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  2. The First CUT in their power should go DEEP Mike Cernovich: It’s Time to Declare Big Tech’s Censorship Cabal as Terrorist Organizations, Seize Their Servers, Shut Them Down Over the past four years, the Big Tech cabal (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, YouTube, etc.) have weaponized their platforms, turning them into factories of political and ideological censorship, to not only censor their opposition, but also to cover up the crimes of their left-wing associates in government and big business. Big Tech has declared war on the truth, attacking conservatives, independents, the Republican Party and President Donald Trump — silencing anyone who dares question Left-wing narratives and authoritarian belief systems. The censorship, ignored by the mainstream media for years, is hitting a new climax now that Big Tech has censored a bombshell news report by the New York Post. The investigative report alleges massive criminal and government corruption within the Biden family. Cernovich calls on Trump to seize Big Tech servers, designate them as a domestic terror organization The lock downs of 2020 actually began in 2016, when Big Tech started shutting out “non-essential” voices on the internet and censoring their pages, videos and monetization strategies. Big Tech has destroyed lives with their lock downs and have been caught, over and over again, aiding and abetting criminal operations. Because of this, they are nothing more than domestic terror organizations. Brilliant filmmaker, attorney and citizen journalist, Michael Cernovich, went on War Room: Pandemic to instruct how best to fight Big Tech and beat them at their own game.
  3. DEBATES can work... in changing Votes - Because the Lie Stream filter is (mostly) removed 24% Say Past Presidential Debates Have Changed Their Vote Republicans are the most enthusiastic about the second Trump-Biden debate tonight and are the most likely to watch. Overall enthusiasm is down from the first debate, however, even though one-in-four voters say debates have changed their vote in the past. Great time now for Trump to shine in the debate - with his Approval now at 52%
  4. Here's the FULL 38 Minute interview "JUST BE FAIR!" says the President at the Beginning Trump releases his view of 60 minutes interview with Lesley Stahl END THE B.S. (Bullying Stupidity) of the Lie Stream Media SUPERCUT: QUICK VERSION Every time Trump was interrupted during ‘60 Minutes’ interview with Lesley Stahl
  5. #CutLieStream / Cut the LIE STREAM Media out of your Life! IRONY! : During an interview on 60 Minutes with Lesley Stahl, President Donald Trump decided that he’s had enough of the conversation and walked out. After complimenting Attorney General Barr and calling him “a great gentleman,” Trump accused Stahl of “bringing up a lot of subjects that were inappropriately brought up.” “You’re the president, don’t you think you should be accountable to the American people?” Stahl asked .... So Ms Stahl & the Press have no accountability to do their jobs in raising appopriate questions? INCLUDING raising tough questions with Biden?? It is disgusting. She needs to be put out to pasture > https://dailycaller.com/2020/10/22/trump-leslie-stahl-leaves-60-minutes-interview/ “I’ve seen all of his interviews,” Trump said. “He’s never been asked a question that’s hard.” “Okay but forget him for a minute,” Stahl responded. “Excuse me Leslie but you started with me, your first statement was, ‘are you ready for tough questions?’ That’s no way to talk,” the president told Stahl. A producer then said that they had 5 minutes until Vice President Mike Pence was going to step in. “Well, I think we have enough,” Trump said. Stahl agreed, saying “I think we are ready for the Vice President now.” The president then got up from his chair and walked away from the interview.
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    investors are starting to flock to First Solar (FSLR). ... update : Nov.$90 P: $11, @$83 ==
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    BIDEN STOCKS Jim Cramer's Stock to Buy if Joe Biden Wins the Presidency (or maybe SELL if Trump is going to win instead, haha): > https://www.thestreet.com/video/jim-cramers-stock-buy-joe-biden-wins-presidency "The first group Cramer highlighted were the solar stocks. Renewable energy is the future, he said, which is why investors are starting to flock to First Solar (FSLR) - Get Report, Generac (GNRC) - Get Report and Tesla (TSLA) - Get Report for solar, storage and electric vehicles," he continued. "The second group of stocks were China stocks. Cramer said companies like 3M (MMM) - Get Report, Emerson (EMR) - Get Report and Caterpillar (CAT) - Get Report will see big gains at the conclusion of our trade war with China. It will also be great news for those who do business in China. Cramer recommended stocks like Starbucks (SBUX) - Get Report, Nike (NKE) - Get Report and Apple (AAPL) - Get Report, as well as many of the semiconductor companies." ==
  8. GLD/ Gold vs TLT/Bonds from 5.Jul.19 : Oct-19: 10d / 10.21.20: GLD:$180.60 / TLT:$158.70= r-113.8% Gold could be set for a bigger rally. Will help if Bonds rise... Gold (GLD) & Bonds (TLT) had correlated for a long time. but that correlation is weakening. Suggesting some concerns about US govt risk Looks like GLD / Gold has become a superior "Equity Risk off" Trade to equities. Gold may be delinking from Bonds now ==
  9. GLD/ Gold vs TLT/Bonds from 5.Jul.19 : Oct-19: 10d / 10.21.20: GLD:$180.60 / TLT:$158.70= r-113.8% Gold could be set for a bigger rally. Will help if Bonds rise... Gold (GLD) & Bonds (TLT) had correlated for a long time. but that correlation is weakening. Suggesting some concerns about US govt risk Looks like GLD / Gold has become a superior "Equity Risk off" Trade to equities. Gold may be delinking from Bonds now ==
  10. Backing Away from Black Madness - Journey back to sense BEST SPEECH I have heard by a Black Female politician... maybe ever. Kemi Badenoch, Conservative MP - House of Commons - Politics in Education - 20 Oct 2020 > Superb speech by Kemi Badenoch about teaching white privilege in schools and Black Lives Matter. "I want to be absolutely clear, this gov't stands unequivocally against Critical Race Theory"
  11. GCM (us-quote) to Gold - at mid-range level of 0.24% Bottom of the Range of share prices, and ready for a move up possibly UPDATED in mid October GCM group: YTD.: 10d / GCM: $6.28, wtB: $4.15, CGC: $2.85: GLDX: $3.65, ESV.h: $0.56, WA: $0.155 @ 9.24.20  ===
  12. GLD ($132.14) vs TLT ($132.44: r-100%) from 5.Jul.19 : Oct-19: 10d / 10.21.20: GLD:$180.60 / TLT:$158.70= r-113.8%
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  14. I don't want to get into a debate into the whole is there global warming/is it manmade and all the various permutations but, regardless of your opinion on such issues .......... It must be recognised that there is a promoted shift (often financially assisted) from creating heat/hot water supplies away from traditional methods of combustion creating heat then transferred through an exchanger into heating to the compression of refrigerants to create the initial heat source. A movement away from old and gas (carbon emitting) to refrigerants. It must be recognised that it is less polluting (when contained and controlled) to use a refrigerant than the combustion of volatile fuels. The same could be argued regarding nuclear energy sources however they are often frown upon and can't see anytime soon where we all have or accept a small compact nuclear reactor pumping away every time it feels a bit niipy It must be recognised that in a claimed warming climate society will rely more on not JUST heating but also cooling in the form of air con etc for our comfort. We're are not conditioned anymore to just put an extra 'pully' on when we're cold or sit in our boxers with a cold beer when it's hot and humid. Business itself accepts that production is reduced once temperature creates an excessive +\- climate. So in my mind we are seeing an increasing market in using refrigerants as an energy source with regards to heating/cooling and the market will only be getting bigger and more competitive. In all systems there are components which will see an increase in demand. From the pumps to circulate, the compressors to generate heat or cooling or indeed (and probably more interestingly a less competitive marketplace) the refrigerants. Pumps. Traditional systems require a single, maybe two circulation pump generally where as systems converting solar/air source and ground source require two maybe three meaning an increase in demand per application. I have however found that the major players like Grundfos or Wilo are not performing greatly. Too early maybe? Worth continued exploration. Compressors. Used to compress a gas into fluid state thus generating heat. This is a new component in heating systems and as such demand will grow. I don’t, however, have enough experience of manufacturers of such a component to weigh up their continued longevity and as such have left it alone for now. it’s early days. Refridgerant. This to me is the biggie. Possibly THE replacement for OIL or GAS in the conventional heating cooling system …… I’ve been looking at Daikin who have performed very well over the past 5 years since ‘Green Energy’ lost it’s impetus. Not only do they manufacture the technological equipment, they also develop and manufacture the chemical and remember 10 year or so ago in a marketing meeting with them in the UK them claiming that their competition were actually stifled by the fact they have to buy refrigerant from Daikin. Mitsibushi is the market leader in air source product but other division of the Mitsubishi mean, to the best of my understanding, investing relies on all their interests including their automotive etc. concerns. The elephant in the room with refrigerants I know is that one day, someone somewhere will centre in on the GWP potential of regrigerants. When they’re common place, when they leak gases into the atmosphere, when they’re fly tipped on a layby in the countryside because it’s cheaper than recycling (think 80’s fridge freezers) then the backlash will come. Your thoughts?
  15. A LIGHT on today's prices ... New Condos: About 240-250k per sqm LIGHT2 : Price Range: Php 5,400,000 - Php 11,200,000 LIGHT 2 Pricing: Twr, floor: All-in Pr: Size,m: PerSM : Type of Unit : View : Down: Pmts: x48p’s: Bal.85% # 1, 1507 : P6,125K : 25.65: 238.8k: 1 BR w/Balc. : Amen: 300k: 14,944: P717k: 5138k # 1: 1508 : P5,197K : 20.69: 251.2k: Studio w/Bal.: Amen: 300k: 14,396: P691k: 4955k # 1: 1601 : P7,668K : 32.38: 236.8k: 1 BR w/ Den : Amen: 300k: 18,999: P912k: 6494k => https://smdc.com/properties/light-2-residences/ Here's a more sophisticated look at what you are buying, when you use the SMDC-suggested payment scheme. Actually, you pay P300k now, and something like 15k-20k a month over 48 months. And then you pay the last 85% to get the key. In effect, You are buying a call option at 85% of List price, and paying the upfront and monthly payments to "keep the option alive." Is it in the money? I would say NO, not based on today's rents of maybe P 800-900 per sqm. Since you are paying like P200-210K to buy a property where the rent now is maybe 5% Gross. Better to buy now in the secondary market, and lock in a better yield imho. You might get 7-8% or better if you find a genuine bargain. Having said that... If you don't have the cash to buy now... Paying those monthly payments, will at least give "a grip" on the market. And that may be a good move, if you can imagine prices going higher at this well-connected location, next to Boni station. And 15% spread over 4 years, this is not an especially expensive out-of-the money Call option. Light2 will have its own mall. Something like the one at AIR, next to Rise - I reckon Light2 will connect by bridge to Light1, which connects to Boni MRT station on the other side Compared to Light1, Light 2 Residences, boasts bigger and better amenities, a four-storey mall that will showcase fashion and beauty to complement the food retail shops at Light Mall and vast open spaces embraced with pocket gardens and lush greenery. > MORE images: https://www.condobysmdc.com/properties/smdc-light2residences.html
  16. Philippines Property Core 4 ... update: 10d / ALI: 29.30, DMC: 4.27, MEG: 2.96, SMPH: 30.45 ... updated 10/16/20 TURNS added
  17. Core 4 ... update: 10d / ALI: 29.30, DMC: 4.27, MEG: 2.96, SMPH: 30.45 ... updated 10/16/20
  18. LATEST ARTICLE - keeping the interest alive Rising to a Cresendo: Ayala Land estate rises in Tarlac Like the old plazas with few vehicles and where people leisurely walk after the church Mass, Cresendo Downtown promotes pedestrian-friendly streets surrounded by low-rise, mixed-use buildings, modern yet familiar architectural theme, green streetscapes, and walkable, human-scale pedestrian streets. > https://propertyreport.ph/rising-to-a-cresendo-ayala-land-estate-rises-in-tarlac/
  19. OFF THE LOWS - into a Range - that is what we are seeing in Core Property stocks. And "range trading" will be further confirmed if/when ALI at 29.30 breaks above its downtrend line (near 30.00) Core 4 ... update: 10d / ALI: 29.30, DMC: 4.27, MEG: 2.96, SMPH: 30.45 TURNS Added
  20. INTERCEPT is an insanely Leftwing website, as the excerpt below will show: "A guilt-stricken official who worked for President Donald Trump sits down late at night to confess his agony. “What is the cost of lies?” the weary official says into a tape recorder, sitting in his dark kitchen. “It’s not that we’ll mistake them for the truth. The real danger is that if we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize the truth at all. What can we do then?’’ This confession is not an artifact of the Trump era, however — it is the opening of “Chernobyl,” a masterful HBO drama that turns history into prophecy. The five-part series begins with a Soviet scientist, played by Jared Harris, describing his dismay about the culture of secrecy and lies that led to the near meltdown of a nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in 1986..." This AzzBackwards since 90% of the LIES are on the left*... and they have no respect for genuine scientific inquiry: on Climate change, Gender issues, or Covid. Trump is not the problem, fake news in the Lie Stream media is. (Oddly, Glen Greenwald, one of the founders, will sometimes investigate stories on either side of the political aisle) "THE FIX IS IN," says Styx, talking about how the Media supports Democrats.... "If you cannot see it by know, you have been brainwashed"
  21. Phosphate Outlook 2020: Is a Global Shortage Imminent? | INN investingnews.com › daily › phosphate-investing › pho... Dec 31, 2019 — Phosphate is a key crop fertilizer, but, despite its importance, prices fell ... The price of phosphate started the year on a high note, selling for ... / 2 / Phosphate and Potash Outlook 2020 - CropLife www.croplife.com › crop-inputs › phosphate-and-potas... Our crop nutrient affordability metric, the ratio of a wholesale fertilizer price index and a crop price index, suggests fertilizer prices are very affordable at present ... / 3 / xx
  22. NZP / Chatham Rock ... update / ..... Shares OS: 33.7Million x $0.07= C$2.35 Million == Chatham Rock pleased with increase in phosphate prices 2020-10-06 Chatham Rock Phosphate Ltd. is observing with interest the recent surge in fertilizer prices, particularly phosphates. Last week, Bloomberg reported as follows. Phosphate fertilizer prices in the U.S. corn belt had their biggest quarter in a decade as buyers cope with a supply shock caused by potential import duties against Morocco and Russia. Midwest prices for diammonium phosphate, or DAP, jumped 29 per cent in the third quarter, the most since 2010, according to a Green Markets index. Prices for a lower concentration phosphate fertilizer also surged the most in a decade -- by 34 per cent (edit: up from a rare Covid-inspired low). The two chemicals make up the primary component for many phosphate-based fertilizers used by American crop farmers. Prices spiked after U.S. fertilizer firm Mosaic Co. petitioned the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. International Trade Commission in June, saying that fertilizer imports from Morocco and Russia were unfairly subsidized. That prompted an investigation and raised the prospect of countervailing duties. The two countries are the largest sources of the commodity for the United States in the most recent crop year, through June. The U.S. imported more than two million metric tonnes of phosphate fertilizers from Morocco last year, valued at $729.4-million, according to an International Trade Administration report citing U.S. Census Bureau figures. Imports from Russia totalled more than 767,000 metric tonnes and were worth $299.4-million. Russia's largest producer, PhosAgro PJSC, recently said it stopped shipping products to the U.S. due to the investigation, and is rerouting those volumes to Canada, Brazil and Russia. MORE > https://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item?bid=Z-C:NZP-2972097&symbol=NZP&region=C === About : Chatham Rock Phosphate aims to be the premier supplier of direct application phosphate to the New Zealand and global agricultural sector. We are passionate about the benefit of direct application fertiliser to sustainable farming and agricultural practices. Our objectives remain to: * Achieve consent of the Chatham Rise project and develop the asset * Diversify our product mix to include other phosphate resources * Maintain our involvement at the forefront of the marine minerals sector to leverage our expertise as a project pioneer * Develop a pathway for CRP products for the agricultural and retail sectors while phosphate mining may lack the sex appeal of gold, silver or diamonds, it is a critical resource given the planet’s growing demand for agricultural food sources that desperately require a steady and efficient supply of the mineral. Most of us, on most days, will consume some food grown on fields fertilized by phosphate. And there is no substitute. In short, phosphate is essential to feeding the world…especially since the dawn of the New Green Revolution. Enter Chatham Rock Phosphate Ltd. (NZP) (TSX-V:NZP, Forum) – a Company laser-focussed on becoming the premier supplier of direct application organic phosphates to the New Zealand and global agricultural sector. And its from the depths of the ocean that the highest-grade, lowest cadmium level phosphates come from (cadmium is a highly toxic metal with common exposure in plant soils). > Undersea Mining for Rock Phosphate: > https://stockhouse.com/news/newswire/2020/10/16/undersea-mining-for-rock-phosphate-a-profitable-proposition > website: http://www.rockphosphate.co.nz/
  23. SOXX often Peaks first, but NOT Always! ... fr. 2/28/18 : 10d: iwm: spy : tza vF 2 : w/XLF:
  24. STYX HAS DONE IT ! First Creator to get to 100,000 Subscribers Generous guy, who made a Shoutout to 10 other creators 1. His wife Elizabeth's Cooking channel 2. Ramzey Paul 3. Razor Fist 4. Mark Collete 5. Matt Christenson 6. Project Veritas 7. Infowars 8 Sargon of Akkad 9 Stefan Molyneux 10 Laura Loomer
  25. Desperate Developers - Examples It is getting harder and harder for Developers to sell their properties. What is needed are price cuts, back to affordable levels. But they are strongly resisting this. And instead, they DESPERATE DEVELOPERS v.1 - 5 years payments! Another sign of Desperation, before Price cuts... Greetings from Axxxx Land Premier! In the past years that we've been selling residential lots, usually we only get to offer 12 to 24 months payment term. But for the first time, Axxxx Land Premier is offering a very special payment term. Cerxxx, Nuvali lots are now payable up to 60 months (5 years payment) without interest. As you may have already known, we have a total of 8 villages developed by Ayala Land Premier in Nuvali. But what makes Cerilo unique is its concept that features a very wide stretched park adjacent at back of the lots. Also, among all the 8 villages, Cerxxx is the only one who has its own Commercial Center, like a small Ayala Mall and Rustan's Marketplace. This Special Payment Offer is valid only for reservations made within October 2020.
  26. RCI is coming off its Lows... following the others RCI vs. ROX etc ... All: start 11.18.19 : FLIPPED : w/Sugar, CAT: 10d
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