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  2. Is this young woman, Mica Tan, the women entrepreneur of the Year? - if not, maybe she should be: At thirteen, she was already trading stocks. At nineteen she had her own distribution business. At twenty-one Mica had established MFT Group, a financial holdings company that seeks to provide financial assistance to companies who are in dire need of help. Now more than a year later the business already has nine companies under in its belt, all from varied sectors and industries – publishing, printing, manufacturing, credit, and agriculture equipment. “Being an investor, the most difficult part of my job is the pre-judgment people make because of my age and my educational background,” she says of her challenges. “When people see me, the first thing they usually say is “She’s twenty!” I don’t blame them but I see the change of decision-making process when they get to know me more. The most fulfilling, on the other hand, is seeing these companies growing and slowly making progress and when the owners introduce MFT Group to their kids. This is a human of way of investing and helping out entrepreneurs.” In her journey as an angel investor some of her learning includes never to eat alone because it is through these times in her life that she gets to meet interesting and fascinating people, discovering more of their hidden talents, treasures and facets. Along the way she also surrounds herself with intelligent people and tries to discover their biggest problems. “This is important because a real business solves problem,” she says. “When you have a business, you need to make sure that you can solve other people’s problems and not just your own. > http://www.illustradolife.com/the-global-youth-leaders/
  3. SECONDARY MARKET : What is the level now? (Feb. 2018) Talking to some owners, and agents who say they represent actual buyers, Here is what I am seeing: Bid : P 4.2 Million / Offer : 4.5 Million I am told: "there are buyers we know who would pay P 4.2 Million" And I am in direct touch with Sellers who would accept P 4.5 Million for a nice 28 sqm unit on a high floor. / I surmise that transactions can get done for buyers who will accept; + smaller units (like the studios) + lower floors, and/or: + cash sellers ( Please contact us & post here if you think either side looks attractive, and you want more info. )
  4. Latest Photos The Rise from inside a 2000-built building (Palm Tower). Rise and Air will transform an older neighborhood, along with the tenants and their spending power. I have already seen this kind of change in my present neighborhood along Arnais Street, and Chino Roces Rise, Victory! Walking up a side-street (xx) Give it 3-5 years, and this area may look very different
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  6. painful to watch. i wasn’t going to reply, but i had to pause it at: “are you investigating the fact that the fbi used the dossier to get a fisa wiretap and did not tell the court they used that dossier”. Because even the leader of the republican party has conceeded they did tell the court about the origin of the dossier when they submitted additional material and nunes own memo said they got the wiretap before they got the dossier. And just wanted to document those thoughts before i hear his answer. play: briliantly played sir. Answer:“the documentation provided to the court has to be accurate, but other than that i’m saying nothing”. Sometimes its a joy to watch lawyers ply their trade.
  7. People are fed up with the lack of action against the Corrupt old Witch Bartiromo AGGRESSIVELY Questions Jeff Sessions: Are You Going To Appoint A 2nd Special Counsel? Posted by Kane on February 20, 2018 4:40 am Categories: Column 1 Jeff Sessions In The Hot Seat… Bartiromo puts Sessions through the wringer, playing clips from Nunes and Gingrich, and challenging the Attorney General on an array of issues. Video is set to begin at the right moment.
  8. So you didn't watch the documentary then? Africa was a sea faring nation, predating the rise of Egypt, even if they didn't have the wheel (which seems like nonsense) wouldn't be much good in this:
  9. Shangri-La has been found! It’s in Denver! Posted on August 4, 2011 by Steve It was James Hilton’s best-selling 1933 novel Lost Horizon that first brought us the term “Shangri-La,” but it was Frank Capra who immortalized it with his epochal 1937 film version of the story starring Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt, Sam Jaffe and Edward Everett Horton for Columbia Pictures. A money-loser upon its initial release, Lost Horizon has over time matured into a beloved classic. It remains today a wonder to behold, a visually stunning experience with credit due both to Capra and cinematographer Joseph Walker, but most importantly to art director Stephen Goosson, whose remarkable streamline moderne settings rank among the most spectacular and memorable film sets ever created. (NZ Petehttp://nzpetesmatteshot.blogspot.com) Stephen Goosson meets with his design team on Lost Horizon. (NZ Petehttp://nzpetesmatteshot.blogspot.com The Michigan born Goosson was one of a number of architects such as Lyle Wheeler and Carl Jules Weyl who found new careers in movies. Goosson entered films in 1919 working first for Lewis J. Selznick, then Joe Schenck, Cecil B. De Mille and others before finally settling as the head art director at Columbia Pictures for some twenty-five years, picking up five Oscar nominations along the way and a well deserved win for Lost Horizon. In some ways, Goosson’s sets were so arresting that they upstaged the film’s plot, a situation Capra himself candidly admitted in an oral history conducted in the 1950’s and quoted in Joseph McBride’s 1992 biography of the director The Catastrophe of Success. “I got lost in the architecture, in Utopia,” Capra related, “in the never, never land, and it was only toward the end of the picture that I got back on the track with human beings…” Capra could hardly be blamed for getting sucked into the wonderous Utopia of Shangri-La as invented by Hilton and brought to life by Goosson. It is, in fact, the de facto star of the picture and in my humble opinion, the most memorable thing in the whole picture. The joke's on us! It was all done in Burbank at the Columbia Ranch on Hollywood Way. Burbank Shangri-la! http://nzpetesmatteshot.blogspot.com The sets in Lost Horizon were so compelling they led at least one person, mining magnate Harry E. Huffman to want Shangri-La for his own personal paradise... > https://paradiseleased.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/shangri-la-has-been-found-its-in-denver/
  10. Sure< U. It was Africa's Shangrila/ But is the more vivid imagination of this place brought to life in the film, and sold to a much larger audience that is Hollywood's invention I will repeat here, Stefan Molyneux's video - and he makes some of the same points that I do Stef Molyneux's review: Why do countries become Rich? It isn't because of Vibranium or because they exploit Black Slaves The Truth About Black Panther WHAT can we learn from Wakanda? + It keeps its borders closed + It eventually decides to use its technology: But NOT to help the world, To help only black kids in the ghetto ===== Sparks, you left out some steps, like: 1. Invent the Wheel...
  11. Mueller's desperate Russian ploy?

    I'm as surprised as you are. Not in our wildest dreams did we ever think we would be successful. But hey, it says more about the American electorate than you will ever need to know, and no one is really complaining are they?
  12. Mueller's desperate Russian ploy?

    Fitton gets Real Tom Fitton Hammers Mueller Indictment: ‘Russian Troll Farms Pale in Comparison to Clinton-DNC-Obama Use of Dossier to Spy on Trump’ February 16, 2018 by Cristina Laila 76 Comments On Friday, the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced that a grand jury indicted 13 Russian nationals, along with 3 Russian entities, accused of “supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump … and disparaging Hillary Clinton.” The 37-page indictment was a big fat nothingburger.
  13. Really like this guy, don’t always agree with him by a long shot, but I’ve found his opinions so far to be always worth giving a few minutes of time. This has to be the best gun law analogy ever: Blaming guns for shootings is like blaming knives and forks that you got fat
  14. Maplin always sucked, good riddance
  15. Mueller's desperate Russian ploy?

    WHICH SIDE is the Lie-Stream on? They (& their CIA controllers) seem to be very confused MEDIA IDENTITY CRISIS GROWS CNNMSNBC PUSHED RUSSIA-SPONSORED RALLY
  16. Some may have good things to say about many of Trump's accomplishments, but Syria seems to head a List of things in the minus column
  17. Mueller's desperate Russian ploy?

    Why not believe Putin? His track record for Truth tellling exceeds that of the Lie-Stream media and the Clintons. You could do worse than Vladimir
  18. What can we learn from Wakanda .......... ? That fiction has no borders. The original stories were written in the mid to late sixties in a world very different to now ............ you should know that Dr Bubb ........ you were there whilst I was just a twinkle in my Dad's eye. There were still swathes of land across the globe undiscovered and as such, stories of exploration and discovery were left to the imagination of the reader to dream. Many movies of the time (before and since) would use 'the unknown', whether it be through global or space exploration, to heighten this great thing that all human beings have ...... imagination. All Black Panther is doing is appealing to that continued human interest. +
  19. "getting rich", aka "building an empire" requires only two simple ingredients. 1. A technological advantage 2. Maintaining your technological advantage If the US had its borders closed in 1942, Alan Turing would never have immigrated there when Churchill did "Select All->Delete" on his work in the UK, and America would still be using the typewriter to do everything, in fact, aiui, they nearly didn't let him in, with his preference for the male anus and all. Complaining about immigration/borders is just something that happens when those ingredients are no longer on the menu, and the population start fighting over the scraps.
  20. Stef Molyneux's review: Why do countries become Rich? It isn't because of Vibranium or because they exploit Black Slaves The Truth About Black Panther WHAT can we learn from Wakanda? + It keeps its borders closed + It eventually decides to use its technology: But NOT to help the world, To help only black kids in the ghetto
  21. Mueller's desperate Russian ploy?

    also, the rest of that, ‘could be a 400 pound genius’ quote is kinda interesting.... be careful what you wish for... you might just get it.
  22. interesting developement this: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/02/turkey-denies-reports-syria-ypg-afrin-180219200244851.html smells like a ‘fog of war’ attempt as Damacus, Turkey and Russia line up to take the YPG and USA head on. Or The USA just spent a fortune on the YPG to overthrow Assad, and the YPG just joined sides with Damascus, and Damascus, the YPG and Russia are about to move on the USA while Turkey withdraws. either way, if you have any relatives doing service in Syria its probably a good idea to tell them to come home now if you want them to ever come home.
  23. I nearly wrote the topic as ‘tracking the uk and us into insovlency. But it was too much effort to catch exactly where the US is up to, general rule is 18 months ahead of the UK, but its possible that relationship has broken. fronting efforts are definately US focused. e.g.
  24. AMerica has problems too (here's Bill Bonner, writing from the UK): Americans Are “Skint” By Bill Bonner, chairman, Bonner & Partner We pause here to remind readers that savings are the key to economic growth and prosperity. Without savings, you live hand to mouth… consuming all that you produce. Gradually, your machines, fields, and roads degrade. They must be continually renewed… with new factories and new businesses to offer jobs, compete in the market, and create wealth. Without savings, progress stops… and then reverses. The difference between a rich country and a poor one is the level of savings – stored up capital – that is available for business and consumer use. Savings are also important as insurance. You never know when mere anarchy will be loosed upon the land. You save money so you will have something to spend when it comes. Of course, no one seems to think times will ever get rough again. And with the geniuses at the Fed, the saints in Washington, and the magicians on Wall Street – maybe, they’re right! In any event, when the data started coming in from retail sales, it revealed that households seem to be running a little short. “Skint,” they say on this side of the Atlantic. (by email)
  25. Wood you live here, if you Could?

    The Tallest Timber Tower Yet: Perkins + Will's Concept Proposal for River Beech Tower 09:30 - 6 October, 2016 The Tallest Timber Tower Yet: Perkins + Will's Concept Proposal for River Beech Tower Courtesy of River Beech Tower As part of a masterplan along the Chicago River, the River Beech Tower is a residential high-rise which, if built, would be taller than any existing timber building. The collaborative team behind River Beech consists of architects Perkins+Will, engineers Thornton Tomasetti and the University of Cambridge. Currently a conceptual academic and professional undertaking, the team state that it could potentially be realized by the time of the masterplan’s final phases. Save this picture! Exterior Balconies. Image Courtesy of River Beech Tower The team believes that they will be able to “reach far greater heights than any existing timber building” using only “real, commercially available timber materials.” Existing timber skyscraper proposals come in at around 30-40 stories, such as C.F. Møller and DinellJohnasson’s 34-story residential building in Stockholm, set to be completed in 2023. SOM have also developed a system that shows the possibility of a 42-story building as part of their Timber Tower Research Project. Completed or soon-to-be complete timber buildings stand a little shorter, with Acton Ostry Architects’ 18-story student residence currently under construction in Vancouver and the 10-story Forte apartment building in Melbourne. Save this picture! Atrium. Image Courtesy of River Beech Tower Structurally, these existing buildings make use of a hybrid system of engineered timber (cross-laminated and glulam) and concrete (often in the core), to achieve their heights. Slightly different to these systems is Michael Green’s "Finding the Forest Through the Trees" (FFTT) construction model, which has a wooden core and wooden floor slabs, with steel beams to provide ductility--essentially, as steel is able to stretch more than wood, these beams hold the structure together under extreme lateral loads such as in an earthquake or high winds. Save this picture! Unit Elevation. Image Courtesy of River Beech Tower The River Beech team however, use a different system entirely, and credit this innovation as their key to new wooden heights. The system engages an exterior diagrid system, taking advantage of the natural axial strength of timber. The building’s vertical and lateral loads are resisted by connecting the outer diagrids with the internal cross bracing that skirts the central atrium, allowing for efficient load distribution across all timber elements. > https://www.archdaily.com/796649/the-tallest-timber-tower-yet-perkins-plus-wills-concept-proposal-for-river-beech-tower
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