Jewish Book of Humour'; if we live that long.
  20. ^ The UK's Borrow-to-Let brigade lost the legal challenge to the govt's section 24 yesterday. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/oct/06/landlords-lose-legal-challenge-buy-to-let-tax-changes-cherie-booth Expect an increase in those wanting out. Add that to the hidden numbers of bank owned empty flats that are drip-fed onto the market 'up north' and I perceive much more lender fakery being 'required'. Or maybe it's time to let the crash occur?
  21. If only Diane Abbot would quit; & I don't just mean politics
  22. It wont happen. Even if the proles woke up to two suns; pink oceans, (no Pacific jokes please), & blue leaves. I sooo want to be wrong.
  23. It's worse than that. Second & third level souls are in the majority in this dimension. Their worst traits: 1) Their early programming becomes unshakeable. 2) They don't know how to question their motivation. 3) Third level types with high intellect are the ones the controllers manipulate into seeming positions of 'power', & the second level become the superannuated, unquestioning 'jobsworths'. Apologies for being so esoteric. Suggest sitting back in hiding & wait for the next levelling planetary catastrophe.