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  1. I have held this share since 13p (unlucky for me so far) last year I bought it on the advice of a friend and if I am honest I am been regretting it ever since but I am too stubborn to give up once I am in especially on an investment which was always going to be highly speculative. Most of the time has been waiting to see if they get finance or go bust which were the two options I was considering. They announced a financing deal yesterday and whilst I think the management couldn't negotiate their way out of a paper bag based on the deal they have done it does now provide some security for the company going forward and a strong team in the "concert party" with the political will and clout to make some money out of the projects they have. It seems to be political will and clout was always going to be important in this play and now with a gov on board who clearly want gold and silver. Here is some coverage of the deal: Proactive Investors http://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/compan...stan-11942.html Growth Company http://www.growthcompany.co.uk/news/110743...oxus-gold.thtml Mineweb http://www.mineweb.com/mineweb/view/minewe...1&sn=Detail Sharecast http://www.sharecast.com/cgi-bin/sharecast...tory_id=3212192 Small Cap News http://www.smallcapnews.co.uk/article/Oxus...ds_JV/8124.aspx Money Week http://www.moneyweek.com/news-and-charts/c...1332-96011.aspx So I know everyone on here actually know a bit about these type of companies what are your views of the deal is it positive or negative in the context of what else is being done? Should I expect to profit from my holding in the next year?
  2. This thread has captured my attention. I have been in cash for quite a while now over 1 year but last week I opened some positions one was on Thursday night where I started a short on GBP/NOK and then on Friday I went heavily short on the FTSE100 @ 4070 in the morning. Friday has been painful and I am not sure how much more will come on Monday but I think there is a fairly high possibility that we will see a repeat of September 1st - October 15th 2008 over the course of the next six to eight weeks. That could take the FTSE100 down to around 2000 which is about where I want to see it before I think it is oversold enough for me to start to get excited about buying shares. My view is that I should be able to be excited rather than just tempted because I have had to put up with crazy valuations for too long in almost everything. As a result I have been expecting a further big drop for a while now but I have lacked any conviction one way or the other inaction breeds fear and I don't mind admitting I have been pretty scared about almost everything for almost a year now. I feel a lot better having taken a position on Friday though because even if we do see a further rally next week I am quite convinced the next down leg for the markets will be very soon and that when it happens it will signal a bottom in equities.
  3. I have a lot of respect for the opinions of the people over here but I hardly think the site has lost its way. Quite the contrary really, yesterday was a record day in terms of traffic and the site keeps setting new records regularly. It seems likely to me now that momentum will grow with the site attracting more visitors as the crash becomes more obvious which will be boosted by media commentary like today. Before we bought the web site I thought if a crash happened it would be over but the reason we went ahead is because we concluded a crash would just be the tipping point on the growth curve and it appears likely now that our prediction was correct and that is the case. People will always want up to date news and commentary on the state of the housing market and the web site will become even more relevant in bearish conditions that validate its stance than in bullish ones which fail to. Calling the bottom will be the new game for the smart contrarians on the site and hopefully lots of stories will emerge from patient HPC home buyers who enter the market at more sane valuations and experience a boost in quality of life as a result. I'd like to extend a warm welcome to you all to please join us in this journey. My view now is the time to get involved and help educate the masses who will now be listening to what you have been saying all along. On the other hand I am glad that people are calling peak HPC now because I am sure this means that it will never complete its purpose as there is always a debate to be had. I do believe that unless greed and fear die as human emotions and people no longer have a need for fresh information the site will continue to be as relevant as it always has been and I hope also grow in popularity and functionality.
  4. I can't believe you are talking about shorting AAPL! This is a very strong stock in my view and whilst I can see a general correction in equities at some point soon there are far better candidates to short than Apple, have you got an iPhone? if not get one it will change your mind, this company is on fire as far as I can see. Computing is changing and they are leading the way. If you want to go short on tech try MSFT or Yahoo! or perhaps now the iPhone is set to take over the mobile markets RIMM the makers of Blackberry. In my view Apple is part of the golden three: GOOG, AAPL, and BIDU. You might find it interesting how closely their share prices have followed each other in the past few months perhaps this creates an opportunity? As I am sure it is obvious I have been an small investor in all three for a long time. I look forward to hearing more on this from you.
  5. brendan

    Uranium: Price is booming

    I think now could be a great time to get into Urainium too. I have been watching TSX:UUU (Urainium One, Inc) for quite a while now and it seems to have been hit more than the stocks you have mentioned. Might be worth checking it out as one of your four but I need to do much more research about it to be convinced it's worth holding. Do post back here if you go for it with any stocks. I would love to hear more about your reasoning behind those you select.
  6. Hi Malco, Not sure if this helps I'm not an expert by any means as I have only been trading for a few years. I have a core holding of Cotton, Sugar, Coffee and Silver which hasn't done much yet but I think could perform well over the next few years. In terms of holding it I have cash to back up the margin trades I am making in easy access savings so I can pay any margin calls I get and then I buy spread bets with selftrade/city index on the futures contracts. They let me roll the contact forward on the expiry week without paying the spread again which is ok for holding it long term I have found so far. I am not sure this is the best way though but city index didn't have very much on their platform to trade options and I don't have much experience with them anyway (I hope I can learn more about options here). The other benefit is that I am not paying an interest charge like I would on a rolling bet against the current price and as with all spread bets gains are free of CGT. I too would love to find out more about what others are doing for the long term parts of their portfolios and how they execute their investments.