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  2. Gentlemen I can confidently confirm the bull market in crypto has begun anew - I hope you all have accumulated at least some percentage of your net worth in crypto otherwise be prepared to pay rapidly rising prices. Strong W-shaped bottoms in Bitcoin and Ethereum confirm the new bull market. Last critical line in the sand for ETH is $200. Constantinople upgrade coming in 5 days should see this happen. Buy the rumour as always.
  3. Gentlemen I can confidently confirm the bull market in crypto has begun anew - I hope you all have accumulated at least some percentage of your net worth in crypto otherwise be prepared to pay rapidly rising prices. Strong W-shaped bottoms in Bitcoin and Ethereum confirm the new bull market. Last critical line in the sand for ETH is $200. Constantinople upgrade coming in 5 days should see this happen. Buy the rumour as always.
  4. People are Noticing ! The Open and Accepted Hatred of White Men on University Campuses (THE SAAD TRUTH_856) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qllHqEy2Jk
  5. Free Enterprize, Free Decision-making? That is too dangerous for nOCortex Communist Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Control How Many Hamburgers Americans Eat
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  7. Next week could be interesting for AAZ. Two investors presentations in town. One of which is for Hardman, who have published their research note. Never one to get over enthused by them but shows the dispabetween a failing house broker and their own forecast. Make of it as you find Https://www.hardmanandco.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Anglos-Asian-Mining-Hardman-Co-Investor-Forum-February-2019-WEB.pdf Could we get jorc news too? Fair bit of news flow coming next couple of months for sure.
  8. 5 questions: 1. Whats the difference between democratic socialism and socialism fair question. Mostly "democratic socialism" only applies socialism to healthcare, research, education and terms of employment, plus any other area people vote on. She must be incapable of typing "democratic socialism" into google, which doesn't bode well for the next 4 questions: 2. Where in the world has [democratic] socialism ever worked. Off the top of my head Modern Russia, Modern China, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Yugoslavia, Cuba Next. 3. Who pays for all of the "free" stuff. Same people as now, its just much much cheaper because its run not for profit by the state, so the money spent on it goes (much much) further over many many more people. 4. Whats going to stop democratic socialism (if there is a difference) from turning into regular old socialism. The lack of uneducated, poor sheeple willing to sell their soul to make the majority of wealthy, educated and happy population do anything they don't want or don't agree with (see the countries above). 5. ........ Got tired of trying to find it in all the preachy BS, if you/anyone finds it let me know and I'm sure its as easy to answer as the first 4.
  9. 'She Is WRONG About Everything' - Liz Wheeler DESTROYS Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
  10. "DEEPFUL HATEFUL & RACIST... An INSULT to Black History" CANDACE OWENS GIVES JUSSIE SMOLLETT REDPILL EDUCATION "Black people are going to have to stand up... Gay people are going to have to stand up" / 2 / "WHAT A PIECE OF SH*T: Jussie Smollett"
  11. drbubb

    US Coal Producers

    Cloud Peak Energy Provides Update on Strategic Alternatives Review Cloud Peak Energy Inc. (NYSE: CLD) (the “Company”), the only pure-play Powder River Basin (“PRB”) coal company, today announced that it has retained Centerview Partners LLC as its investment banker, Vinson & Elkins LLP as its legal advisor, and FTI Consulting, Inc. as its financial advisor to assist the Company and its Board of Directors in the Company’s review of capital structure and restructuring alternatives. During this review process, the Company’s mines will continue normal operations, safely and efficiently meeting our customer commitments. As disclosed on November 13, 2018, the Company’s Board, working together with its management team and legal and financial advisors, commenced a review of strategic alternatives, including a potential sale of the Company, and previously engaged J.P. Morgan Securities LLC as its financial advisor and Allen & Overy LLP as legal counsel in connection with exploring sale opportunities. About Cloud Peak Energy® Cloud Peak Energy Inc. (NYSE:CLD) is headquartered in Wyoming and is the only pure-play Powder River Basin coal company. As one of the safest coal producers in the nation, Cloud Peak Energy mines low sulfur, subbituminous coal and provides logistics supply services. The Company owns and operates three surface coal mines in the PRB, the lowest cost major coal producing region in the nation. The Antelope and Cordero Rojo mines are located in Wyoming and the Spring Creek Mine is located in Montana. In 2017, Cloud Peak Energy sold approximately 58 million tons from its three mines to customers located throughout the U.S. and around the world. Cloud Peak Energy also owns rights to substantial undeveloped coal and complementary surface assets in the Northern PRB, further building the Company’s long-term position to serve Asian export and domestic customers.
  12. we generally sit on opposite ends of the (geo)political spectrum. I always find our discussions thought provoking and cordial. even if neither of us are likely to change our minds.
  13. I am really tired of the persona you present here, Sparks
  14. Because ive heard his and similar snake oil a thousand times already. I have very little time to give the Acedemic Propagandising Class. Other than when their skills are required. count currently is around 150,000 lives saved or improved from various diseases and ailments in the last 18 months. (received newly approved products i took the resposibility of convincing the taxpayer to fund they personally never could have afforded otherwise) from Morquio A to Psoriasis. What about Patterson? more or less responsability than Paris Hilton? what are the effects of their causes?
  15. Sparks. You are an utterly lost, nihilist human being. GROW THE FVCK UP ! Or get lost, and leave my website alone. If you want to start to achieve something positive with your (useless-seeming) Life, why not start be listening 2-3 times to Professor Peterson, as he lays it out... === JDP: "What is the Antidote to Suffering? Meaning! & Meaning can be found in Responsibility" Jordan Peterson on Masculinity, Meaning, God And Fatherhood (with Gadi Taub) Sparks, do you find Meaning in your Trolling Here? What do YOU take Responsibility for, other than being a destructive Smart Arse?
  16. as much as you may want to click your heals together three times and wish it were true. Paris Hilton has 17 querecano twitter zombies to every 1 querecano JBP twitter zombie. not that it makes much difference to the point since JBP is just a poor, male version of Paris Hilton anyway. she says buy my shit he says buy her shit.
  17. Nope. Get real, Sparks ! Nowadays, a true hero is not those fools. A genuine HERO would be THIS GUY, Prof JBP, and the courage he draws out of people Higher Ed & Our Cultural Inflection Point: JB Peterson/Stephen Blackwood Meantime, this utter jerk has brought new meaning (& vitality) to the N-word. We now have a good and rational reason to string someone up. As Alan Dershowitz has said, in biblical times, he would have been given the punishment (that he hoaxed) BACK ON SET 'FEELS BETRAYED' Smollett sent himself letter saying 'you will die, black f*g'... Scratches Self-Inflicted... Chicago Police Commissioner Blasts Media, Stars, Politicians for Pushing Hoax... Smollet betrayed himself, his race, & his country. He now needs to experience the full force of the Laws he broke.
  18. "Is silver topping?" - H It tends to spike up and top. Maybe it will happen again. But silver is now undervalued against everything, so maybe it will make it through resistance this time
  19. "how is the correlation with First Majestic AG? Recently, STILL GOOD = chart
  20. APAC UPDATE ... 2018 Annual Report (9/30/18) APAC Res. / HK-1104 ... all-data : 10yr : 5yr : 2yr : 6mo / 10d - Last: $1.36 / EV/eb.= R: n/a Company—- : Code : Focus- : ShsOS: EV/eb: %Held : ShsHeld : $Last: A$value HK$x5.57 Mt. Gibson— : MGX : IronOre : 1.13 bn: R10.9: 33.23% 133.0 M : 0.707: $94.0M: $523.6M Prodigy Gold : PRX. : Gold — : 409 Mn: - 3.57: 13.56% 55.41 M : 0.074: A$4.1M: $ 22.8M Was ABM Res. ————————————————————————————— : A$98.1M: $546.4M Available-for-sale Investments — sold down to <20%: Metals X and Westgold Resources Mt. Gibson/ MGX ... all-data : 10yr : 5yr : 2yr : 6mo / 10d - Last: $0.707 / EV/eb.= R10.9 Prodigy Gold/ PRX ... all-data : 10yr : 5yr : 2yr : 6mo / 10d - Last: $0.074 Compare: HK1104 vs MGX & PRX ... 1-yr : 10d : Sold down much of its position in MLX/ Metal-X ... update : A$ 0.362 HK Dollars : Dec.2009 : 06/30/15 : 09/30/15 : 06/30/18 : Share Price : HK$0.455 : HK $0.20 : HK$0.084: HK$1.360 : Market Cap : 2,911 mn. : 1,838 mn : 0,772 mn : 1,110 mn : Shares O/S : 5,822 mn. : 9,190 mn : 9,190 mn : 812.6 mn : Book Value : HK$ 00.00 : 2,940 mn : 2,940 mn : 3,120 mn : BookVal/sh : HK$ 00.00: HK$0.320: HK$0.320: HK$ 3.84 : Price/BkVal : -- 00.0% - : -- 62.5%- : -- 26.3%- : — 35.4%- : Closely Held: 3,339 mn : 3,750 mn : 3,750 mn : Float shares: 2,483 mn : 5,440 mn : 5,440 mn : 370.0 mn : EnterprValue ======= : ======= : ======= : $155.5 Mn : CashonHand ======= : ======= : ======= : $969.5 Mn : Trailing PER : ======= : ======= : ======= : PE- 3.55 :
  21. I think 2.5 wouldn't be a bad target. But I think if it got there, it would have a chance to run to 4. Difficult to believe but maybe rising gold price helps.
  22. Wow ! Tucker is really on the mark, with his latest! TUCKER BLOWS THE WHISTLE ON IDENTITY POLITICS - At Last! Excellent! (& overdue) Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News 2/21/19 [FULL] x
  23. Has the Short-covering started? MUX is starting to behave better MUX: $1.99 + $0.07, +2.65% on 2.7Million shares, on a day when GDXJ was - 2.01% Ratio: MUX -to-GDXJ Bottomed at 5.33%. Could it run up to 7.5% or so... maybe higher. If GDXJ stays at $33.72, then that would be: $2.52. MUX may need some good news to get there.
  24. The weak hands are shook out - seems to confirm a move back into 2.2. From there could get stuck unless gold surges again. Also how is the correlation with First Majestic AG?
  25. Guess that will really depend on how happy querecanos are with their tax bill and future prospects. And Whether voters feel the need for a revolution. Hows that best economy ever and soaring stock market (that communist obama built) going? it was hard for JFK, he had to get elected (said Tito after selling him NASA)
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