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  2. PURE INSANITY? ... Voters need to END this ! Proof America Has Crossed Over Into The Twilight Zone – The ‘Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything The American Public Believes Is False’ Dem Rep. Green: ‘No Limit’ to How Many Times We Can Try to Impeach Trump xx (no mending of a BROKEN COUNTRY - from the Al Green in the House) Al Green- How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (Live on Soul!, 1972)
  3. Another Female Failure Falling UP? THIS idea is disgusting... but SOOO Democrat-ic! Falling Up: Quid Quo Joe Biden Would ‘Of Course’ Consider Jezebel Kamala As Running Mate or SCOTUS Justice or Attorney General
  4. Symbolic? 'STAR WARS' Ride Breaks Down Minutes After Opening...
  5. Impeachment, Biden-sky, and a HELL-acious plan Here's a Treasonous American who committed un-investogated crimes. (She thinks running migh save her from prison & the gallows. No! ) Hillary drops biggest hint yet she's mulling run... DICK MORRIS: SHE'LL WAIT FOR BIDEN TO DROP OUT... == Jim Jordan Nukes Democrats’ ‘Predetermined’ Impeachment Sham Democrats’ Impeachment ‘Expert’ Pamela Karlan Actually a Trump-Hating Crooked Hillary Supporter on Left’s Supreme Court Wish List
  6. TRUTH ROLLS out... Will Peloser's Head roll soon? Triggered Pelosi Lashes Out at Reporter for Asking if Democrats’ Impeachment Push is Based on Their Hatred for President Trump: ‘Don’t Mess With Me!’ xx You'd better bet they will mess with You, for MESSING WITH AMERICA, Loser ! Dim you to the Drakness, Nancie
  7. HOAX-peachment, A huge mistake? Time to Take Dems Down? Florida Republican: We should hang Dems for treason! OTHER Drudgey Headlines... PELOSI: WE WILL IMPEACH Speaker reveals plan to proceed with articles against President... Abused his office for political gain... 'Our democracy is at stake'... TRUMP: DO IT FAST... Rejects Nixon, Clinton precedent... Napolitano Predicts Will Testify Under Oath in Trial... Melania slams witness who joked about Barron's name... George Conway rips First Lady... White House gears up for aggressive effort to defend in Senate... Rudy making documentary... Republicans angry, concerned about Schiff release of phone records...
  8. GOLD BREAKOUT ? (Question: Why is Silver lagging?) Dear Reader, Here is a new podcast on the consolidation in gold, why it may soon end and why we could see a new breakout. CLICK HERE for the podcast. We will have more in the coming days as well. David Skarica BOX 25517 Gregory Town, Bahamas
  9. Pollak: Kamala Ran Worst Campaign in Decades…
  10. J.J. Abrams: LGBTQ Fans ‘Represented’ in ‘Star Wars’
  11. GOP Rep. Reed: ‘I’m Hearing About’ Democrats Opposing Impeachment, and ‘That List Is Growing’ On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit,” Representative Tom Reed (R-NY) said that he is hearing about Democrats opposing going forward with impeachment, and that the list of Democrats who oppose moving forward is increasing. Reed stated, “I’m hearing not about Republicans breaking…for impeachment. I’m hearing about Democrats voting against going forward with impeachment. That is newsworthy today.” Reed didn’t give any names, but added, “I’ll tell you, that list is growing by the hour here, as this unfolds, in real time.”
  12. DEMS against Impeachment... & other Insanity. A growing number Newt Gingrich on Impeachment, 2849 Corrupt Dems "are fight ferociously to stay alive" (as their crimes are exposed) / 2 / Top five reasons... Ingraham: You know it's over when...
  13. Send this B/tty to Hillary-H3LL ! …Karlan FREAKOUT: Trump ‘Sexually Assaulted More Women than 99.99%’ of Illegals…
  14. DEMS EATING THEMSELVES, ...and they deserve to eat Cr@p ! Democrats Disturbed by the White 2020 Candidates Left in Field All are UN-electable ! hahaha Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images Hannah Bleau 4 Dec 2019 Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) dramatic exit from the 2020 Democrat presidential primary race has many on the left lamenting the current lineup for the upcoming debate, which currently has six candidates qualifying, all of whom are white. Harris exited the race on Tuesday as one of the seven Democrat candidates who met the fundraising and polling thresholds required to qualify for the December 19 debate in Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University. In order to qualify, a candidate must report at least 200,000 contributions and reach four percent in four Democratic National Committee (DNC) approved polls or reach six percent in two qualifying early state polls. Only seven candidates – Harris included – had matched those requirements as of Tuesday: Joe Biden (D); Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN); Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D), and Tom Steyer (D). Harris’s departure leaves just six candidates currently qualifying, all of whom are white. Many noticed this trend and voiced their observations on social media: “White supremacy* is not just a Fox News problem, folks,” former Teen Vogue columnist Lauren Duca wrote: . . . Vox ✔ @voxdotcom Sen. Harris had already qualified for the upcoming Democratic debate on December 19. Now that she has dropped out, the debate lineup is currently entirely white — as of today, Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Tulsi Gabbard, and Deval Patrick have not yet qualified. ==== *You utter fool... It is about COMPETENCE & POPULARITY, not supremacy. Karma-la Harris was neither competent, nor popular - same with other Dem "people of col-har"
  15. Tim Pool is seriously p/ssed off at Schiff's corruption Democrats Engaged In SHOCKING Corruption, Spying On Republicans And An American Journalist
  16. FAIL on Wed Pamela Karlan was ‘totally biased, completely unhinged’: Rep. Zeldin This b/tty of a judge needs mental help Her joke about Trump's "minor" son was way beyond what was appropriate Maybe she will meet with an accident (or firing) very soon. It would be karma
  17. Strong start. The rebranding left me a bit too hesitant (or was it cynical ha).
  18. Really good news, slightly kicking myself I didn’t load up more with Hector but hey let’s not be greedy. This is looking very solid now if we get gold strength.
  19. Those are really astute comments Mux is a dog for sure, glad I stayed away.
  20. The rise on news has been most welcome here, back into the mid 90’s and going ok.
  21. Took a top slice off the recent run up yesterday, just as a little hedge to any fall back on my overall position.
  22. Smooth living is a smart choice that is the offer of <a href="https://smdc-philippines.com/">Condo unit for sale in ortigas</a> . Business and lifestyle meets halfway, with Mall of Asia CBD being home to the country’s BPO giants at the E-Com Centers. S Residences gives you that perfect balance of work and play.
  23. OUTRAGEOUS the SCUM-ocrat abuse of Power stinks to high heaven. Honestly, these people are treasonous, and probably need to be investigated, tried, and maybe imprisoned for their abuses.
  24. Canada's Newest Gold Producer Increases Gold Reserves... posted December 04, 2019 05:18 pm by PulpCutter (36) CEO's Goldfinger converts to Victorianism: Canada's Newest Gold Producer Increases Gold Reserves And Production There was a time not too long ago when I wasn’t a fan of Victoria Gold (TSX-V:VIT). The company had 850 million shares outstanding and had ran overbudget on the construction of the Eagle Gold Mine in the Yukon. That was then, and this is now. Remember, every moment in the market is unique and when we stay entrenched in views and do not allow new information to enter our decision making then we probably won’t have very good results over the long run. Two weeks ago at a conference in Palm Beach, Florida I spent about an hour chatting with Victoria Gold CEO John McConnell . I was impressed by his level of confidence and calm demeanor. This is a man (a leader of a BIG team) who has built Canada’s next gold mine, and he has done it against a backdrop of naysayers who said he couldn’t. I feel like John is as motivated by creating jobs in the Yukon, and making shareholders money, as he is by simply proving that this project works and proving the naysayers don’t know what they’re talking about. Victoria Gold CEO John McConnell After a recent 15 for 1 share consolidation Victoria has a tight share structure consisting of 57.23 million shares and the company stands to generate US$100 million of free cash flow per year. At a US$300 million market cap VIT shares certainly aren’t expensive and my eventual upside goal is to see VIT reach a C$1 billion market cap (~150% increase from current level). This morning Victoria delivered an updated resource estimate which included an increase in annual production to 220,000 ounces of gold per year. This is not a small project!! Reserves increase from 2.7 Million to 3.3 Million ozs Au Annual production increases from 200,000 ozs to 220,000 ozs Au Cash Costs1 per Au ounce: US$577 All-in Sustaining Costs (“AISC”)2 per Au ounce: US$774 Post tax Net Present Value @ 5% discount = $1,034 million Click here to read the full Victoria Gold NR. > https://ceo.ca/@goldfinger/canadas-newest-gold-producer-increases-gold-reserves-and-production rate and reply
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