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  1. deeper

    Valuing Gold

    Big drop on commodities out the hopper. Gold bugs must be feeling the pain.
  2. Those charts may not show the GAP on the minute chart, which was a candle stick pattern you very rarely see,,,
  3. deeper


    I love listening to all the talking heads on Dominik Frisbys show. Do these people ever look at the charts. I mean really.
  4. wow look at the min chart on GC gold futures. Very impressive drop.
  5. The whole Doc This is Brendon Grimshaw's love story with Moyenne Island. We decided to distribute it openly so that his story may be known to as many people as possible and so that we may thank him in our thoughts and in our hearts while he is still alive. Brendon has provided us with an example of why not all hope is loss in what at times seems an overwhelmingly mad world... Worth watching!
  6. deeper

    Erik Townsend's Peak Oil View

    Hey Eric, maybe time for an update with crude near 110.
  7. deeper

    Living with Electropollution

    I got a bunch of those stetzer filters in the house. The power bars are great. When it comes to lights, I recommend the full spectrum bulbs. http://www.bluemaxlighting.com/ And they don't give off the EMF's like a CFB.
  8. I use this amp http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/sonicimpact/t.html Good luck finding anything for what I paid
  9. http://www.sec.gov/news/press/2005-3.htm
  10. SEC complaint In January 2004, Calandra resigned from Marketwatch after an internal probe into his trading activities that followed an SEC request for data on personal stock trades and e-mail messages.[4] A year later, the SEC accused him of "scalping": selling stocks shortly after his investment newsletter's positive recommendations of the stocks caused their prices to rise, without disclosing the sales. In 2005, Calandra settled the charges, without admitting or denying the allegations. The SEC said that "[...] Calandra made over $400,000 in illegal profits through a practice known as "scalping" — buying shares of thinly-traded, small-cap companies, writing highly favorable newsletter profiles recommending the companies to his newsletter subscribers, and then selling the majority of his shares when the increased demand generated by his favorable columns drove up the stock price."[5] The SEC said that from March to December 2003, Calandra made over $400,000 through buying shares of 23 different small-cap stocks while writing favorable newsletter profiles recommending the stocks, and then selling the his shares after the stocks rose after his columns were published. The SEC also accused Calandra of failing to disclose that he was compensated from a stock promoter affiliated with two companies that he profiled. "In addition to his scalping transactions, Calandra received undisclosed consideration in the form of substantially-discounted stock from two companies that he profiled in TCR (The Calandra Report), Goldmarca and IMC Ventures. Calandra purchased discounted shares in Goldmarca and IMC Ventures from a Canadian stock promoter that Calandra knew was associated with both companies. On October 28, 2003, Calandra purchased 155,000 shares of Goldmarca at $0.23 per share, a 39% discount from the market price of $0.38 per share. Similarly, he purchased 70,000 shares of IMC Ventures on the same day, at the discounted price of $0.37 per share, a 59% discount off of the company's market price of $0.91 per share. Calandra then provided the companies with positive publicity in TCR. He wrote on multiple occasions about both Goldmarca and IMC Ventures, but never disclosed his receipt of discounted shares to his readers. Calandra sold the majority of his shares of Goldmarca and IMC Ventures immediately after touting the companies in TCR, making total profits of $52,022.75 and $61,496, respectively." [6] [7] The SEC said in a statement that Calandra "betrayed his readers' trust" by using his newsletter to engage in trading profits. "Calandra's readers were entitled to know about his trading activity, so that they could evaluate the credibility and impartiality of Calandra's investment advice for themselves," SEC District Administrator Helane Morrison said in a statement.[8]
  11. deeper

    Erik Townsend's Peak Oil View

    Highly doubt Erik is about to go into bullion only. That's just a way of justifying your own strategy. There are still great opportunities in the futures.
  12. deeper

    Erik Townsend's Peak Oil View

    http://www.netcastdaily.com/broadcast/fsn2011-1119-2.mp3 Anyone know which broker Erik is talking about?
  13. deeper

    Erik Townsend's Peak Oil View

    The faster Oil rises, the harder it will fall. Nat gas has totally decoupled from oil...
  14. deeper

    Erik Townsend's Peak Oil View

    My hunch is we are very close to a top on /CL.
  15. deeper

    Erik Townsend's Peak Oil View

    Hey Erik, What if October was the lows? Take the loss on the puts, and count your lucky stars you have a long position?