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  3. Flynn was set-up... Comey sent two men to Frame him "the ultimate question is... why did they do this? It was a frame up" "Emmett Sullivan may decide to dismiss the case" Joe diGenova on James Comey's Second Hearing "Make no mistake, Rod Rosenstein is an enemy"
  4. SEDA MAKATI at City Gate is opening soon Pay P,6,000+ a day at Seda... Or pay much less at Kroma Tower, almost next door (old photo) SEDA is on the top floors of City Gate, Tower 1 SEDA is on the top floors of City Gate, Tower 1 Ayala Land (ALI) will be spending P8-10 billion on its Seda Hotels until 2020, exoanding the brand. In 2019, three new units are coming + 342 additional rooms in a second tower at Seda-BGC + 214 rooms at Seda Cebu + 293 rooms for Seda Residences in Makati These are the first hotels to feature residences, and Ayala is aiming for guests who stay longer than 2-3 days, and want larger than standard rooms Overall, SEDA's hotels are experiencing 80% occupancy. In BGC room rates are P6,000 to 8,000 per day By 2020, SEDA expects to open two more hotels and have over 3,268 rooms across eleven locations. > https://business.inquirer.net/262365/ali-unveils-p10-b-seda-expansion-plan Seda Ayala North Exchange, Makati Ayala Avenue cor. Salcedo Street Legaspi Village, Makati Reach new heights at our first property in northern Ayala Avenue with 312 serviced residences from studio to 3-bedroom apartments. See the city from a fresh perspective as our express elevators take you up to our sky lobby on the 19th floor. SEDA Hotels : https://www.sedahotels.com/ Hospitality News : https://hospitalitynews.ph/3108/our-cover-seda-hotels-rising/ MORE : Seda Hotel photos : architect photos :
  5. POPULIST REVOLUTION w/ Candace Owens, Will it go Left or Right?
  6. VALUE for Money - Or Buyers' remorse? US Student Loan Debt Hits Record $1,460,000,000,000 By: newsguy76 Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz5ZzTU4TgP / 2 / Dave Rubin and Gad Saad: Patreon and Embattled Academics
  7. BONDS : who is crazy? Low could already be in place at 111... OR ? TLT : 10-yrs : last: 119.17 , 2.69% / TNX: 2.857% (YrH: 3.248%) / TYX: 3.114% (YrH: 3.455%) TNX: 2.857% (YrH: 3.248%) Tom Fischer (@TomFischer15) says: December 17, 2018 at 12:35 pm Hey Phil Did you hear Gundlach laughingly says he tells his friends that 10Treas could hit 6%, and they all tell him he’s crazy? Reply Tom Fischer (@TomFischer15) says: December 17, 2018 at 12:53 pm https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/12/17/jeffrey-gundlach-federal-reserve-should-not-raise-interest-rates-december-jay-powell.html fionamargaret says: December 17, 2018 at 1:22 pm …and JNJ which CNBC is discussing…..down to 107… Tom Fischer (@TomFischer15) says: when it rains, it pours. GS, same stuff. Tom Fischer (@TomFischer15) says: Gundlach says 6% in 2021.
  8. WTI closed at $xx USO / US Oil etf ... 10-yrs : Last: $10.45 -0.37:-3.42% / target: $10 maybe ===== Hello Tony, At what price do you see WTI crude oil bottoming before a move to mid 80s? Please advice. Thank you tony caldaro says: December 17, 2018 at 3:15 pm expecting a lower low into January, then upwards
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  10. SPX close: 2,545.94 -54.01 - 2.08% Tony C said in his weekend wrap-up " We still think the SPX 2577 level should hold. If not SPX 2550. " ( Guest Posts from his Blog ) OddStats @OddStats The S&P 500 set a new trading low for 2018 today. Amazingly, here is every year ever (since inception in 1923) that SPX set a low point for the year in December: 𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟴 𝟮𝟬𝟬𝟬 𝟭𝟵𝟳𝟯 𝟭𝟵𝟰𝟭 𝟭𝟵𝟯𝟭 𝟭𝟵𝟯𝟬 In case you're not much of a history buff, those years are: NOW TECH CRASH ENERGY CRASH YEAR WE ENTERED WW2 GREAT DEPRESSION GREAT DEPRESSION Noah J says: December 17, 2018 at 5:50 pm I said this about a month ago and stand by it. Tony will be re-writing his longterm, medium, and short term counts in the near future. That’s why you can never solely rely on EW/OEW. Lots of living through the rear-view mirror. lunker1 says: December 17, 2018 at 3:17 pm SPX hit Feb low 2533 hit 2525 pivot SPX & DOW +D on 60min & Weekly Double +D Weekly NAZ NAZ new low but all FAANGs except AAPL showing RS with a higher low bounce worthy territory Tom Fischer (@TomFischer15) says: December 17, 2018 at 1:24 pm Serious bear here folks, Big boy pants. Only significant support is several hundred SPX handles lower. If it breaks here, “ABC U later”
  11. The accompanying photo suggests BBC is endulging in fake news here How the jailing of Cohen affects Trump BBC News-1 hour ago The US president's former lawyer Michael Cohen is facing a 36-month prison sentence for campaign finance and fraud crimes. Does this spell legal trouble for ...
  12. CBS's former CEO Moonves will not receive severance pay, company says MarketWatch CBS ... 10yrs : (the strong chart into earyy 2017 shows why the board left Moonves alone. I reckon) CBS Corp. CBS, -2.56% CBS.A, -2.76% said late Monday its board of directors has completed an investigation of former Chief Executive Leslie Moonves, which determined that Moonves will not receive "any severance pay" from the media company since there are grounds to oust him for cause, including Moonves' alleged "willful and material malfeasance," lack of cooperation in the investigation, and breach of his employment contract, the company said in a statement making the rounds in social media and elsewhere. The investigation also unveiled that while harassment and retaliation were not "pervasive" at CBS, the company's practices "have not reflected a high institutional priority" on preventing those. The company has already begun to take steps to improve its working environment, CBS said. Moonves was forced out as Chairman and CEO of CBS in September after The New Yorker reported six women had accused him of sexual misconduct. Last month, another woman told The New York Times Moonves had forced himself on her and then tried to buy her silence.
  13. CNN Legal Setback Points to Tougher Times Ahead for Media Companies... In a defamation case, the Eleventh Circuit rejects how CNN and other media companies demanded the special-dismissal provision of Georgia's anti-SLAPP statute. CNN may still be enjoying its courtroom victory last month saving White House correspondent Jim Acosta's press pass, but as far as the First Amendment goes, the television news network better be ready to play some defense. That's because on Friday, CNN suffered a bruising loss in an important appeal that will at the very least make it easier to sue the media in federal court in a handful of states including Georgia, where CNN is headquartered. The appeal arises from a series of reports in June 2015 on the infant mortality rate for open-heart surgery at West Palm Beach, Florida-based St. Mary's Medical Center. That series, showcased on Anderson Cooper's show, asserted that St. Mary's "death rate" was three times the national average — prompting defamation lawsuits, including from David Carbone, formerly the chief executive at the hospital until he was forced to resign upon CNN's report. Carbone alleges that CNN made an unfair comparison to hospitals that did both open-heart and closed-heart surgeries, and that a more proper comparison would be adjusted for risk. CNN contends that Carbone can't meet the "of and concerning" standard of a defamation suit because the report didn't mention him by name, and further argues that an academic disagreement about methodology can't support a defamation claim and that its chosen methodology comparing mortality rates constitutes non-actionable opinion. However, the specific arguments for the deficiency of Carbone's claims have taken a back seat to the standard by which a Georgia federal judge had to decide whether the case should move past an initial dismissal motion. . . . Before Kavanaugh was confirmed to be the newest associate justice at the high court, he authored an opinion for the D.C. Circuit that also expressed skepticism about the federal judge's use of SLAPP laws. In fact, after acknowledging how most sister circuits have come to a different conclusion to the issue at hand, Pryor (himself on Trump's shortlist for the Supreme Court) nods to Kavanaugh's "far more convincing" 2014 opinion in Abbas v. Foreign Policy Group. Should CNN take its case to the Supreme Court — and lose — that would mean no more use of SLAPP laws in federal court nationwide, a prospect that could scare off any petition for writ of certiorari. Then again, even if CNN gets risk-adverse, there will likely be others who someday take the issue to the high court. For example, Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti will be looking to overturn the recent decision in favor of Trump by appealing the issue of whether Texas SLAPP statute had any business in a California court.
  14. Low, Monday: 2,530.54 SPX ... 10-yrs : IWM / etf for Russell-2000 - 12/31/16 : $134.85, 12/31/17 : $152.46 : All-log : 10-yrs : 12mos // SPY ... : To-End-2015 : last-12mos STOCKS NEED A SANTA! DOW -507
  15. Delivery robot burst into flames on BERKELEY campus... Students hold candlelight vigil... Video...
  16. SUGGESTION: Sounds impossible... until you think again Kurt Schlichter to President Trump: Pardon Everyone (Except That Rat Cohen) They are not even pretending now. Imagine, just imagine, if Trump had erased 30,000 emails that were under subpoena. Hillary did, and it’s cool. Andrew McCabe and Comey lied through their teeth to Congress. They’ll never be charged. Ever. The FBI cabal set up Mike Flynn and they don’t feel like coming clean to the judge so they just aren’t going to. Mueller’s Democrats erased a boatload of texts, but who cares? Nothing matters. They get a pass. Who in the DoJ is ever going to prosecute anyone other than whatever Trump administration official or eccentric hanger-on is gullible enough to talk to the Feds? This is all a lie and a scam. And Donald Trump can and should use his pardon power to highlight this fraud before he drives a stake into the heart of the elite’s soft coup play. He should pardon everyone. I mean everyone. Pardon Flynn, and Manafort, and Papadopliswhateverhisnameis. Pardon Stone and Corsi. Pardon Don, Jr., Jared, and Ivanka. Pardon Melania and Barron. Pardon Pence, and Pence’s pets. And then he should pardon himself. For everything. Take it all off the table. Strip the elite of its ability to coerce perjury and ruin lives for the sin of dissenting. Pardon everyone, for everything. It’s all a lie and a scam anyway, and there’s no sense pretending this is all some kind of legit truth-seeking exercise in support of lofty and noble principles. It’s a tawdry frame job by a failed elite desperate to hold on to the power that the people revoked in November 2016. We owe the ruling class no respect; there’s no reason to pretend this Mueller farce is anything but a transparent attempt to claw-back the authority the elite forfeited by being terrible. Oh no, they’ll impeach him! They’re going to impeach him anyway. He might as well flip them this bird first. When they get 67 senators, we can start caring. Until then, pardon this, jerks. Trump has already shown he’s willing to use his power – that’s one of his best qualities. And he’s used the power to pardon for it’s intended purpose in the past, to stop DoJ jihads against people liberals don’t like. He did it for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He did it for Dinesh D’Souza, who leftist prosecutors charged with a crime what would not have earned a finger-wag for one of the elite. Dinesh, though, made movies critical of Obama, and he had to be made an example of. Trump should use his power for everyone else. Abusive power can only be resisted by superior power employed to right these injustices. That’s the power of the pardon, the power to cure abuses. Oh, and he should pardon the whole Obama/Hillary clown car crew too. Pardon Obama, pardon the Harpy, pardon Clapper and Brennan and Comey and McCabe and the whole crew of liberal conspirators. Why not? They will never, ever, not in a zillion years, not even if they were caught on video having their confessions being notarized, be charged with anything. List their sins, in detail, and pardon them for their myriad crimes. Hang it all around their horned heads, and make them howl in outrage with an act of unwanted, utterly vindictive grace. They were never going to face justice for what they did anyway, so why not? > https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2018/12/17/pardon-everyone-except-that-rat-cohen-n2537555
  17. Rather Stunning... for a Lefty RARE FREE SPEECH HERO FROM THE LEFT MAKES NOBLE STATEMENT: Liberal Sam Harris Deletes His Top 13 Patreon Account Over Political Bias Against Conservatives
  18. Philosopher: Yellow Vest Movement is “Historic,” Unlike Any Other Protest People from both left and right have lost faith in the political elite and the media French philosopher Alain de Benoist says that the yellow vest movement that started in France and is now spreading to other European countries is “historic” and unlike any other protest. Speaking to Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap, Benoist noted how protesters are driven by two factors – cultural insecurity which is driven by mass migration and social insecurity which is driven by the soaring cost of living. He notes that when these two factors blend, a “rebellion” is inevitable. “Immigration has become an increasingly unbearable problem in recent years and people know that more people are coming. In addition, social tension is growing as rich people are richer and the poor are poorer,” said Benoist. The philosopher notes that the movement is unlike any other because it unites people with shared grievances from both sides of the political spectrum. “This is a historic event because it is different from any other protest we have seen in recent years. It was launched from the bottom, completely independent of the parties and trade unions, and it can not be categorized either clearly right or left,” said Benoist. He added that the huge support from the French population, 70 per cent in some polls, is a telling factor and a sign that people have completely lost faith in the political elite and the media. “What they see on TV or in the newspapers is completely different from what they experience in their daily lives,” said Benoist, adding that “democracy” and “liberalism” are no longer synonymous with each other because the EU is an illiberal authoritarian body. > https://www.infowars.com/philosopher-yellow-vest-movement-is-historic-unlike-any-other-protest/
  19. Sounds like the sorts of expeditions Dr RAM was involved with in Antarctica, but keeps quiet about
  20. Wallbridge completes drill program at Beschefer 2018-12-17 08:28 ET - News Release Mr. Attila Pentek reports WALLBRIDGE COMPLETES SUCCESSFUL INITIAL DRILL PROGRAM AT BESCHEFER Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. has completed a successful initial drill program designed to test the continuity of two high-grade shoots within the B-14 shear zone at its recently optioned Beschefer property. Highlights: Five drill holes totalling approximately 1,600 metres were completed in less than three weeks. All five drill holes intersected the mineralized B-14 shear zone where expected, proving excellent geological continuity of this gold-bearing structure. The mineralized intersection in the deepest drill hole of the program, BE18-052, represents a 40-metre down-plunge stepout from the previous highlight intersection of 55.63 grams per tonne gold over 5.57 metres in BE13-038. A more substantial exploration program and delivery of a maiden resource estimate are planned for 2019. Mineralization typical of gold-bearing portions of the shear zone was intersected in all five holes at the expected depths demonstrating the continuity of the mineralized system within the two high-grade shoots. Previous wide-spaced drilling (75 to 100 m) was filled in by four holes (BE18-048 to -051) resulting in 25 to 45 m spacing. The mineralized shear zone interval intersected in BE18-052, approximately 40 metres down plunge from the last historic high-grade intersection in this eastern shoot, indicates that gold mineralization remains open down plunge. Assay results are pending and will be released when available. "Our initial drill program at Beschefer has successfully achieved all of its objectives and has proven the exceptional potential of this project. The first four drill holes demonstrated the remarkable continuity and predictability of the gold-bearing B-14 structure, whereas our last hole of the program provided a further 40-metre down-plunge stepout indicating the potential to expand the high-grade gold mineralization," stated Attila Pentek, vice-president, exploration, of Wallbridge. "We are very keen to accelerate resource drilling and exploration on this project with an aim to publish a maiden resource estimate in 2019." About the Beschefer project The Beschefer project covers 647 hectares and is located in the Northern Abitibi greenstone belt, 14 kilometres east of the past-producing polymetallic Selbaie mine, 45 km northeast of the Casa Berardi mine and 28 km from Wallbridge's Fenelon gold property. Historically, the area has mainly been explored for volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits similar to the Matagami camp and the Selbaie mine. Gold mineralization was discovered in the B-14 zone in 1995 by Billiton Canada Inc. and the property has seen very limited exploration before the involvement by Excellon in 2011, which completed approximately 17,000 metres of drilling up to 2013. Excellon's programs produced very positive results, extending the B-14 mineralization down to almost 600 metres vertical depth, discovering the upper shear zone and intersecting the highest-grade intersections on the property, including 55.63 grams per tonne Au over 5.57 metres and 13.07 g/t gold over 8.75 metres. Excellon's primary focus is on production and exploration at its Platosa mine and Miguel Auza property in Mexico. There has been no exploration at Beschefer since 2013. Wallbridge entered into an option agreement to acquire 100 per cent of Beschefer as part of its strategy of building a gold production pipeline in the emerging Sunday Lake-Selbaie belt (see Wallbridge press release dated Oct. 17, 2018). RESULTS ! > https://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item.aspx?bid=Z-C%3aWM-2698194&symbol=WM&region=C
  21. Watch Stefan Molyneux Bash FAKE NEWS in EPIC Interview https://youtu.be/ZiemAu2Qd3U Alicia Powe for the Gateway Pundit reports, Trump was never called a racist during his long career. Now, we are told he is a Klansman and a neo-Nazi whose separating families from their babies. > http://www.investmentwatchblog.com/watch-stefan-molyneux-bash-fake-news-in-epic-interview/
  22. The Self-Driving Car Timeline - Predictions from the Top 11 Global ... Oct 29, 2018 - In this article, we set out to collect the facts and CEO quotes to determine the self-driving timelines of the world's 11 larges automakers (Toyota, ... This means the vehicle can safely drive itself under specific conditions but the driver will need to quickly intervene when called on. This is a car that could drive itself on the highway while you watch a movie but would need you to take control when you get off the highway. Some may view this as only partially self-driving. Level 1 automation some small steering or acceleration tasks are performed by the car without human intervention, but everything else is fully under human control Level 2 automation is like advance cruise control or original autopilot system on some Tesla vehicles, the car can automatically take safety actions but the driver needs to stay alert at the wheel Level 3 automation still requires a human driver, but the human is able to put some “safety-critical functions” to the vehicle, under certain traffic or environmental conditions. This poses some potential dangers as humans pass the major tasks of driving to or from the car itself, which is why some car companies (Ford included) are interested in jumping directly to level 4 Level 4 automation is a car that can drive itself almost all the time without any human input, but might be programmed not to drive in unmapped areas or during severe weather. This is a car you could sleep in. Level 5 automation means full automation in all conditions Since these levels don’t mean much to people outside the industry, car makers often don’t talk about their technology in these specific SAE terms. The big potential promise for people is either car that drive themselves for a large part of a person’s highway commute (level 3) or cars that can drive themselves almost as long as you live in a covered metropolitan area (level 4).
  23. People are slashing tyres and throwing rocks at self-driving cars in Arizona Vigilante citizens in a town in Arizona have slashed tyres, thrown rocks and even pointed guns at self-driving vehicles being tested in their neighbourhood, an investigation has revealed. Police in Chandler recorded 21 incidents over the past two years in which the autonomous vehicles and their test drivers were targeted by local residents. One incident on 24 October saw a man emerge from a park and slash the tyres of a Waymo vehicle stopped at an intersection. Earlier this year a Waymo test driver reported a man in shorts aiming a gun at his car when it passed the man’s driveway. Police reports also show that rocks were thrown at Waymo’s fleet on at least four separate occasions, according to The Arizona Republic, while other incidents include people yelling at the vehicles, chasing them and forcing them off the road. Many other incidents may have gone unreported, the newspaper suggested, with Waymo reportedly keen to minimise police interaction. ==== How long before they start hurling rocks at Google?
  24. NO SURPRISE here ! People are slashing tyres and throwing rocks at self-driving cars in Arizona Vigilante citizens in a town in Arizona have slashed tyres, thrown rocks and even pointed guns at self-driving vehicles being tested in their neighbourhood, an investigation has revealed. Police in Chandler recorded 21 incidents over the past two years in which the autonomous vehicles and their test drivers were targeted by local residents. One incident on 24 October saw a man emerge from a park and slash the tyres of a Waymo vehicle stopped at an intersection. Earlier this year a Waymo test driver reported a man in shorts aiming a gun at his car when it passed the man’s driveway. Police reports also show that rocks were thrown at Waymo’s fleet on at least four separate occasions, according to The Arizona Republic, while other incidents include people yelling at the vehicles, chasing them and forcing them off the road. Many other incidents may have gone unreported, the newspaper suggested, with Waymo reportedly keen to minimise police interaction. The underlying motivation behind such harassment appears to be frustration with Waymo’s parent company Alphabet, combined with fears the technology poses a threat to both jobs and road safety.
  25. Danielle DiMartino Booth - $250 Trillion Global Debt Will Not Be Forgiven Willingly, Sharp Decline Early in 2019 Former Fed insider Danielle DiMartino Booth says the $250 trillion global debt is going to be a painful and messy problem to resolve. What about a giant global debt forgiveness such as a debt jubilee? DiMartino Booth warns, “I am not so sure something like a debt jubilee, where all countries are supposed to hold hands and sing kumbaya, I don’t know that scenario necessarily unfolds. . . . The debt will not be forgiven willingly.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Danielle DiMartino Booth, founder of Quillintelligence.com.
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