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  1. I am still fairly ignorant, so please excuse me, but I have just read "Reminiscences of a stock operator" and one of the main points I have taken is to sell on the way down, let your profits run. Is this too restricted a viewpoint, or generally accepted wisdom that should be rigidly applied? I understand taking profits to buy something undervalued, but has that ever came back to haunt you?
  2. alan c

    Falkland Gold & Minerals

    Damnit, I bought a shedload of them on a dummy trading account at 7.50 and they promptly dropped to 7.00. So when i was buying for real, I left it well alone.....
  3. I receive the daily reckoning and fat prophets emails daily, and have done for some time. I find them well written and informative, however the adverts contained within them make me think that they are only aimed at the newbie/gullible. Are they scoffed at in the learned circles, or is there merit in their musings?
  4. I found the education section, I guess I will read this before posting any more basic questions guys
  5. Thank you! How and where do you sell the call, and how is the price agreed? I assume that the closer you are to the call deadline, the price would be lower, or is the time to expiry irrelevant and it's the profit in the call that matters? Calls used to buy stocks, as well as the actual commodity itself? So what is a put, I assume it would be the opposite of a call?
  6. As you may be able to tell, I am a novice to all this, so I appreciate the chance to pick your brain. How are "longer dated calls" different from futures then? I thought that calls and puts are agreeing to buy/sell in the future, so you have to take a gamble on where the price is going. What reading material would you suggest, on the basics and TA? I have ordered Stan Weinstein's "Secrets for profit in Bear and Bull markets" already. Strangely, the local library has NO books on Stocks, Commodities or Investing. These are a couple of the sites I have found recommended on the Kitco Forum, they seem quite good to me, but what do you think? http://www.zealllc.com/index.html http://www.chartingyourfutures.com/dailyworksheets.htm http://www.golddrivers.com/Juniors/juniorpageycs.htm http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/commodity/