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  1. Thanks I've sent off my CV and will contact Newton to see what the crack is. Cheers Spike
  2. Hi BHP I've been living in Perth for over three years now. We had our first born here 18 mths ago and just recently got Aussie citizenship. I've played it safe staying with the same company so far, but Perth is getting very expensive and I'm looking to move on for more money. Do you know if the mining company are taking IT staff? Or are they prepared to retrain the willing and able into new job roles? Don't mind FIFO or Perth. Cheers Spike
  3. OK. Long time no speak! I've been lurking for a very long time but had nothing useful to contribute. I sold the house and decided that the market was due for a crash in 2004 (wrong!). Since then I've put money into several high interest accounts, bought stocks/shares, bought a lot of bullion and used CFDs to try to beat the house price rises. Unfortunately I was a complete beginner at investing and gradually lost all of my investing/gambling pot. If I had simply bought the house my wife wanted in 2004 and sold it again last year, then I would have doubled our total wealth. As it stands we're just about breaking even because of the recent rise in gold and silver. I'm now playing it simple with a buy on the dips and hold for G & S. In real terms I know I have still lost money. I don't blame anyone but myself, but the fact remains that for us selling to rent in 2004 was a bad move. I'm guessing there are many more lurkers with similar stories. People who have invested successfully tend to be more vocal and share their experiences. Those who have made mistakes tend to keep quiet. I decided to break ranks. Hope that makes sense and helps other "losers" in this insane game we're being forced to play. Any criticism and/or advice welcome.