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  1. Dr Bubb, that sounds like a more meaningul and engaging way to learn English, or indeed any foreign language. In this multi-polar world there is lots of opportunity for those willing to take the chance and become global citizens rather than insular country based individuals expecting the world to come to them. I hate to admit it but my foreign language skill has atrophied with age and I am not sure that I would want to attempt to improve on my "pidgeon Mandarin" that I learned 25 years ago. I appraise my daughter of the idea and see if she has any likely "prospects" that she might be happy to hand over!
  2. Our daughter missed getting to Cambridge by one mark.To avoid any of the second tier universities in the UK she decided to take a year off and become fluent in Mandarin. She had A* Mandarin at GCSE level so she knew the basics. She is having 4 hours tuition a day and will be taking the necessary exams to enable her to go to Tsing Hua University in Beijing to read accounting/business finance. The cost of the degree will be a quarter of what it would cost in the UK AND if she wants a 1st class degree she MUST attend all lectures and seminars. This is a bit different to the regime in the UK. It leaves you with the feeling that you are getting value for money. The other good thing about Beijing is that she is able to teach "English" English in an impeccable accent. For this she can and does earn £15 per hour (150 yuan). She has more potential teaching work than she can deal with. What prospects for earning money in the UK - some hamburger flipping if you are lucky! An added bonus is the expat/exchange student life where she gets to meet other students from the top universities in the world eg Harvard, Yale and Princeton. They all love Beijing as leisure time at the bars and clubs is very low cost - but without the hideous bad behaviour of a typical UK university student on a Saturday night. The only "downer" is the occassional sky high air pollution levels. On those day all the more reason to stay indoors and study!
  3. Hogwild


    CME Group Executive Chairman Terry Duffy provided startling testimony during Thursday’s daylong hearings on MF Global in front of the House Committee on Agriculture. Duffy stated, “At about 2 a.m. Monday (Oct.31) morning, MFG informed the CFTC and CME that customer money had been transferred out of segregation to firm accounts.” ....and Mr C new nothing!!?
  4. Squiffy I am just up the road in St Johns Wood over looking Hedge Fund Manager Alley. When I moved here 34 years ago the 2 bed 2 bath flats were £13500. In Maida Vale the equivalent flat would have cost £9000 if you bought it off the Church Commisioners when they sold of the Maida Vale Estate. We were first time buyers 34 years ago. We would need a collossal income now to get on this particular ladder. In those day were both earned modest amounts - about £3000pa. I sympathise with anyone trying to buy around here, or indeed sell. We had one situation in our building where an unmodernised rental flat came on the market ( widow selling a surplus property) via a well known agent. The buyer somehow helped himself to a spare set of keys in the flat and promptly started to market the flat through other agents at a much higher price. This stunt raked in a quick £70000. Both deals completed simultaneously! So the seller is now less than pleased. Hope you strike gold soon! Hogwild
  5. Here in NW Central London 2 bed 2 bath flats are now actually selling for £980,000 ... 4 Bed 3 bath penthouses for £2.3million ... onwards and upwards in confetti terms. Rentals still rising too.
  6. NW Central London prices are still rising. Transactions are completing and new owners moving into our building. Rental flats (bed 2 bath) easily renting for £695 per week. 3/4 beds and 2 baths selling for £1.3M. No problem. The value of the £'s changing hands are of course depreciating bits of confetti.
  7. Hogwild

    London Property : The Bull Thread

    Prime London property is still moving quickly. In a previous post I mentioned a 2bed 2bath flat that cost circa £13500 in 1977 and on the market for £1,000,000. Well, it has just sold for £940,000. Another 3 bed penthouse is currently on the market for £1.395M and it is already attracting interest. Meanwhile, Allsops have sent the following: ""Clients represented at this important sale include... London Borough of Greenwich, London Borough of Hillingdon, Hexagon Housing Association, Southern Housing Group, Paradigm Housing Group, Regis Group plc, Mountview Estates plc, Carillion plc, Family Mosaic, Sovereign Twynham, L&Q Group, Grainger plc, Department of Health Estates & Facilities Division, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust, Aviva Investors, Halifax plc, Administrators, Mortgagees, Receivers and Trustees. In summary, the catalogue includes: * 136 distressed lots * 21 lots from 8 housing associations * 3 lots from 2 local authorities * 28 regulated tenancy investments * 46 ground rent investments Our results for the last 12 months show an average total receipt per sale of £47.74m and an average success rate of 89% (£334.17m raised overall). We feel that this demonstrates sustained stability in the residential market. And with interest rates remaining at 0.5% for the time being, property continues to offer a persuasive alternative to cash savings."" Despite the record prices in our building I am not convinced that Allsops have it correct in their penultimate sentence above. The market has polarised like never before. Trouble is, £940,000 aint what it used to be.
  8. Hogwild

    Fukushima I: four reactors in trouble.

    If there is a quake and tsunami near Tokyo, liquifaction will cause the most horendous problem as the ground will become "liquid". The tank farm infrastructure round Tokyo bay will become the worst disaster zone ever - not to mention the effects on Tokyo itself. A lot of the area is reclaimed land making liquifaction a certainty.
  9. Hogwild

    Fukushima I: four reactors in trouble.

    Jake Does anyone in Japan talk about Katsuhiko Ishibashi, a leading Japanese seismologist.?? In 1992 he wrote ""we must move now if we are to save Tokyo from a twenty first century holocaust - unless we stop this insane growth and find a way to shift some population away from Tokyo, the next large earthquake could very well result in a disaster far worse than in 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake"" Katsuhiko Ishibashi predicted the Kobe earthquake - in the book "Sixty Secons that will change the world" written in 1992. The fault at Odawara acts as a kind of trigger( a quake here is the foregoing warning that a bigger one is in the offing - quakes from that source occurred in 1633, 1703,1782,1853 and 1923 -seventy year intervals approx - Ishibashi used this data to predict the next Odawara quake as 1995 0r 1996 - a farly accurate prediction. The big question is : was the Kobe earthqauke the "big one"? If so Tokyo may last another 40/50 years.
  10. Hogwild

    Fukushima I: four reactors in trouble.

    Jake, Thanks for posting this. A few weeks ago I began re-reading a book called "Sixty Seconds that will change the world" by Peter Hadfield and published in 1992. I last read it in 1993- The sub title is The Coming Tokyo Earthquake. This book mentions a man by the name of Katsuhiko Ishibashi, a leading Japanese seismologist. In 1992 he wrote ""we must move now if we are to save Tokyo from a twenty first century holocaust - unless we stop this insane growth and find a way to shift some population away from Tokyo, the next large earthquake could very well result in a disaster far worse than in 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake" The book describes how the Phillipine Plate is leveraging off/under Izu Peninsular just Southwest of Tokyo and will eventually cause major catastrophe. Isibashi had warned the Japanese nuclear group of the dangers of poorly sited plants. He was ignored, and resigned from the a Nuclear oversight body to distance himself from the insanities as he called them. One morning in the near future we will awake to find that Tokyo itself has been severely damaged by the next quake. If this does happen then sixty seconds will certainly change the world! Of course, we must never forget the San Andreas fault and the consequences of that slipping into the Pacific; another equally world changing event.
  11. Hogwild


    Carbon Junkie, I fully agree with your observations. Activity in the non-essential area is dire but thankfully at the sharp end and export oriented businesses things are ticking over quite nicely. Politicians and their Sheeple have all followed the mantra about a "service economy" for so long that exporters of things have almost become an endangered specie. The claptrap eagerly supported by the nodding Mainstream Media Donkeys has pushed us to the brink. At least you and I hedged our food costs well in the wheat market! Well hedged for a few years eh?! Got out of my cocoa trade too soon though so will have to cut back on my nightly drink. Still burning plenty of carbon because I do like my old car. Meanwhile, just waiting for good ship Britannia to start taking on serious water....for the first time in my life I am thinking of buying a new boat.
  12. Hogwild

    OIL DISASTER: Worse than we are Being Told?

    It is minor compared to the affect of volcanoes going off on the Kamchatka Peninsular! These things keep blowing debris 6 miles high and nobody notices! Last year's cold weather was a direct result of these eruptions that have been going off for 3 years or more. This coming winter could be colder than last year. You have been warned!
  13. Thanks Goldfinger! I'll take the 940 ounces of gold as my salary; not sure about the £750K!
  14. Not a bad guess. A Privateer working for Her Maj.Queen Anne. Roughing up the Spanish and collecting some gold, before going on to get involved in the fur trade. Thankfully not the slave trade.
  15. Not a landed aristocrat but a real man who took real risks on the seas.