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  2. COMMUNISM by any other name... stinks just as much REMINDER: ‘Progressive’ is Just a Fancy Term for ‘Communist’ How many ways have progressives worked with the Kremlin over the years? The examples are legion. When I was researching my book Dupes, the biggest challenge was sifting through all the self-described “progressive” individuals or organizations to figure out which were closet communists cloaked as liberals, and whether they collaborated with Moscow. When Congress in 1961 published its major investigation of communist front-groups, titled, “Guide to Subversive Organizations and Publications,” one of the most popular title listings in the massive index was “Progressive.” Progressive here, progressive there, progressive everywhere. In fact, if you want a case of collusion between an American political party and Moscow in a presidential election, forget sniffing around 2016. Go back to 1948, where progressives created the smelly blueprint. That year, the Progressive Party ran for president one Henry A. Wallace. Wallace had been FDR’s vice president and was America’s preeminent dupe to Marxist-Leninists. He was horribly pro-Soviet. One of the stupidest things FDR did (and that’s saying something) was to make Wallace his vice president. Wallace’s public remarks defending Stalin’s USSR were so bad that Democrats demanded he be expelled as FDR’s running mate in 1944, even as FDR’s ideologically unhinged wife, Eleanor, protected him. FDR merely moved Wallace, retaining him as secretary of commerce in another of FDR’s departments penetrated by communists and Soviet agents of influence. (Long before that, in 1933, FDR had made Wallace secretary of agriculture, which was so infiltrated that the worst of all Depression-era government communist cells — the Ware Cell — operated out of it.) Harry Truman mercifully replaced Wallace. It would have been devastating for America and the world if Wallace, rather than Truman, had been the sitting vice president ready to replace FDR upon the New Dealer’s death in April 1945. That is one huge bullet that history dodged.
  3. Democrats’ Crusade Against Voter ID Is Barely Masked Racism
  4. Identity Politics Are Rapidly Destroying The Value Of College Degrees I attended the College of William and Mary from fall 2014 until winter 2016, during the arguable height of social justice outrage. The infamous University of Missouri protests happened soon after I started school, where professor Melissa Click threatened a student journalist with physical violence. At Yale, the Christakises were protested for arguing against over-coddling administrators telling students what they should not wear for Halloween. The Rolling Stone story, “A Rape on Campus” that was later found fraudulent came out during my first year of school. It’s not for these reasons alone that college was futile, but the leftist insanity that perpetually surrounded me certainly played a part. This spring was set to be my graduation from college. Had I not sped things up and graduated in two years, instead of four, I would have walked across the stage, taken pictures with my family, and graduated with $40,000 in debt. I wouldn’t have been able to earn editing and writing experience (like bylines at The Daily Beast, Newsweek, Reason, and The Houston Chronicle). I recommend the same path to other young conservatives––escape debt and leftist indoctrination, if you can. Choose work experience, trade school, or a fast-tracked route through college instead. College Often Isn’t Worth Your Time and Money Elite colleges aren’t designed for critical thinking or open inquiry anymore. According to Catherine Rampell at the Washington Post, “A fifth of undergrads now say it’s acceptable to use physical force to silence a speaker who makes ‘offensive and hurtful statements.’” The same survey indicates that about four in every ten students believes the First Amendment does not allow “hate speech.” Meanwhile, even at elite colleges like the liberal arts school Pomona, nearly 90 percent of students say their campus climate chills speech because they fear saying things others might find offensive. Those illiberal trends are bad enough on their own, but the format of college also makes little sense. Its incentives are poorly aligned with what is valued in the workplace. Students are incentivized to be obedient and compliant, not to set themselves apart from the pack. Many college students end up slinging impressive-sounding extracurriculars together that any hiring manager can easily see through. Mastery of a skill, and understanding what will be valued in the marketplace, fall by the wayside.
  5. Former Speaker Tom DeLay: John Brennan Was ‘Monetizing’ His Security Clearance; ‘And Not Only Brennan, but the Whole List That has Been Proposed to Lose Their Security Clearances have been Proven to be Liars’
  6. GOLD may have overshot to the Downside Just as it overshot to the upside a few days earlier EUR & CNY vs. Gold etf ... update :
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  8. Speak for your won Sh/thole, Sparks
  9. Manafort Gambles on a Trial

    Jury to begin weighing U.S. charges against ex-Trump aide Manafort A jury on Thursday will begin weighing the fate of Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman standing trial on bank and tax fraud charges that could put him behind bars. The judge gave the jury of six men and six women in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, their final instructions on Wednesday after closing arguments. During the two weeks of testimony, witnesses described how Manafort routed $16 million in income hidden in foreign bank accounts to U.S. vendors to purchase real estate, bespoke suits and antique rugs, income he is charged with omitting from his tax returns. The case is the first to go to trial arising out of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe of Russia's meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, although the charges against Manafort largely predate his five months on the campaign. Manafort, 69, a veteran political consultant, made his fortune bringing pro-Russian politician Viktor Yanukovych to power in Ukraine in 2010. When Yanukovych fled the country in 2014, the political work dried up and Manafort lied about his finances to get loans from banks, prosecutors said. In their closing argument on Wednesday, defense counsel argued that prosecutors had not proved Manafort willfully committed any crimes. They said he trusted employees, his accountants and bookkeeper to handle his financial affairs, and at times misplaced that trust. The defense took direct aim at Rick Gates, Manafort's long-time right-hand man, who was charged in the same indictment but pleaded guilty and is cooperating with the government. Gates' testimony was the highlight of the trial, and defense attorney Kevin Downing sought to undercut his credibility as he described the married father of four's "secret life" in London, that Gates admitted included an extramarital affair. But Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Andres told jurors in his closing that the star witness of the trial was "documents," and that, once the jury began deliberating, they should look at the exhibits to see how they corroborated Gates' testimony. While some legal experts predicted the jury reach a decision before the weekend, others said the jury would likely deliberate longer, given the complexity and historic nature of the case. "If this were a run-of-the-mill case, you could have a verdict Thursday afternoon or Friday because they don't want to come back Monday," said Gene Rossi, a former federal prosecutor who has watched parts of the trial. "This is a monumental case, and I would be surprised if they don't come back Monday to examine the jury instructions and the exhibits." > http://news.trust.org/item/20180816100001-wopdy
  10. Manafort Gambles on a Trial

    IS THIS all they Have? LOL If Manafort gets off lightly, it may be seen as exoneration of Trump, thinks Styx Manafort Won't Even Mount a Full Legal Defense Due To Crappy Prosecution Mule-r may have been "set up by the FBI" (who had Nothing). I disagree, I think Mule-r was part of the attempted coup & cover-up from Day 1
  11. The Superbowl Contest on Yakul Street- who is Winning? In the Race between Rise and Air Residences to see which building is finished first, Air seems to be winning... slightly: + Air topped out first + The Rise's mall, Assembly, is scheduled to open in January, and turnovers may start within six months of that The final livery of the Rise is getting painted on. Yellow of the Tiara Hotel provides a nice contrast.
  13. The Conspirators "FIREWALL"? Why did Comey and his band of Conspirators need one? Sara Carter: New Texts Reveal Steele Anxious over Comey Testimony Greg Jarrett at the end: "they are unscrupulous and un-principled"
  14. No one loves america. the only emotion America inspires anywhere is And Loving hating it doesn't count. masochists are just wired wrong.
  15. NEW (Cheaper) Areas sought, & Improved transport Needed for some MM areas Offshore gaming to expand outside Manila Offshore gaming firms are continuously expanding, looking for office buildings with large floor plates. But vacancy in the country’s capital remains tight, pushing these companies to look for space outside Manila. Colliers encourages new and expanding offshore gaming companies to look for space in viable sites outside of Manila such as Cebu, Pampanga, and Laguna. > source: April.2017: http://cnnphilippines.com/news/2017/04/19/Metro-Manila-subway-Mega-Manila-Subway-project-Duterte.html Improved connectivity in CBDs The national government has approved the implementation of the Metro Manila Subway Project. Interestingly, seven out of the 14 stations are in Quezon City with three stations (Mindanao Avenue-Quirino Highway, Tandang Sora, and North Avenue) targeted for completion by 2022. Aside from raising land values around these stations, Colliers sees the subway’s completion resulting in a more pronounced development of mixed-use communities and office space in the Northern Quezon City area. In our opinion, scouting for properties in the area of the seven Quezon City stations should be prioritized as these are likely to be completed by 2025. Other infrastructure projects that are worth looking into and should improve access to office towers within CBDs are the Metro Rail Transit (MRT)-7 and Skytrain monorail. The latter is a project developed by Infracorp and should benefit the Upper Bonifacio Township of Megaworld Colliers believes that the construction of public infrastructure by private developers should also result in the emergence of other sub-locations for office towers, such as Arca South and Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange. Both areas will likely add about 200,000 sq m (2.1 million sqft) of leasable space to Metro Manila’s stock. > https://f.tlcollect.com/fr2/418/40215/Colliers_Manila_Office_Q2_2018_FINAL.pdf
  16. LITTLE CHINA is being Energized by Increasingly Chinese investment And it is threatening to surround Little Tokyo The tall building (Exportbank Plaza) in the heart of the Techzone area bizarrely recapitulates an image from a 1986 cult film called, "Big Trouble in Liitle China" (see pg.1) In fact, this area seems to have become energized by mainland Chinese investors and businesses, and it has become popular as a place to live for those who work for China-related online Casinos. Whodathukit? (other than this website.) Has Colliers been READING this thread? Haha, maybe - here are some EXCERPTS from their Q2 Report "Colliers has observed that condominiums in the fringes of Makati have become very popular among Chinese offshore gaming employees. These residential towers are preferred by Chinese nationals due to their proximity to office buildings that house offshore gaming companies. The ground floor retail of the condominiums has also evolved now housing a mix of Chinese restaurants, convenience stores, and international coffee " How long before Colliers starts also calling the area "Little China" ? (these other comments also appeared): "Chinese investors are also drawn to the business hub due to its proximity to Manila International Airport and the presence of international schools" (comment was about BGC, but Little China in Makati has BETTER access to NAIA) "Colliers recommends that developers with significant ready for occupancy units, especiallin the fringes of established business hubs, to specifically target the Chinese employees of offshore gaming firms. Condominium projects in the Makati fringe are particularly popular among these employees." "Colliers Philippines has been receiving queries from firms based in Japan, Hong Kong and Mainland China planning to tie up with local developers.... local developers can improve their brand image by partnering with prominent foreign brands known for their precision and high architectural and engineering standards." ===== Little China area highrises from Amorsolo - the ramp leading to the skyway (quick access to NAIA airport.) From Left to Right: Makati Square, Oriental Place, Exportbank Plaza Building (between the shorter pair of buildings, Oriental Gardens & Lilac Place), Paseo de Roces Towers. Red Residences will rise next to the PdR buildings. Federal Land has built most of the taller buildings in the area, and has branded them with a memorable pinkish/orange color. Makati Square was been repainted to pick up the same color. Looking down Chino Roces towards Techzone from next to Beacon. The area immediately next to Beacon has been called Little Tokyo, and I can see these two areas effectively merging. My sense is that something like 1/3 to 1/2 the tenants in Beacon may be Chinese, probably from mainland China, and there are several Chinese restaurants & shops on Beacon's ground floor. > Guide to Food attractions in the Little Tokyo area Landmarks around Little Tokyo Makati include the following: Makati Cinema Square, Mile Long, The Gallery, Louie's THX, WalterMart Pasong Tamo, Don Bosco Technical Institute, Amici, Andok's (bigger than usual outlet), Shell Herrera, Skyway Amorsolo Makati Exit, Marvin Plaza, Cityland Pasong Tamo, Wilcon Builders, St. John Bosco Parish Church. It is also near the Ayala Malls and SM Makati via the Pasay Road (Arnaiz Ave.) - Libertad jeepney route. > source of Map & Info: http://www.metromaniladirections.com/2010/04/how-to-get-to-little-tokyo-makati.html Little China is also merging into the WalterMart / Magallanes area > see thread:Chino Roces / WalterMart to Magallanes - A future Hotspot?
  17. The DEMS do not Love America They HATE it, because their base wants more Freebie resources squeezed out of White males. The way they get that is by whining about how bad things are... and how they area victims. CUOMO : America never was that great Sparks, I am surprised you do not have the ability to see through this B.S. "victim" narrative
  18. OFFICE : "Historical Highs" - Colliers Report on Q2-2018 ====== EXCERPTS Large multinational and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) firms with plans to consolidate should consider space within Ortigas, Fort Bonifacio, and the Bay Area as these locations will likely account for half of new space due to be completed over the next six to 18 months. Cost-sensitive government agencies and small business es planning to transfer to planning to transfer to new space should consider buildings in Quezon City. Vacancy rate Colliers projects Metro Manila office sector to post a 5% vacancy by end-2018. Sustained demand should temper the impact of new buildings. Hence, we see vacancy hovering between 5.3% and 6.0% from 2019 to 2021 Rent We see lease rates rising by about 8% to 10% per year from 2019 to 2021. Colliers expects lease rates to rise faster in Makati CBD and its fringes, Fort Bonifacio, and Manila Bay Area Space& Rents GLA2017: +3yrs: %Chg. : - Q2.2018 : Mid.: YOY chg : Vacancy Makati-CBD---: 3,227K : 183.7k: + 5.7% : 1200-1700: 1450 : + 9.7% : 1.2 % Makati-Fringe: 0,255k : 205.3k: +80.5% : BGC-Ft.Boni. : 1,917k : 647.5k: +33.8% : 0850-1500: 1175 : + 11.9% : 3.8 % Ortigas Ctr.--- : 1,645k : 390.1k: +23.7% : 0650-0900: 0775 : + 10.7% : 3.9 % OrtigasFringe: 0,414k : 101.5k: +24.5% : Manila Bay--- : 0,409k : 408.4k: +99.9% : 0800-1500: 1150 : + 37.3% : 1.9 % QC: Prm&GrA: 1,005k : 496.1k: +49.4% : 0650-0950: P800 : + 6.7% : Alabang-------- : 0,573k : 142.0k: +24.8% : 0650-0750: P700 : + 3.7% : Other------------ : 0,341k : 245.5k: +72.0% : Metro Manila: 9,778k : 2,806k: +28.7% : City HQ, with 19,500 GLA, sqm was the big completion in Makati in Q2. Overall, 164,000 was added by 7 major buildings in Metro Manila "Midway through 2018, Colliers recorded a net take up of 641,000 sq m (6.89 million sq ft), already higher than the 638,000 sq m (6.86 million sq ft) posted for the entire 2017. For 2018 we expect a little over 1 million sq m (10.7 million sq ft) of net take up, the highest in Metro Manila's history." > https://f.tlcollect.com/fr2/418/40215/Colliers_Manila_Office_Q2_2018_FINAL.pdf
  19. They seem to be in short supply. not much worth loving there imho. Turned out greed isn't good.
  20. nope. uneducated retards with no healthcare will never find "good" jobs in the new world of robotisation, they are surplus to requirements. Or maybe You think nvidia can charge $10,000 for a gpu with no video out because cryptocurrency?
  21. He did his Job, which (apparently) entailed setting up a Trap & conspiracy encircling Trump I do agree with you, this "MATTER" needs a full and thorough investigation, led by someone who is Truly independent of the Deep State By someone who Loves America In mind Mind, if someone loves America, they would not go easy on those who tampered with a campaign, and tried to engineer a coup d'etat
  22. Gotta start with Jobs - once the supply. demand is right, wages start rising
  23. meanwhile, back in the real world. just in case you are wondering why 8 out of 10 americans call bullshit in your numberwang. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jul/29/us-economy-workers-paycheck-robert-reich Almost 80% of US workers live from paycheck to paycheck. America doesn’t have a jobs crisis. It has a ‘good jobs’ crisis – where too much employment is insecure, and poorly paid can you guess what happens next when a nation state runs on a negative savings rate?
  24. Scientists Just Discovered An Extinct Pygmy Woolly Mammoth On An Siberian Island By: unewsy Scientists believe this is an entirely new species of mammoth that until now hasn't been proven to exist. Scientists have discovered relics of Mammuthus exilis, or what they’re calling a “Golden mammoth”, named after the color of its seemingly strawberry blonde colored hair. The discovery of the carcass proves the existence of a miniature or “dwarf” species of woolly mammoth — something that’s never been seen by scientists before. The remains of this “Golden mammoth” was about two meters (or about six and a half feet) in height, which is extremely small when compared to a typical woolly mammoth that were on average three meters (or around ten feet) tall. The mammoth was found on Kotelny island in the Siberian region of Russia. Scientists have heard reports of smaller mammoths being found in this particular area before, but the discovery of this carcass solidified their existence. Dr. Albert Protopopov of the Yakutin Academy of Sciences said that scientists “have had reports about small mammoths found in that particular area, both grown ups and babies. But we had never come across a carcass. This is our first chance to study it.” Dr. Protopopov working on Kotelny Island. Scientists have more to figure out, namely whether the discovery of the animal is a one-off or if mini woolly mammoths were specific to the region where the carcass was found. The bones of what scientists believe were pygmy-sized woolly mammoths have been discovered in the Arctic region of Russia, but Dr. Protopopov believes that this “Golden mammoth” is a entirely new species of pygmy mammoth. He believes that this species roamed the earth earlier and was not an rare breed, but an evolutionary adaptation specific to the location where it was found. > http://www.webnewsys.com/2018/08/scientists-just-discovered-extinct.html
  25. As I first read what was below - I wondered - HOW LONG will this patriot last? Marianne Barnard (M)‏ @Marianne_M_B Brave Patriot Jenny Moore was set to expose BO aka Barack Hussein Obama as a #pedopredator involved in #childsextrafficking. JEM also has proof of BO’s true identity. ... THEN came this: Even after death Jenny’s going to slay this giant poisonous octopus. #DeepSixDeepState WAITING - to Unload (the info) May be what got her killed
  26. Why Do Liberals Keep Hurting Themselves? August 13, 2018 by IWB Liberals are so obsessed with Donald Trump. But maybe they should start looking in the mirror. The problem is they won’t like what they see. Donald Trump isn’t hurting you. You’re hurting and killing yourselves. You are your own worst enemies. You can never admit that, so you focus all your anger, bitterness, frustration and humiliation on Trump. Take the economy. Liberals refuse to admit the economy was horrible under Obama. They refuse to face facts. Obama spent the most taxpayer money in history. He created the most debt in history. He presided over the most people on welfare, food stamps and disability in history. And he produced the worst economic growth in history. Obama is the only president since 1776 to never produce a single year of 3% economic growth. Even Herbert Hoover and FDR in the depths of the Great Depression managed one good year. Not Obama. Obama’s economy was exactly like Jimmy Carter’s economy. You cannot get more proof positive than those 12 combined years of misery and malaise. Not only have we proved liberal ideas don’t work, but now we have proof positive that conservative ideas do. Trump combined with Reagan are proof positive that conservative ideas work like a charm. Both Republican-conservative presidents took miserable Carter and Obama economies and almost instantly turned them into booming, thriving, super-charged economies. Trump has just produced economic growth of 4.1%. And the Fed is predicting in the neighborhood of 5% growth in the next quarter. Amazing. But that’s just the start. Days ago, we found out inflation is low and jobless claims are the lowest in 48 years! Trump’s economy has produced unemployment figures not seen since the 1970’s, when America had a much smaller population. Keep in mind, all of these remarkable economic and job growth figures have happened while the Fed is raising interest rates and Trump conducts a massive trade war. NOTHING slows down the Trump economic miracle. Yet liberals still can’t admit they’re wrong and their policies are a total unmitigated disaster.
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