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    Hi, Could you guys tell me the best way to purchase Gold in the UK? I'm thinking of regularly buying it in grammes. Is this a cost effectivve way of buying it? Thanks.
  2. If Scotland is a nation which it most certanly is, then of course it should manage it's own affairs ie become independent.
  3. Only to the moon in terms of Fiat money.
  4. Bill Still seems to like Quarkcoin.
  5. Panas


    "France's Former Foreign Minister: UK Government Prepared War in Syria two years before2011" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT5tKr1HPeY
  6. Panas


    I'm totally against what most of the west are doing in Syria and I've argued with many about it. I would love to use a video of this former French minister to back up my arguments but I haven't seen it as yet.
  7. Panas


    I I know that Obama and Cameron are trying to create chaos in that part of the world and Syria in particular but regarding the above mentioned TV interview, if it's genuine, why isn't it on the web? At least I haven't seen it only references to it.
  8. Panas

    Boston Marathon Bombing

    I was watching ITV nes and they showed footage of the 19 year old hiding in the boat. I've only seen it once and he seemed motionless. Then the police or whoever sent up a robot with some kind of cutter to cut away canvas the guy was hiding under. I couldn't still see any movement. Then a few stun grenades were 'thrown' in and there was movement; either force of blast or some kind of shock reaction. Not sure how to term these kinds of movement. Anyway, then happened something strange. Sombody or some people started firing. The ITV reporter actually commented something like ".....then there was an unexplained volley of shots." Just thought I would say that. I just thought it very strange and I just cannot explain it. Is this when he was shot? He was injured before because that's how somebody knew there somebody there; there was blood in the vicinity of the boat if not actually on it.
  9. What's the 'Next Stage' Dr Bubb? Inflation or deflation? Or maybe we don't know yet?
  10. The guy you are talking about I think was Richard Brunstrom (sp) who used to be the Chief Constable of North Wales Police. I think he did a good job. I live in South West and because as you say....there is wild countryside, that gives a lot of idiots the feeling that they are alone on the roads which isn't true. There are so many car accidents. I wish if cars had a limiter of some sort just like lorries do.
  11. That video makes me chuckle because last time I had a ticket....in fact, the only time, I was done for parking in one of those Zoned areas in London. They are everywhere now. I don't acutally live in London but in Wales. Anyway, I was given a ticket by this guy (he timed me for parking in the zone from I think 8.00 am to 8.03 am; 8:00 am when the restrictions apply) whose paper-work stated 'Civil Enforcement Officer'. I thought at the time to myself "What's that all about then?" :-) I've never listened to Icke speak before because I had heard that he was bordering on the insane. Bit listeing to that video of him talk, I'm not so sure.
  12. Panas

    The Financial Crisis

    How about those well known youtube vidoes where the lecturer explains the 'exponential phenomenom' or however you term it?
  13. I've seen another interview where Rogers talks of investing in Myanmar. How does the small guy go about doing this?
  14. Panas

    The final step for (a) man

    Why would NASA or rather the US TPTB want to hide this?
  15. Panas

    Buying physical silver

    This is them? http://www.coininvestdirect.com