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  1. no i can't get a hk mortgage unless i plan to rent there for 6 months.... or get a job there.....
  2. Well, I've been refused mortgage, citing an overseas income is unacceptable for a mortgage application.... the next port of call is a poster i saw from HSBC, saying to offer me a mortgage here buying abroad.......well update you!! Meanwhile, the house prices carry on rising!!
  3. I was planning on coming in Jan, but I just found out today that my contract has now been extended til the beginning of Feb, so will have to march on until then with the job.... As for intro EA, that would be great... Will hold you to that coffee when I make it to HK, Doctor Bubb!!
  4. Doctor Bubb, I don't have any HK income at all...solely based in the UK. I was thinking the moment my current contract is up, I would visit my family in Taiwan and then HK also, visit the banks, EA, et al to see if it would be possible to sort everything out.... hmmm....as for shares, well I gambled the lot on Gartmore China Fund, on the sole fact that its booming, and the government has more control then ur average free country, so no fall until the 08 olympics.... would appreciate some tips on the property shares you've spoken about..... Thanks Doctor....
  5. Hello all, Thank you Doctor Bubb for the informed posts, much appreciated. apologies for the late reply...had a car accident and then flu which has kept me pretty inactive..... more research over the last few days has meant I can only afford upto $1.9m HKD...as my contractor salary of £1k per month means I can't borrow much....noted was also the huge deposit i need.....around £40k (which includes all fees) Below is what I took from Bank of China for figures: Max Property Price: 1940187 Max Loan: 1358131 Total Downpayment 629858 (inc stamp duty, legal fees, mortgage deeds, deposit, etc) Does the figures look reasonable in terms of amount lent?? Can someone suggest a few links for mortgage lenders and estate agencies please...I've looked at http://www.midland.com.hk/eng/ but would like to be able to view a few others.... Many thanks.
  6. I speak Putonhua aka mandarin... looking at the map, I am guessing that the block 6 7 will be ok, as theres a school right in front of them....no more developing there??
  7. Buying Specifically in Caribbean Coast Caribbean Coast prices - Centaline Index - at Nov. 2013 : CC-transactions Close-up / source: Centadata-CC Updated thru May 2009 : other phases Phase1 only Here's my attempt to sketch in some possible tower locations within 55B. It looks like phase one's seaview could be well-blocked /see: http://caribbeancoast.org/forum/index.php/topic,291.0.html Public Housing, next to phase 1: http://www.districtcouncils.gov.hk/island_..._2009_09_EN.pdf = = = = = Hello, After following DR Bubb's posts over the years in housepricecrash.co.uk, I have come over in seek of a HK property!!!! Even registered on their website, but couldn't msg anyone.... So have decided to leave there, don't think there's much point staying, as its pretty obvious UK housing is heading for a fall.....instead of being negative all the time, I have decided to be positive, hence thinking about buying a flat in HK purely for investment purposes. My budget is around $2.5MHK After following DB Bubb's posts and looking into: http://www.geoexpat.com/forum/living-tung-...g-t10808p9.html http://www.globalpropertyguide.com/country.php?id=86 I am convinced that HK is heading into a boom, you got to put your money where your mouth is, so I am pretty determined to purchase in HK, despite being based in UK.. ...which may pose a bit of a problem in itself.... Anyway, I am specifically looking to buy in CC, the thing which I don't get is looking at : http://www.midland.com.hk/eng/ advertising Caribbean Coast - High Floor Block 5 which doesn't tell me which floor its on, is it furnished??? It has me pretty stumped.... I would appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction, on the meaning of phases of build/which blocks are best, etc..... I am thinking of paying a visit to HK when I am also going to be visiting my home country Taiwan (UK Passport holder) I am in the middle of reading through the relevant HK posts.... Many thanks. = = = = = MAP, near MTR Station : http://www.china-mike.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Lantau_tung_chung_MTR_station_map.jpg Transaction History ======= Centaline.... :: http://www.centadata.com/eptest.aspx?type=...o=tr&page=0 Midland....... :: http://proptx.midland.com.hk/propTx/index....teId=E000000070