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  1. It is a review of his new book http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-New-Few-ebook/dp/B007IL59N2/
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    Maybe today we will get the fabled $100 in a day move..
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    Really. Goldmoney business as usual.
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    CGNAO - Here & on HPC: The Grim Reaper

    Rumours swirling tonight of US downgrade On BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-14418141
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    Likewise for kitco chart. Automatically refreshes: <html> <head> <img alt="" id="gold" name="gold" src="http://www.kitco.com/images/live/gold.gif"> <img alt="" id="silver" name="silver" src="http://www.kitco.com/images/live/silver.gif"> <script type="text/javascript"> var gold = document.getElementById('gold').src var silver = document.getElementById('silver').src function refresh() { var now = new Date(); document.getElementById('gold').src = gold+'?'+now.getTime(); document.getElementById('silver').src = silver+'?'+now.getTime(); setTimeout("refresh()",10000); } refresh(); </script> </html>
  6. Yes, but you have to remember for physical holders the 2009 fall didn't "really" happen. It was near impossible to buy any physical silver coins/bars, and any you could were going for way more than $9, and similarly if you sold then. The price only held for those with a goldmoney account holding lmba bars; And remember those holding the etf. Well they fell to zero because AIG went bust (until it was bailed out. That was a nail biting afternoon for those holders).
  7. Wow! Makes a UK train journey even more horrific knowing people are nicking the cables. This story from last year stuck in my mind: Firefighters called out to 71 homes after cable theft sparks power surge fires May 3 2010 FIREMEN were called out to more than 70 homes today after a power surge led to fuseboxes and electrical appliances bursting into flames. The surge happened in Bolton, Greater Manchester, after thieves stole cable from an electricity substation. Nobody was injured in the incident but numerous electrical devices were damaged in the incident, which took place shortly after 8am. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/2010/05/03/firefighters-called-out-to-71-homes-after-cable-theft-sparks-power-surge-86908-22230804/
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    Gold £900.30 Silver £25.00
  9. Alright. Thanks for clarifying. I'm sure I will in time.
  10. Uhh I find the new skin very difficult to follow on my laptop; there is too much space between each topic. Is there any way to view in the old skin style?
  11. I think this was with regards to selling "registered" gold bars.
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    Wow, front page story on the telegraph about silver starring Mr. Turk. Not what I was expecting to see.. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/markets...omic-gloom.html
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    Fiat currencies. Don't you just love them http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/persona...currencies.html
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    OIL DISASTER: Worse than we are Being Told?

    Anyone know if boycotting BP gas stations is happening. Their fuel seems a lot more expensive: £1.25 compared to £1.19 at others?
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    UK Pensions thread / examining options

    Pensions, pensions, pensions. I am changing jobs and my new employer does not have pension scheme because it is small. I currently pay into USS. Nice and easy. I think I will open a goldmoney pension but have no idea what else is on the market. All I hear is how rubbish most are. I would be looking to put in £2400 per year with current pay, with other savings going into goldmoney/ sovs. I like gold because of its ethical values; no evil behind the scenes shenanigans that you get from other investments. Well, perhaps someone can list other pensions available. I dont really have the time to be buying and selling shares all the time looking at charts like some here do. BTW I'll be retiring in 35 years. That is an age off to me!