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  1. Steve Netwriter


    Hi All I thought I'd pop in and see if everyone was jumping off tall buildings lol A bit disapponted by the lack of suicidal tendancies lol Maybe not a very representative group here, too intelligent and knowledgeable. Funnily enough I've not been watching the price of fiat currencies much recently. I guess this is a temporary spike before a massive drop
  2. Steve Netwriter


    It is lol But measuring anything against a varying/flexible metric is bound to make things tricky and is liable to be unreliable and give a false picture A good metric doesn't have to be gold, it could be a basket of commodities, time averaged to remove short term market variability. I like to watch the price of tins of pineapples lol 99c, then $1.39, then $1.49, now back to $1.39, all in the last few years in Countdown Likewise cheese, was $5, got to about $12.99, now back at around $9.99. So prices have doubled in the past 6 years?! Or more accurately, the purchasing power of the NZ$ has halved?! If the doubling time is 6 years, 70/6 gives 12% per year. Seems a little higher than the official CPI increases lol If "gold has gone up by 23% per year", that's a purchasing power increase of more like 11% per year. Not very much during such a turbulent and dangerous economic period. Methinks there's a lot of catching up to do
  3. Steve Netwriter


    A bit out of date, but my Gold Index, showing how the basket of major currencies have fallen against gold since 2000: I look forward to updating this when a catastrophic change occurs (as in catastrophe theory) I still think this is quite likely
  4. Steve Netwriter


    Hi Romans I see you're in the same time zone A few points from me 1. I don't see "gold as an investment". To me, "an investment" is something you go into in order to try and "make money". I see gold, and to some extent silver, as a way to "not invest", ie to avoid all the speculative investments, whether paper "money", stocks, etc. 2. The Gold charts seem to be following the general trend since 2001. It's rather boring. One day that trend will be broken, and the paper currencies will drop much faster than they have been. 3. I don't see gold appreciating at all. I do see the paper currencies continuing to fall. I haven't created any new charts for rather a long time now lol. Wow doesn't time fly when you're busy on other things! Looks a bit outdated now doesn't it lol It looks like I thought the GoldUS$ rate of change was 23% per year:
  5. Steve Netwriter


    What do they say, "buy when all else are selling" lol It looks to me like we've been through a long enough period of boredom and depression for those who think lines up should be straight I do remember commenting on Jim Sinclair's 1650, and how the GoldUS$ rate went straight through it, but now looking at the chart, maybe he did pick an important level. Onwards and upwards
  6. Steve Netwriter


    Pictures of NZ, tales of a Roman Holiday, and apparently the "Goldbugs" have left? I haven't been following the charts much recently, I just check occasionally. Am I the only one who thinks those charts are screaming one thing? If this was Star Trek, Scotty would be screaming "the pressure is too great Capt'n, she's gunna blow" lol
  7. Steve Netwriter

    Towards a more Nuanced view on Gold prices

    Michael, This is the 1st thread I noticed, when popping in yesterday after I guess many months of not visiting. What first came to mind is this question: "When did you stop beating your mother?" That question is one used to demonstrate that sometimes there is no answer, because the question makes no sense (unless you happen to be a mother beater LOL). I've read your questions, and to me they are the wrong questions. I can see why you've picked those questions, because you have your world view, and to you they are the obvious and sensible questions. But, with my world view, they don't make much sense. My starting point would be to look at history and find facts. How did money come about, and what has been used, and what effects did the different systems make? That will put the current worldwide fiat currency system into context. To me, there are a few basic things, which when understood/asked, set the right scene: 1. Is here any such thing as "sustainable growth"? 2. Can the current interest bearing fiat currency system function without growth? If you answer no and no, then one must conclude that the current fiat system will at some time disappear. If it does, what will happen? How best to suffer least from such a change? Is it imminent? If yes, then those who wish to suffer least had better find out how and act soon. History and FOFOA/FOA/A leads me to believe that gold is the best solution. The sensible question to me is not "how high can gold go?", but "how low can the fiat currencies go?". Answer....ZERO. When viewing this, IMO one must look at a reasonable/sensible timescale. 10 years or less? Way too short. 1980 to now? Nope, too short. Try at least 1900 to now, but better to go back 5000 years. I know you view everything from a traders perspective. I'm not a short/medium term trader, I look at trends for about a decade, and act on those. It was real estate, it was shares, it was real estate, it is now the inevitable result of borrowing and spending (what is properly called a period of INFLATION, an increase in the money supply), with the resultant increase in PRICES. If an individual spends more in their early years, there is only one result, they will be poorer in their later years. The same applies to countries. Countries have borrowed from the future, and now there is only one result which must happen, they must be poorer for a while to make up. But, with the worldwide fiat system, can the system survive? There will either be massive devaluation of the currencies or they will collapse. Anyone who understands that gold is not just a commodity, but has served as money for centuries, my father used silver coins in his pocket every day, and richer people used gold coins, that's under 100 years go, yet now people have forgotten and stupidly think gold and silver are just commodities and for speculation. People really have become stupid/ignorant. I think they will learn a lesson soon enough. To talk of gold rampers is laughable. The whole system ramps the fiat system, distorts the truth and hides the way it works, and is vastly greater than a few possible rampers. If a few rampers make people think, good on them. What I say is what I believe. Those who don't agree, fine, those who gain from what I say, good. You have to find your own way in life, make your own decisions and live with the consequences. Something smells and it's getting stronger. Got real physical gold?
  8. Hi Michael Of course, I remember racing around like a fly being chased by an electric fly swat, trying to convert from GBP to Yen as fast as I could arrange it, a couple of weeks before the 248 GBPJPY top, and I remember suffering from vertigo as the chart then DROPPED like a pallet of gold falling off a cliff I missed the very bottom though, but as they say, it's the main move that matters, not the 10% at either end Obviously (well to my way of thinking) the Yen exchange rates have a limit on how far they can go (unless something very drastic happens), as with all the main crosses, so it became time to get out of Yen and just sit on the safer long-term gold and silver.
  9. Cough cough I remember when I was suggesting gold and Yen. GBPJPY was 248. I expected a huge reversal of the carry trade that had built up. Now it's just gold and silver
  10. Steve Netwriter

    Removing the annoying Imageshack images

    I prefer Photobucket Or my own hosting IPB 2.2.0 Default/ Admin only
  11. Steve Netwriter

    Falling Down time ?

    Either Murphy's Law: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murphy%27s_law or, could it possibly be explained by root causes. Maybe the electricity supply caused both computer problems, and the colour was just poor customer services as a result. That just leaves imagesh and health, making 3 in total. My father always says things come in threes, so there you have it, all nicely proved
  12. Steve Netwriter

    NZ Quake

    My impression is that there are lots of people working on the buildings with trapped people, and there's a limit to how many can work on each place. Those hit by falling bricks/stone are dead, and that's a less urgent task The main help seems to be for expert search and rescue, which should be here by now, and for help for the many homeless. And then for recovering services like water and power. That's my impression from knowing the area and seeing the clips from the TV anyway. I know crews from outside ChCh have been working there.
  13. Steve Netwriter

    NZ Quake

    Yes, many of the buildings that survived last time with relatively minor damage are now trashed. The cathedral being one of them. But also the Press building, lots of Cashel St mall...... As far as I can tell, the art centre is still standing. They've had the tower sat on the pavement for months. Next time I go into the centre I'm not sure what I'm going to find.
  14. Steve Netwriter

    NZ Quake

    Hi guys Yep we're OK, shaken, and lost phone and then internet after I managed to post straight away after climbing out from under the table. All back on now. One should feel for those hurt and killed and their families. And far too many of them this time And still many trapped in buildings. I posted this at the time: Another Massive Earthquake Hits Christchurch. Woah that was a BIG one!!! Earthquake I mean !!! 12:53pm 22nd Feb 2011 http://neuralnetwriter.cylo42.com/node/4096 This got posted while I had no internet: Earthquake http://neuralnetwriter.cylo42.com/node/4097 I'm just glad none of us were in the centre at the time, which we could easily have been. The NZ$ got hit too: The Effect of the Christchurch Earthquake on the Forex Market 22nd Feb 2011 by Steve Netwriter http://neuralnetwriter.cylo42.com/node/4098 I'm not sure what's going to happen to it from now. At least it's stopped raining, which makes it better for those without homes and for those trapped.
  15. I'll be interested to see how this works out. On my site people register as normal but have to fill in a reason field. I don't get that many, but I get an amazing variety of reasons written, from "FFFIUGYTD" to short essays, many of which demonstrate a real knowledge out there. I doubt you'll get many emails from spambots, or spammers, so it may well work well, because only those who want to join will bother.