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  2. T:GOLD - GOLDMINING INC - http://www.goldmining.com === Interview: Gold Royalty Corp, an interview of GoldMining (TSX: GOLD) Chairman Amir Adnani with Resource Stock Digest Resource Stock Digest | June 29, 2020 > https://www.goldmining.com/?utm_medium=mcb&utm_source=kitco&utm_campaign=2021-mining-content-billboard&utm_content=180x150-Logo
  3. T:GOLD - GOLDMINING INC - http://www.goldmining.com
  4. BIG RISK of Depression under Biden - what will the Fed & Treasury do to steer away from it? End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless | Financial Crisis | ENDEVR Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJd6RKsY5H4 === THE DEBATE: xx >
  5. RICK RULE explains... with SOUND Logic (& a little arrogance) why he is successful in Mining investment - A GOOD LISTEN: "A Game of Answering unanswered question... You need to have a PLAN!" Rick Rule: Gold, Silver, Copper and Uranium Stocks > How Many stocks? "Too many investors have too many stocks... No more than 1 stock for each one hour a month you are willing to spend is the right limit."
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    OTSO ... update... 5yr/ Last: The financing is expected to close shortly as the company is now only awaiting the ordinary course TSX Venture Exchange clearance of various personal information forms (PIFs) in connection with Brunswick Gold becoming a new control person. As a correction to the company's press release dated Dec. 22, 2020, the aggregate 284,944,440 units (for gross proceeds of $11-million (U.S.)), with each unit consisting of one common share and one common share purchase warrant, to be issued to Brunswick Gold will include 25,904,040 units to settle the $1-million (U.S.) principal of an unsecured loan currently owed to an affiliate of Brunswick Gold; such loan to be assigned to Brunswick Gold at or immediately prior to completion of the financing. About the company Otso Gold wholly owns the Otso gold mine near the town of Raahe in Finland. The Otso gold mine is developed, fully permitted, has all infrastructure in place, two open pits and is progressing toward production in 2021 to process ore at name plate capacity of two million tonnes per annum > . https://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item?bid=Z-C:OTSO-3019702&symbol=OTSO&region=C
  7. Silica Sands in Philippines Quezon City, Philippines - Silica Sand & Water Treatment Ad·www.vitalresourceenterprise.com/ (02) 7906 2593 These include construction, aquarium, sand blasting, paint, filtration, pool coping, etc. Vital Resource supplies silica sand in the Philippines for various applications. Silica Sand Philippines We Supply Fine And Coarse Silica Sand (White And Brown) For Silica Sand Philippines - Home | Facebook www.facebook.com › Silica.San... Isalin ang pahinang ito Silica Sand Philippines. 470 likes · 7 talking about this. Research & Development, Engineering and Manufacture of innovative products using Silica sand. – Silica sands and quartz sands | Philippine National Trade ... www.pntr.gov.ph › silica-sands-... Isalin ang pahinang ito Chapter, 25.05, Natural sands of all kinds, whether or not coloured, other than metal-bearing sands of Chapter 26. Commodity, 2505.10.00, – Silica sands and ... Filipino Silica Sand Suppliers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers ... www.go4worldbusiness.com › si... Isalin ang pahinang ito Jay Ramos · (1.0). Supplier From Albay , Philippines. Silica Sand. Frac Sand Services | SGS Philippines www.sgs.ph › ... › Strategic Metals Isalin ang pahinang ito With increasing demand for the high purity quartz sands used in hydraulic fracturing, you need a trusted partner. SGS has the technologies and expertise to ...
  8. Here's another one, that is waking up.... C : NI - Victory Nickel Inc. .. About Victory Nickel Inc. Victory Nickel is a Canadian company with four sulphide nickel deposits containing significant National Instrument 43-101-compliant nickel resources and a significant frac sand resource at its Minago project. Through a wholly owned subsidiary, Victory Silica Ltd., Victory Nickel at its 7P frac sand processing facility in Seven Persons, Alta., has established itself in the frac sand business. > https://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item?bid=Z-C:NI-3013805&symbol=NI&region=C
  9. As of today, the ten biggest family holding companies in terms of stock market value (or market cap) are: 1) SM Investments Corp. (owned by the family of the late Henry Sy Sr.), P1.023 trillion; 2) JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (owned by the family of the late John Gokongwei Jr), P460.18 billion; 3) Ayala Corp. (owned by the families of Iñigo Zobel and Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala), P460.18 billion; 4) Aboitiz Equity Ventures (owned by the Aboitiz family of Cebu), P270.25 billion; 5) San Miguel Corp. (owned by Ramon S. Ang and Iñigo Zobel) P241.42 billion; 6) Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (by the Salim family of Indonesia), P105.35 billion; 7) LT Group, Inc. (Lucio Tan), P91.11 billion; 😎 GT Capital Holdings (the automotive and banking conglomerate of the late George SK Ty), P86.11 billion; 9) Filinvest Development Corp. (Gotianun family), P72.64 billion; 10) Alliance Global Group, Inc. (Andrew Tan), P60.3 billion; and 11) DMCI Holdings (Consunji family), P43.75 billion. Compared with the end-December 2019 market cap, the Sy family’s SMIC has lost 18.5 percent of its market value; JG Summit down by 20 percent; Ayala 6.5 percent; Aboitiz 6.8 percent; San Miguel 38 percent; MPIC 1.1 percent; LT Group 29.5 percent; GT Capital 29.5 percent; Filinvest 34.8 percent; Alliance Global 47 percent; and DMCI 39.5 percent.
  10. VHI -etc: fr.Nov'19: Jan'18: '19: '20: 10d / VHI: 17.09 / KRO: 15.36 = Ratio: 111.2%, NL: 4.63 (30.1%) Chart '2020: 10d / VHI: 17.09 / KRO: 15.36 = Ratio: 111.2%, NL: 4.63 (30.1%) VHI: 17.09 / KRO: 15.36 = Ratio: 111.2% Ratio: 3.7x VHI: 17.09 / NL: 4.63 (30.1%) xxhttps://imgur.com/Vw2tuJD ===
  11. Another Low may be in place for Gold shares. In fact, it looks like a 1-2 secondary low after the Late Nov. 2020 Low Fav-4 vs.GDXJ . 6/2019: ytd: 10d/ kitco Ag: Au: 01.20.20: gcm:C$7.71/ gdxj;52.06= 14.8%, 3.28, E:3.51, 1.82 Date—-- : - GCM : -Gdxj = Ratio :: CGC : GLDX: EXN: DNG : 01.19.21: C$7.70/ 50.03= 14.92%, 2.42 : 3.37 : 3.34 : 1.83 : Low? 01.14.21: C$7.74/ 51.89= 14.92%, 2.26 : 3.40 : 3.46 : 1.82 : 12.31.20: C$8.06/ 54.24= 14.86%, 2.43 : 3.39 : 3.78 : 1.79 : 11.30.20: C$6.04/ 50.03= 12.07%, 2.35 : 3.00 : 3.34 : 1.80 : Low? 10.30.20: C$5.94/ 53.21= 11.16%, 1.97 : 3.50 : 3.00 : 1.75 : ===
  12. This is a very nice plot, DrBubb. It gives a nice perspective over a couple of decades. This is a very sizable volume build up in the last 1 or 2 years without any significant moves. It can be seen in many mining stocks. Please share your thoughts on what might be going on The price/volume behaviour for some mining stocks resembles the general stock behaviour in early 2009, while others exhibied a very different price/volume dynamics.
  13. Hello DrBubb, What do you think of this particular stock? From a technical perspective, it looks like it wants to go higher. It hardly has any overhead resistance, relatively cheap, all of the last rises took place on an increased volume. I remember 10 years ago or so, you had a good thread on how to select juniors from different perspectives, and not only technicals. Unfortunately, I could not find that thread recently. Out of those stocks mentioned in your previous post: OR is the most attractive one. The others are in the downtrend now and I burned my fingers a few times in an attempt to catch the turn.
  14. Update, 10d / Over the last 10 days: TLT is -3%. GLD is -6%. GDX is -10% GDX to TLT ratio xx UDN vs-SLV, GLD, SPY ... from Nov.2018: 11/2019: YTD: 10d / SLV: $22.94 , GLD: $178.64, SPY: 345.78 Hedge funds aggressively exit their bullish gold bets as U.S. dollar, bond yields rise Kitco News) - Hedge funds and gold investors have significantly cut back on their bullish gold exposure as the precious metal continues to be weighed down by a stronger U.S. dollar and rising bond yields, according to the latest data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). CFTC disaggregated Commitments of Traders report for the week ending Jan. 12 showed money managers decreased their speculative gross long positions in Comex gold futures by 36,039 contracts to 131,057. At the same time, short positions increased by 2,296 contracts to 52,823. "Gold saw a dramatic reduction in net longs after speculators were spooked by the surge in ten-year bond yields above 1% and a stronger dollar," said Ole Hansen, head of commodity strategy at Saxo Bank. Gold's net length now stands at 78,234 contracts, a drop of more than 36% from the previous week. Bullish best in gold have dropped to their lowest level since May 2019, according to the report. The significant drop in speculative interest dragged gold prices sharply lower below $1,850 an ounce during the survey period... > https://www.kitco.com/news/2021-01-18/Hedge-funds-aggressively-exit-their-bullish-gold-bets-as-U-S-dollar-bond-yields-rise.html
  15. Slow Rollover Still happening? ... update: Core4: >2h'20: 2ndLine: 10d / PSEI: 7,203 -0.5% Core4: w/SCC: 2ndLine: 10d / / dmc-v-scc: ALI 38.85 (-2,0%), /psei: 7,143= 54.4%, Smph 39.00, Meg:4.13, Dmc 5,22/ SCC 13.50, 38.7% @1.20 Date-: - ALI / PSEI = Pct. ; Smph: MEG : DMC: /SCC = Pct. : - DD: Rock: Land: Shng: 01.20 : 38.85: 7,143= 54.4%: 39.00: 4.13 : 5.22: 13.50= 38.7%: 14.48: 1.63: 0.72 : 2.67: BkVal: 14.34: ——— : ===== 10.42: 5.54 : 6.21: 10.41=59.7% 12.81 3.46: 1.51: 7.35: YE’20 : 40.90: 7,139= 57.3%: 38.50: 4.08 : 5.66: 13.78= 41.1%: 14.90: 1.54: 0.73 : 2.71: 09:30 : 29.70: 5,864= 50.6%: 29.40: 2.96 : 4.00: 9.98= 40.1%: 14.00: 1.37: 0.68 : 2.65: 06.30 : 33.80: 6,208= 54.4%: 31.85: 3.05 : 4.10: 12.68= 32.3%: 17.10: 1.60: 0.75 : 2.68: 03.31 : 30.20: 5,321= 56.8%: 28.40: 2.50 : 3.77: 11.00= 34.3%: 16.16: 1.48: 0.68 : 2.75: YE’19 : 45.50: 7,815= 58.2%: 42.10: 4.01 : 6.61: 22.00= 30.0%: 18.90: 2.04: 0.77 : 3.20: ======
  16. update / Last: $2.39 +0.10 News
  17. update / Last: $2.39 +0.10 News: Deal complete before end Jan? then stock pops to $2.75 and beyond maybe Date ET Symbol Price Type Headline 2021-01-18 07:36 C:CGC 2.29 News Release Caldas to receive Marmato extension by month-end 2021-01-13 07:22 C:CGC 2.30 News Release Caldas Gold produces 23,832 oz Au in 2020 2021-01-05 07:51 C:CGC 2.52 News Release Caldas reaches agreement to extend Marmato contract 1. Caldas Gold Corp. produced a total of 2,520 ounces of gold in December, 2020, bringing the total for the fourth quarter of 2020 to 7,181 ounces, up from 7,057 ounces produced in the fourth quarter last year. For the full year, the company produced a total of 23,832 ounces of gold in 2020, which is within its annual guidance range of between 23,000 and 26,000 ounces. The company produced a total 25,750 ounces of gold last year and over the last 10 years has produced an average of approximately 23,800 ounces per year. Lombardo Paredes, president of Caldas Gold, commenting on the company's latest results, said: "We continued to gain momentum in the fourth quarter of 2020 with the implementation of the optimized mine plan in the existing upper mining operation and commencement of the plant expansion that will increase capacity from 1,200 tonnes per day (tpd) to 1,500 tpd by the third quarter this year. While 2020 had its challenges, having to adapt our operations to cope with COVID-19, we successfully kept our operations going throughout the year. We have also commenced preparatory activities related to the expansion of our underground mining operations into the Marmato Deep zone (MDZ) while we await completion of the Marmato mining title extension, expected later this month as recently announced. Our ongoing drilling campaign in the MDZ continues to demonstrate Marmato's prowess as a rare world-class system, both in terms of its size and grades, and we expect to have further results available shortly from our fourth quarter program. At the end of December, we had an unrestricted cash position of approximately $32-million (U.S.) and a total of approximately $240-million (U.S.) of funds being held in escrow from the gold notes offering and the Aris Gold private placement together with the Wheaton stream financing, all of which will become available to us to fund the MDZ project following the mining title extension... 2. Caldas Gold Corp. has received official notification from the Agencia Nacional de Mineria (ANM) confirming approval of the technical information related to its request for a 30-year extension of its Marmato mining contract 014-89M. With the economic conditions and technical approval now complete, the company and the ANM are finalizing the legal documents for the mining title extension. The company expects that the extension process will be completed before the end of January at which time it will proceed with the closing of the Aris Gold transaction. About Caldas Gold Corp. Caldas Gold is a Canadian junior mining company currently advancing a major expansion and modernization of its underground mining operations at its Marmato project in the department of Caldas, Colombia. Caldas Gold also owns 100 per cent of the Juby project, an advanced exploration-stage gold project located within the Shining Tree area in the southern part of the Abitibi greenstone belt about 100 kilometres south-southeast of the Timmins gold camp. On Nov. 23, 2020, Caldas Gold announced it had entered into a transaction with a group of investors, principally referred by Aris Gold Corp., that resulted in a $85-million (Canadian) private placement completed on Dec. 3, 2020, and will result in changes to the management and the board of directors of the company as well as a change in the company's name to Aris Gold. The net proceeds of the Aris Gold private placement, the management and board changes and the company name change will all occur once certain escrow release conditions are met, including completion of the Marmato mining title extension. ==
  18. Gran Colombia produces 220,194 oz Au in 2020. Had $90M cash 2021-01-13 07:24 ET - News Release Mr. Lombardo Paredes reports GRAN COLOMBIA REPORTS FOURTH QUARTER AND FULL YEAR 2020 GOLD PRODUCTION; MEETS ANNUAL GUIDANCE FOR FIFTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR Gran Colombia Gold Corp. produced a total of 19,958 ounces of gold in December, 2020, bringing the total for the fourth quarter of 2020 to 57,265 ounces compared with 65,237 ounces in the fourth quarter of 2019. For the full year, the Company produced a total of 220,194 ounces of gold in 2020, which is within its annual guidance range of between 218,000 and 226,000 ounces. Two thousand twenty was the fifth consecutive year that the company has met or exceeded its annual production guidance. The company produced a total of 239,991 ounces of gold in 2019. Lombardo Paredes, chief executive officer of Gran Colombia, commenting on the company's latest results, said: "Our Segovia operations had another steady quarter, finishing the year within guidance as expected. We have now produced a total of approximately 1.3 million ounces of gold from Segovia in the 10 years since we acquired the mining title and the head grade has averaged 13.8 g/t over that period of time, establishing Segovia as one of the highest-grade underground global gold mines, as further evidenced by the recently announced high-grade intercepts from our ongoing drilling program. In the fourth quarter of 2020, we continued the ongoing development of our mines at Segovia and in December, we commenced production activities at our fourth mine, Carla, which is expected to ramp up further during the first half of 2021. In the fourth quarter of 2020, we used our free cash flow to fund investments in private placements completed by Caldas Gold and ESV Resources in the amount of $17-million and $3-million, respectively, to fund the repurchases of 484,100 common shares for cancellation at a cost of approximately $2.9-million, to pay dividends totalling $1.9-million to our shareholders and to fund the principal and interest payments on our debt of approximately $5.5-million. At the end of December, 2020, Gran Colombia had a cash position of approximately $90-million (U.S.). "The Marmato operations continued to gain momentum in the fourth quarter of 2020 with the implementation of the optimized mine plan in the existing upper mining operations and commencement of the planned plant expansion to be completed in the third quarter of 2021. Preparatory activities are under way related to the expansion of underground mining operations into the Marmato Deep zone (MDZ) as Caldas Gold awaits the extension of its Marmato mining title, expected to be completed later this month. Caldas Gold is also currently working closely with the management of Aris Gold to prepare for a smooth transition to the new board and management of Caldas Gold once the title extension is completed. At that time, Gran Colombia's interest in the new Aris Gold Corp. will be approximately 44.3 per cent on an undiluted basis." > more: https://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item?bid=Z-C:GCM-3016226&symbol=GCM&region=C
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  20. HK10 ($20.00 -0.20): is now above HK101 ($19.80); HH2823 at $21.18 Update : 10d/
  21. Real Conversations: The New Great Depression w/ Jim Rickards Discussion about jim rickard's newest book. "Covid will soon be the third worst pandemic/plague going back to the Black Death LOCKDOWN's have killed more people than they have saved... I blame Fauci, an over the hill bureaucratic immunologist. It will take decades to fully recover" GLD vs. TLT ... update: $171.13 vs. $151.82 : Ratio-112.7% "GOLD is falling with rising interest rates... and there may be another 2-3 months to go, before Gold starts rising from likely support at $1775" Ratio of Gold / GLD = 10.4, so $1775 / 10.67 = GLD: $166.4, on/near 252d MA (which is -3% below $171.13 close)
  22. Please forgive me if I am wrong, but as far as I remember, a continuous trading range below 1$ on NYSE, can result in a delisting of a stock when it goes to the OTC market. However, this becomes a very different story. Some companies might be willing to find as many positive news in those times. However, on this occasion it did not have much influence on the price despite bad news. I does not satisfy my buying criteria, but I can see that it is marked as a "Strong Buy" at present, so I will be watching it closely.
  23. BIG DATA DUMP ... Documents exposing the Truth of Obamagate & Russia hoax, are about to be dumped PREVIEW here: Lou Dobbs Tonight 1/15/21 FULL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvruSiNbmzg
  24. 2021-01-09 Learning to Trade Options with Bubba and Lex Jan 9, 2021 10:12 AM Central Time (US and Canada) Meeting Duration 115 minutes > sign up, ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/hg2IFVch-NzSetREOUYhAC2Fq8PSi464oKFCHf0-_FOrrzf3BHF3jzJp8F54Luhe.-ee2oyIVy-7qiWPN?startTime=1610211479000 xx
  25. Fav-4 vs.GDXJ . 6/2019: ytd: 10d/ kitco Ag: Au: Date— : - GCM : -Gdxj = Ratio :: - CGC : GLDX: EXN: DNG : 01.14.21: C$7.74/ 51.89= 14.92%, 2.26 : 3.40 : 3.46 : 1.82 : 12.31.20: C$8.06/ 54.24= 14.86%, 2.43 : 3.39 : 3.78 : 1.79 : 11.30.20: C$6.04/ 50.03= 12.07%, 2.35 : 3.00 : 3.34 : 1.80 : 10.30.20: C$5.94/ 53.21= 11.16%, 1.97 : 3.50 : 3.00 : 1.75 : ======== EXN.t / Excellon vs. Gold-X ... from Jan.2020 / Last: GLDX: 3.40 : EXN: 3.46 RATIO
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